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Basic Things to Know about Riding Mowers

Basic Things to Know about Riding Mowers

Riding mowers also called as a ride on mowers and they are used to mow a large area. Riding mowers are easy to operate with cutting decks that can be adjusted as per the mowing needs. These come with different features and some of the features to be considered while buying riding mowers are explained below:

  • Cruise control, which is a system that automatically controls the vehicle speed, allows you to involve particular speed to cut down long and straight.
  • Cut width depends on a number of blades; it decides how the mower cuts the wide swath of grass.
  • Turning radius describes how forcefully mowers can turn, and it is required for a lawn that has obstacles.
  • Riding mowers characteristically have rear-drive, front-drive, or zero-turn handling. So choose the one which suits your need.
  • Speed is an important factor of riding mowers. Mowers offer a speed up to 5 miles per hour.
  • Engine horsepower is a measurement of power which is used by blades and transmission.
  • Engine displacement is measured in cc and defines the strength of the engine.
  • Other comfort features like the high back seat, cup holder, lumbar support, extended legroom, armrests, and rubber foot pads also need to be chosen.

There are various types of riding mowers, let us see what are they:

Lawn tractors are traditionally designed mowers and are operated by a steering wheel. This mower allows lawn cutting, haul the landscape materials, and spread seeds. This mower is best for ½ to 2 acres of area.

Garden tractors are best for mowing several acres. Garden tractors have the same structure as lawn tractors, but a garden tractor has heavy duty transmission and more ground engaging attachments.

Zero turn radius mowers or zero turn mowers do not handle a variety of tasks like a tractor but they work with high forward speed and can cut closely around flower beds, landscaping, and trees. They can navigate through many obstacles.

Riding mowers can work on various transmissions like the manual, automatic, and hydrostatic transmission. Manual transmission offers a number of gears that offers a different range of speed to work depending upon the number of gears offered. The automatic transmission allows controlling speed by using the gas pedal; this can help to shift up and down without stopping. Hydrostatic transmission offers a smooth ride and works like an automatic transmission, but uses fluid to operate.

There is minimal care and maintenance required for riding mowers, such as checking the tires if they are appropriately inflamed, checking oil and fuel levels, tightening any loose parts, check for damages, and disconnecting the batteries and plug after use.

Best brands for riding mowers are:

  • Murray
  • Yard Machine
  • Troy Bilt
  • Cub Cadet
  • Husqvarna
  • Poulan Pro

Check the features and specifications you require before you purchase a riding mower for your needs.

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