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Why should you get a solar pool cover for your swimming pool?

Why should you get a solar pool cover for your swimming pool?

A swimming pool cover or a solar pool cover adds value to swimming pools and are energy efficient. Pool solar covers offer a key difference over their traditional counterpart covers – water heating.

Here’s why you should get solar pool cover for your swimming pools

  • They heat your pool
    A solar pool cover is a large sheet of cover with a resemblance to bubble wraps. It provides a barrier between your pool and the sun. The sun’s energy is captured, and the radiation is converted to heat energy, which helps heat up the water during cool seasons and keeps it warm. This prevents the depletion of chemicals, works as a natural heating solution over electric or gas heaters, and finally aids in energy conservation.
  • They save money
    Evaporation is a tricky matter. Pool water evaporation is measured using United British Thermal Unit (BTU). When one pound of water evaporates, it consumes 1,048 BTUs of heat energy out of your pool. This means you have to replace the water and the heat, thus losing out on money too. Pool solar covers help you keep the water in your pool and prevent evaporation. Additionally, these covers occupy a wide surface area and act like magnifying glasses. They amplify energy absorption rates from the sun and use that energy to heat your water.
  • They allow flexibility
    Pool solar covers are made from different materials and come in a variety of color variants. The most common choice is black as its heat absorption capacity is better than average. When using these covers, you can control the heating rates of your pool water by either spreading this all over your pool or partially over a certain area of your pool, allowing control and flexibility over the evaporation rates of your pool water and acts in the interest of energy efficiency. Solar pool covers are available in various shapes, sizes, thicknesses, and designs so that you can buy according to your needs.

The working principles stated above show that pool solar covers keep your water warm, clean and make swimming a pleasant experience. They help you save on utility bills and are a natural countermeasure against cold seasons and evaporation.

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