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Factors to consider before buying Jenn-Air ranges

Factors to consider before buying Jenn-Air ranges

Jenn-Air ranges look beautiful and cook beautifully as well. If you are planning to buy some of their kitchen appliances, remember to check them on the following aspects:

You can pick up your favourite range depending upon its finish. Specific finishes can be found on the company’s product page. Many buyers go in for products that have a black finish. There are two models available in this kind of a black finish:

The 30 Dual Fuel Downdraft Range JDS1750 FS features a downdraft ventilation, a powerful 17,000 BTU burner, an optional duct free filter kit and brass burners. This range is available in stainless steel and steel materials. It pairs best with the Euro-Style, Black Floating Glass and Pro-Style Stainless Suites.

The 30 Electric Downdraft Range, JES 1750FS, also features the original Jenn-Air innovation, the downdraft ventilation. This Jenn-Air range has several element sizes, uses convection for heating, and also has an optional duct-free filter kit for easy installation. One of the bestJenn-Air ranges, this product complements very well with Euro-Style, Black Floating Glass and other models.

Range fuel type: You need not buy appliances that work on specific fuels as Jenn-Air products make it possible for you to ranges that work on several fuel combinations. They can work on electric, liquefied petroleum gas, induction or just plain electricity. Pick up the air range that suits your cooking style and gift yourself a great cooking experience. Some of the dual ranges include:

ProStyle Dual-Fuel Range with Griddle and MultiMode Convection: This model works on two fuel types- electricity and gas. Working on gas gives you focused heat while electricity delivers you a uniform heating experience. This Jenn-Air product works on two burners that consume 20,000 BTU. This model has six convection modes that allow you to roast, broil or bake your food.

Electric Induction: Take a look at those Jenn-Air ranges that work on electric induction. One such machine is the model JIS1450DS that is a true convection oven and has a baking capacity of 71.1 cubic feet. Ideal for entertaining, this air range complements with the Pro-Style and Euro-Style suites. It comes with a stainless-steel handle.

Gas induction: If you want to buy gas-based Jenn-Air ranges, then you may consider buying the JGRP548WP. This excellent machine comes works on six different convection modes. Use any of these to roast, broil and bake your food. Gas-based ranges work best in those situations where you need to heat food with precision. The chrome-finish griddle adds to the overall heating experience.

These kitchen ranges are available per size, installation mechanisms and number of elements. You may opt for appliances that have 4 or 6 elements. Kitchen ranges from Jenn-Air come in 30, 36 and 48 inch width. Pick one that suits your kitchen. Installation-wise, the Jenn-Air kitchen appliances can be installed as free-standing or can also be slid in a drawer.

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