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The art of cleaning bathroom tiles

April 24, 2018

The art of cleaning bathroom tiles

Be it a quick shower or a relaxed and rejuvenating bath, your bathroom can be a place of solace when you need it. However, an unclean bathroom can adversely affect your moments of peace and relaxation and become an unhealthy place. Thus, knowing the best techniques to clean your bathroom is crucial.

Tiles on your bathroom walls are not easy to clean due to iron deposits on them. Using the best bathroom cleaners to remove iron deposits on your tiles will help to retain their original shine.

How to clean bathroom tiles?
Over time, bathroom tiles become dirty and unattractive as they do not tend to clean up easily. The best bathroom cleaners will help you solve this difficult and mundane task.

  • The most simple and easy tile-cleaning procedure is to make a mixture of 50/50 vinegar and baking soda in water. The vinegar is a degreaser that loosens the dirt and deposits while the baking soda removes odors and scours. Spray it over your tiles, leave it for a minute, rub it off.
  • To give your tiles its original shade, use bleach and bicarbonate soda. It is one of the best bathroom cleaners and is widely used for cleaning swimming pools. Beware of the harmful gases when you use bleach. Use a mask and gloves for your protection.
  • Steam cleaners can be handy and useful to sanitize and clean the tiles and other surfaces of the bathroom. With a steam cleaner, cleaning the tiles on your bathroom floor and walls is simple and easy.
  • Without a regular cleanup, grout can look dirtier than the tiles. The gap in between the tiles is grout that becomes dirty over time. The same vinegar and baking solution can be used, but in more quantity and you need to rub it hard on the grout.
  • A grout pen can come in handy if you want a new look. It looks like a marker pen and is used to paint over the existing grout.

With these effective tips to clean your bathroom tiles, you are better equipped than before. Now, use these best bathroom cleaners for effective cleanups.

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