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Know why Saatva mattress should be your first choice

Know why Saatva mattress should be your first choice

What makes Saatva mattresses different? Why do people prefer it over most other mattresses available in the market?

The answer lies in the fact that they are a great option among all the premium mattresses available in the market today and provide some exclusive features that are difficult to find in a mattress with an affordable price. In short, they are the most budget-friendly luxury mattresses that you can get!

One significant reason why you must choose these mattresses is the coil-on-coil design. The two coils are wrapped separately and ensure that there is no sagging with usage, unlike other mattresses. The edge is foam-encased and provides more sleep surface area than the others. Also, the extra cushioning of the mattresses deserves a mention, which helps in providing additional comfort.

You will find these Saatva mattresses in three different forms and can choose any one depending on your preferences.

  • Plush soft mattress: If you are a side sleeper, you should go for the plush soft mattresses, which help in wrapping your arm in a better way.
  • Luxury firm mattress: These are preferred by back sleepers and stomach sleepers. Also, if you have a tendency to change your position frequently during sleep, you will find it useful.
  • Firm mattress: When you look at any Saatva mattress, firm highly durable materials are sure to fascinate you. These are usually preferred by those who wish to maintain a surface contact with their mattresses rather than diving into it.

One great characteristic of the Saatva mattress is the heat dissipation ability, which allows it to remain dry and cool unlike other mattresses, which become too hot when you are asleep. Amongst the many qualities of a Sattva mattress, firm support, and use of renewable materials is of utmost benefit as it makes it long-lasting.

Also, if you cannot tolerate the smell that a memory foam mattress emits in its initial days, do not worry. The Saatva mattresses are made of bio soy foam, which prevents such a foul smell.

Considering the multiple benefits of this mattress, go grab a Saatva mattress firm purple sleep number today and enjoy a good night’s sleep!

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