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3 everyday products that can act as great urine stain remover solutions

3 everyday products that can act as great urine stain remover solutions

When it comes to odor and stain removal, even some of the best urine stain remover products available in the market can have a tough time tackling the mess. Finding new ways and products to get rid of that stain and stench becomes part of your chores. Urine stain removers may not be necessarily expensive but can nevertheless become a significant expense.

Home remedies, from time to time, have proven to be economical and efficient in tackling such problems. Here are a couple of products and essentials you might find to be useful in removing pet urine stains and odor, without making a dent in your household budget.

For stain removal, vinegar is quite the natural competitor against industrial strength stain removers, at a fraction of the price. For coffee and tea stains, juice stains, paint smudges, ground in dirt stains and most importantly pet urine stains, vinegar is the preferred choice. Urine stains are light and their odor isn’t very overwhelming, if cleaned up in time, which is why a solution of vinegar mixed with a couple of teaspoons of salt has proven to be one of the best urine stain remover ideas. Let the solution soak into the affected area and dry up, to be vacuumed right out of the carpet along with any stains and odor.

Club soda
Carbonated and aerated drinks are high in carbon content, which also works wonders as one of the best urine stain remover DIY ideas. Soak paper towels in club soda and gently blot the stain letting the soda seep. Use a mild carpet shampoo to rinse off the solution which has absorbed the stain after a couple of hours along with any odor.

Cornstarch is stronger and more efficient in removing pet urine as compared to other home remedies like ammonia, shaving cream, salt, borax, and even baking soda. A paste made out of milk and cornstarch applied on urine stains, or any liquid stains will soak it right up and dry in a couple of hours. This layer can be scraped off using a soft bristle brush, thereby ensuring your carpet surface isn’t damaged in the process.

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