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Ways to install a gazebo

August 18, 2017

Ways to install a gazebo

Now that you have purchased your very own gazebo it is essential to understand how to assemble and install it successfully.

Enjoy your outdoor space more effectively by following these tips to install gazebos efficiently

Steps to install a gazebo:

  • Lay out the parts of the gazebo and count them to make sure that you have all the parts required in your kit. Get yourself a step ladder.
  • Demarcate the place where you want the gazebo to be placed. You may have to smoothen the ground if it is uneven to ensure safety and stability.
  • You might require the help of at another person to build the whole structure. It might be a tedious task to erect gazebos single handily.
  • Fit the bottom plate beneath the supporting post and secure it with bolts. 2 to 4 bolts are provided to secure the supporting post to the bottom plate.
  • If you are placing the gazebo on soil surface inserts are usually provided to be hammered into the ground through the base stand so that the structure stays strong.
  • If gazebos have to be placed on concrete surfaces, you will have to drill in bolts to fix the structure to the ground.
  • Slide the post covers to the end of the post and repeat this process for all the supporting posts. Make sure that the gazebos legs are firmly fixed to the ground and are not shaky or unstable.
  • Follow the instructions given in the manual to join all the poles to the center plate to build the roof of the gazebo. Make sure that all poles are securely tightened to ensure that no loose ends are left.
  • Insert the roofing material that may either be made of fiber sheets or vinyl laminated polyester. Do not use unnecessary force as it may damage the material.

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