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Four hacks to help you get rid of home fleas

Four hacks to help you get rid of home fleas

Fleas breed and multiply faster than you can take measures to control it. They carry illnesses and diseases typhus, and cat scratch disease.

Here are some hacks to get rid of home fleas.

  • Plant some flea repellants in your garden
    Whether it’s your front lawn or back lawn or on pots in your home, plant some flea repellent plants like, catnip lemon balm, rosemary, sage, basil, lemongrass, and mint. These herbs are useful in your daily life and serve as effective home flea treatment. For better result, plant them in front of your door and your windows.
  • Spray garlic water
    Boil cloves of garlic in water. Keep it overnight and then strain the water. Using a spray bottle, spray the garlic water in your house. This will help you get rid of fleas as garlic is a natural flea repellant.
  • Use Diatomaceous Earth
    DE is the most effective home flea treatment. Sprinkle DE all over your lawn, on the footsteps to your house, and even on the driveway. Make sure that you cover your mouth and nose while you sprinkle them as DE irritates your lungs when inhaled in high amount. Remember to use a high-grade DE for good results.
  • Lemon comb and spray
    Take a slice of lemon and boil it in water. Keep it overnight to cool down. Now take a pet brush or comb and dip it in the water while you comb them. This solution gets rid of fleas quickly and is an easy home flea treatment. You can pour the solution in a spray bottle and spray it over your pets as well, but combing helps the solution to reach deep within.

Some knowledge on home flea treatment is necessary as this is a very common pest infestation in any household. These hacks will provide you with a smooth transition when your home is affected by fleas.

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