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How to buy the right latex mattress

August 18, 2017

How to buy the right latex mattress

Latex mattresses have been touted as a great solution for back pain and discomfort. Besides providing sleep ergonomics, latex mattresses work naturally with your body’s contours. But the real catch is, buying the right latex mattress. These are available in the market in multiple variants such organic latex mattresses, natural rubber, synthetic latex, etc. which can lead to a dilemma while making the final choice.

Here’s what you need to look for in the best latex mattresses to ensure a rejuvenating sleeping experience.

Know the material
The best organic latex mattresses are made from natural latex. Although natural latex is necessary, it’s an aspect often overlooked in the buying process. There’s synthetic latex and natural latex. Synthetic latex is made from petrochemicals whereas natural latex is made using latex obtained from the sap of a tree. If getting the best organic latex mattresses are important to you, carefully scrutinize the type of latex used in the mattress.

Avoid complex designs
The rule for good latex mattresses is the simpler design, the better it is. Uncomplicated designs ensure comfort as well as versatility. A good way to test these out is to see whether these form body impressions. If they retain their original shape, then go for it.

Dunlop vs. Talalay tops
Dunlop tops provide sufficient support for the back and adequate comfort. These tops are denser, heavier and firmer. If you’re aiming for luxury latex mattresses that feel good on the body, opt for Talalay tops as they are soft to touch and feel. Make sure your mattress comes with breathable covers made from wool blends since those are easy to use and don’t cause allergies. Moreover, they keep the dust mites away and are 100% natural.

These are the key points to consider while buying the best latex mattresses. Avoid cut-out designs or mattresses with too many features. Keep it simple, minimalist, and find convenience for a refreshing sleep.

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