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Pruning of maple trees

Pruning of maple trees

Maple trees are often found in the northern parts of America and many parts of Canada. There are approximately of 128 species of maple trees. These trees come in many shapes and sizes but what attracts everybody toward them is their outstanding fall color.

For having the magnificent maple tree in your garden, you need to know when and how to prune the tree. Pruning is like maintaining a tree which is very essential for many reasons. Your tree might be getting too big and you might want to alter it from places. Pruning helps give a direction to grow for your tree. The tree will have broken or branches, which is a reason enough to prune them timely.

Now when it comes to pruning a maple tree, you need to know when a tree is supposed to be pruned. Every type of tree is unique and so should be their care. Normally there is a perfect season to prune a maple tree, but if you see dead wood, irrespective of when you see it, you can remove it. This is called light pruning as the changes are not drastic and it will not effect the tree in any way bad even if the season is not right for them to be pruned.

The otherwise best time to prune your maple tree would be in late spring. Summer or early summer is also the right time to prune a maple tree. Though there is an ideal time or season to prune the tree, some maple trees that are mature, can take pruning even in winter. However, if it is a mature tree, it can even be pruned in the winter.

You may also wait until the leaves of the trees are fully developed. It will help the tree blossom and produce fruit is pruned before the buds come out. This is because it prepares the tree well grow perfectly.

But in any case, no matter which time of the year it is, over pruning is bad for you tree. Give your tree only what’s required. Too much pruning can also lead to the weakening of the tree.

Pruning is essential but so is the right way to prune them. Getting into details before and while pruning will help your tree grow the way it is supposed to. Understand your tree, be very observant and give it what it needs for it to grow gracefully.

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