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How to keep your outdoor rugs brand new all the time

How to keep your outdoor rugs brand new all the time

Purchasing an outdoor rug is easy, but its maintenance is definitely not. Many people overlook the cleaning and maintenance aspect, thereby resulting in less durability of the product. If not managed properly, the outdoor rugs might appear dull, adversely affecting the overall aesthetics of your outdoor space.

If you want your outdoor rugs to last longer and have the same brand-new look it had months ago, then follow these simple tips.

  • Use of accessories: Rug pads are the perfect companion for every outdoor rug. It can be used to keep the rug in place and maintain the same condition that it had at the time of purchase. Carpet to hard floor pad, felt pad and waffle pad are few of the rug pad options that can be considered.
  • Proper usage: Using the rug with care is important. If the outdoor rugs have been placed in your backyard, then during winters, they can be rolled up and kept inside the house, as keeping it under heavy snowfall during winters can decrease the durability, shape and look of the entire outdoor rug.
  • Frequent cleaning: If the rug is placed in an area where it gets walked over very often, then it is critical to clean it at a regular interval of around 15 days. That way, the state of the rug remains intact, and the product lasts longer too.
  • Relevant cleaning technique: As rugs are made up of different materials, it is crucial to follow the cleaning technique that goes well with the material and is not harsh on them. Bleach, blot, hose, scrape, spot, vacuum, and sweep are some of the ways of cleaning an outdoor rug. But make sure the cleaning technique being used is material-friendly.
  • Removal of moss: During damp and humid weather, moss is mostly a common concern for outdoor rugs. Make sure you remove them frequently. You can use bleach for removing moss, but if you have toddlers who often play on them, then it is better to use vinegar and water as a scrubbing solution.

Proper maintenance and cleaning of outdoor rugs will not only increase the product endurance but will also contribute to overall sanitary living conditions.

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