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Ideas to display your TV

Ideas to display your TV

You cannot find a single house without a television in this 21st century. From the age of black and white, TVs have gone through a tremendous evolution to gift us not only with a great watching experience but also in decorating your house. Television has become a necessity these days to relay on entertainment when the whole family united. Who wouldn’t love to sit, relax and stretch out on a comfy couch and peacefully watch your favorite TV show munching on a popcorn? What more pleasure do you need when you have your living room perfectly furnished with your favorite TV fixed at the right spot. Here are few tips to decorate your home with TV for better watching experience:

Fix a classic frame
If your wall is too plain to mount a TV you can simply put on a sharp looking frame around the wide screen. It’s good to go for a classic frame since the TV looks patternless. The frame can either be bought from an antique shop or you can hit the craftsman shop to make it done according to the size of your TV. Give a touch of paint to make it bold an brighten up the black screen during off.

Classic built-ins
If you don’t want the television to be protruding out and have a mastery over the living room, consider incorporating into a classic wall of built in the shelf where you can use blinds to cover the TV area.

Eclectic mix
Does your smart TV itself look like a masterpiece? why don’t you set it up along with an eclectic mix of art pieces? Mount racks on the wall and exhibit some photographs in funky frames, paintings, flower vases and brighten it up using catchy colors.

Concealed TV
Perhaps you don’t watch television often in your living room or you find the look of the big black screen awkward in this case it is better to fix a panel board on the wall and enclose the TV when you are not gazing at your favorite show. And hide the panel by hanging a picture of it.

Keep the wires hidden
When you install a television remember that it takes only half the space of the whole. You should find some area for those ugly wires and cords, set up box, remote controller, and the DVD player. If you want to find a room for all this a simple shelf is the best option where you can fix a storage unit beneath to hide the wires and your selection of movies.

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