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Get yourself the best top load washer

August 14, 2017

Get yourself the best top load washer

There are a number of features and components in top load washers that are impressive and which make them stand out in the market. But it is important to go through the necessary features in top load washers before you go ahead and buy one. The basic features to look for are:

  • Water holding capacity: Before short-listing the best top load washers for your home or professional purpose, it is necessary to consider the potential of the washer according to your need. Washers with higher capacity are better for more loads, while a smaller one is preferable for lesser loads.
  • Stain removal capacity: There is a particular method called ‘stain removal,’ which is featured in top load washers. Remember to look for this feature in the machine that you wish to buy. This advanced technology is efficient in cleaning the any tough stains from wine, coffee, soil, etc. from the clothes.
  • Water heater and steamer: Hot water is the most important factor necessary for efficient cleaning. The dirt and stains will not come out without hot water acting with chemicals on them. If the machine is not capable of creating enough heat in the water, then the clothes will not be clean. Thus, ensuring that the washer has a good and a durable water heater is a must before making a purchase.
  • Spin cycle: The spin cycle used for drying the clothes inside top load washers is measured by revolutions per minute (rpm). Higher rpm allows better drying, apart from it depending on the type of clothes that are being dried.

Apart from these basic features to keep in mind, there are a few more things that need the buyer’s attention like the material used for the tub. Check if it is plastic or stainless steel. The wash settings must be checked as they have preset wash programs to clean different types of clothes efficiently. For the increasing number of benefits, top load washers are a good choice within the other range of semi-automatic, automatic, and front load washers available in the market.

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