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Two essential steps for mosquito control

Mosquitoes are a real threat in any house. The breeding of these insects near your house is simply an invitation to several life-threatening diseases. It is mainly for this reason that mosquito control is essential.

To help you out, here are two ways you can follow to prevent mosquito breeding.

Get rid of any standing water
Stagnant and standing water is the ideal ground for mosquitoes to breed. The stale, rotten water provides the perfect atmosphere for the mosquitoes to breed and multiply. Thus, it is necessary for you to keep in mind as this will prove to be helpful when you are trying to point the breeding source of mosquitoes. Wherever you see stagnant water, irrespective of it being your lawn, your rooftop drain pipe, bathrooms, dysfunctional aquariums, bird feeders, pet feeders, unused swimming pool, garden pots, air conditioners slots, air coolers or kitchen, try to get rid of it immediately. Keep these places clean and dry. Dry conditions do not let the mosquitoes breed. Take extra care for mosquito control when you have babies and children in your house.

Prevention and killing of mosquitoes
If you have already found mosquito infestation in your house, the immediate step you must take is to kill the breeding at the source. Use mosquito repellents to kill them and destroy the larvae. Spray at the source. Another good way to ensure mosquito control is by carrying on a weekly or monthly task of spraying mosquito repellents and pesticides all around the potential mosquito-breeding areas in and around your home. This monthly endeavor of mosquito control will curb the breeding of mosquitoes.

Mosquitoes are the carriers of innumerable bacteria and viruses. Diseases like dengue, malaria, chicken pox and even common flu are caused due to mosquitoes. They carry the viruses from one person to another. So make sure you keep your home and premises clean.

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