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Popular types of water fountains you should know about

November 22, 2017

Popular types of water fountains you should know about

There’s nothing so soothing and calming than watching a serene water fountain that can enhance the aesthetic appearance of any given space. And when it comes to buying water fountains, the choices are endless. Here is an insight into few of the most popular types that you must consider.

Also known as disappearing fountains, in pondless fountains, the water is drawn from a hidden reservoir. These types of water fountains do not require much maintenance, thanks to their designs. They can comfortably fit into smaller areas too. The base of such fountain is often made from urns, boulders, columns and other types of non-traditional structures, which give a unique look.

Considered to be one of the most dramatic water fountains, these feature pipes that spray water up into the air, creating a plum-like striking effect. They can be easily added to any existing water source, such as swimming pools or ponds, requiring only a submersible pump. Depending on the nozzle feature you choose, the patterns of the sprayed water vary.

Cascading fountains are the ones that are more subtle in their style. Instead of using pipes for spraying water, they come with different levels which make the water automatically flow to the next step below. Tiered fountains also come under cascading founts, and feature simple to complex designs, such as carvings depicting animals, humans, etc. There are also smaller styles of this particular fountain type available where water keeps on flowing through a series of containers, placed at different levels.

For those with small space options, wall fountains can be a smart choice as they do not require much space. These come in mainly two different styles – wall-mounted style and freestanding style. The water features are usually self-contained and come with attached basins.

Numerous brands sell such fountains, and they are easily available online as well. But if you wish to purchase unique pieces, you can visit dedicated brick and mortar stores selling fountains.

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