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Open source your modular home!

Open source your modular home!

The term ˜open-source’ was first used for software, when instead of selling them, the developers started to give away the source code, allowing users to modify and customize the software at no cost. This soon became a cultural trend, extending itself from software to games, educational content and eventually, design.

An exciting possibility of prospective homeowners today, is that apart from traditional architectural designs, it is also possible for them to plumb the depths of the open source community to find some stunning options in home designs “ convenient, customizable and entirely free. This means that a young homeowner is not restricted by budgetary constraints in terms of design. A bit of research makes it possible to access incredibly beautiful, avant-garde designs, at no additional cost.

Open source architecture is especially suitable for modular homes, as the prefabricated construction style begins with a blue print and CAD modelling. This means that suitable design elements, or even entire floor plans, can be comfortably integrated into the planning stage, along with desired customizations.

There are, however, some factors to bear in mind while choosing an open source design for your home. Have a clear understanding of your site, its dimensions and directional orientation. Also bear in mind the modular width of your home. To accommodate this factor, open source architectural designs are often planned for fixed modular width.

Open source designs also accommodate every wallet size. Instead of taking on a huge mortgage for a large home to accommodate future needs, many open source designs allow you to start with a compact modular home at a tenth of the cost, and expand the house going forward, without design compromise. This makes these designs a great choice for young people buying their starter homes.

Open source architectural designs tend to be, almost by default, green and energy-efficient, because eco-consciousness is often a central feature of the culture that encourages open-source sharing. This means that you can choose a design for your modular home whose roof can harness solar power, has planned for excellent insulation, efficient water and waste management.

A strong, green and beautiful modular home that comes at little or no design cost? That’s a dream come true. Do not be intimidated by the hi-tech sound it carries. Explore the world of open source designs, be open to a bit of learning, and the effort will be well rewarded both in terms of money saved, and a home that you will be proud to show off.

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