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Factors to consider before using a peel and stick tile

Factors to consider before using a peel and stick tile

The thought of renovating your home or room can be quite an exciting one. From new upholstery to a new paint color, the entire process is tiring but a thrilling one. If you are deciding on the tiling for your floor, you are sure to be confused by the slew of options that are available in the market today. One such option is the peel and stick tiles that are relatively new and gives traditional tiling a run for its money.

So what is a peel and stick tile? As the name suggests, these are tiles with a self-adhesive and all you have to do is peel off the sticker and voila, you have your tiled flooring right there. Peel and stick tiles have been ridiculed but are great if used in the right manner. Moreover, with more and more people turning towards DIY option to lower cost, peel and stick tile will find their way to most homes. Here are a few factors to consider before going ahead with your peel and sticking tiling

The surface that you will be placing the tile on – It is important that the surface on which you lay your peel and stick tile is smooth even. If you go ahead with sticking the tile over an uneven floor, you will be surprised to find out that there are bubbles that you cannot do anything about. This will on to give your room a very shabby look. While you may think that a peel and stick tile can be ideal to cover the damaged linoleum, this is not the best thing to do. An ideal scenario would be to stick the tiles on a smooth concrete in order to get the best finish.

You may need more than you think – While you may calculate enough tiles for your room, there is a possibility that you will run short due to damage or adhesion problems. This is why you should always buy more peel and stick tiles than you think. Also, a peel and stick tile is sold in a per piece pack, thus, you do not have to buy a set and waste the rest.

The size of the room – You have to consider the room in which you want to use peel and stick tiles. Is it the bedroom, the foyer or bathroom. A peel and stick tile is best used in a rectangular or square shaped room as you do not have much cutting to do. A large room that is not an angular shape will require you to be careful with measurements as well as require cutting leading to damage of the tiles.

Happy tiling!

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