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4 points to remember before buying a bar stool

August 16, 2017

4 points to remember before buying a bar stool

A bar stool can be a great piece of furniture to have in a home or in outdoors. It almost changes the look and feel of every room and is a great utility furniture that can be moved and adjusted according to your necessities. Bar stools are increasingly becoming a popular choice among both, homeowners and business owners. Here are some of the essential factors you need to remember while choosing bar stools for your space.

Standard bars stools are usually about 40” high, while kitchen counter or bar table tops are 36”. This is the typical measurement that may or may not change depending on the space you are working with. Ideally, an adjustable height with the help of hydraulic pumps can contribute to reducing hassles that result from moving places with this kind of furniture.

A little math will help you determine exactly how many bar stools will fit into your space. Ascertain the length of your table and divide it by the width of your bar stool seat and add five inches to it. That is exactly the number of bar stools you will be able to accommodate. For a chair that swivels, you may want to estimate a little more width to allow some leg room.

Based on your requirements, you can always create fun and stylish combinations. Metal stools usually work the best, in terms of both, looks and maintenance. You can use wood or other durable materials as well, to incorporate more style to your interiors. Bar stool seats are extensively customizable, so you can pick fabrics leather, textiles, or plastic. However, choose a material that is easy to clean and can handle spillages well.

Seating style
Bar stools come in various seating styles like backless, low back, full back and with arms or swivel. Pick a style that fits your space’s personality as well as functionality.

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