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Common DIY home pest control solutions

April 30, 2020

Common DIY home pest control solutions

Most of the residential houses face the problem of pests, which is quite a common problem and which occurs due to many reasons, not just one. Pest infestations can take place anywhere, right from inside the home to outside in the garden. You can prevent infestations by scheduling regular visits by pest control companies but if you don’t want to end up paying a large amount of money there are some DIY remedies to curing a pest infestation.

The very first step is prevention “ if you’re able to take steps towards pest prevention at an early stage by following some simple steps, one can prevent major infestations. Especially since once the infestation is rampant, you’ll have no choice but to call a professional pest management service to get rid of them. Fix leaky faucets (washbasin/kitchen sink/dishwasher) since pests are attracted to leaks. So, it’s obvious they will need water to survive and will be commonly found in damp, dingy places. All your dry foods must always be inside sealed jar.

Home-brewed pest control solutions

  • The first step is to keep the drain clean. Take ½ a cup of baking soda along with ½ a cup of vinegar and pour it down the drain. After 4 minutes, pour in boiling water to flush out unwanted visitors.
  • Spray your countertops with an effective spray which can be made by mixing two tbsps. of pure castile liquid soap and 1 gallon of water.
  • To keep the bugs, insects, etc. out, essential oil works amazingly well. Mix 1 cup of grain alcohol along with 2½ teaspoonfuls of oil into an empty spray bottle (each essential oil works for certain pests). For instance, Citronella & Lemon Eucalyptus works for mosquitoes, Geranium works for flies, Lavender works for ticks, fleas, and chiggers, Patchouli works for gnats and Rosemary works for fleas and ticks.
  • One can simply sprinkle coffee grounds around the doors and window areas which tend to keep ants at bay.

One can also try store-bought pest sprays. It important to use them only after wearing a face mask and hand gloves as directly exposing oneself to these chemicals is harmful. A repeated session or as often as is recommended on the bottle can effectively destroy pests.

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