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Top 3 Furniture Pieces for Your RV

Top 3 Furniture Pieces for Your RV

If you travel often, then you probably miss that homely feeling of sitting in your living room and enjoying a movie or enjoying the soft breeze while sitting out on the porch. With an RV, you can fulfill your dreams of traveling while living within the comfort of your home. Have a look at some of the exclusive deals on RV furniture and get closer to fulfilling your travel dreams.

Thomas Payne RV Dual Reclining Sofa with a Center Console
This theater-seating sofa comes with two recliners and a center console. Just kick back and relax in your RV or camper on this plush sofa. The center console has two cup holders and a storage compartment which you can use to store remotes and other small items.

  • The theater-seating sofa is reclinable which allows users to relax in their RV or camper.
  • Integrated footrests let you prop your feet up. You can release this with a handle located between the seat cushion and armrest.
  • Seats, backrests, footrests, and armrests are all padded to give optimal comfort.
  • The recliner comes with PolyHyde Euro-leather vinyl upholstery and a polymer coating, which is a low-maintenance material that is easy to clean. The classic and high-contrast stitching offers a stylish look.
  • This product is available on eTrailer for around $1,248.99.

RecPro Charles 36″ Corner Wedge RV Furniture
Give your RV a sharp new look with the Modular Corner Wedge from RecPro. Fill that clunky corner in your slide-out or living area with this new padded luxury item that will bring your whole modular piece together.

  • It provides a plethora of padding for those who have relaxation on their mind. This Corner Wedge is double-stuffed for your comfort.
  • This Corner Wedge is engineered to work with a modular seating line, covering that extra space in the corner of your RV.
  • This piece of RV furniture comes in four colors that have been selected to mirror or match most of the shades of RV interiors available in the market these days.
  • The fill of this RV furniture item is 100% polyurethane which gives optimal “bounce back” even after years of use.
  • This piece is available on the RecPro’s official website for around $299.95.

149-68 Trifold Sofa Sleeper – Beckham Tan
This Tri-Fold Sofa is an industry perfected sleeper sofa.

  • It’s an all-in-one sleeper sofa that comes with a mattress.
  • It comes with 4-Step Transition which provides ease of use and functionality.
  • You will not need an extra or spare mattress.
  • Unlike beds, this threefold sofa mattress has no support bars.
  • Now your guests can have a comfortable sleep when they come over.
  • The entire frame is made of lightweight aluminum.

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