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Things To Consider When You Decide To Custom Make A Murphy Bed

April 30, 2020

Things To Consider When You Decide To Custom Make A Murphy Bed

Murphy beds turn tight spaces into multi-purpose rooms. When not in use, these beds fold into a cabinet making the space useful. With Murphy bed handy, you can convert an office into a guest room. It is the best option for studio apartments as well since it creates a distinct entertaining and sleeping areas. The important thing is to design it appropriately so that it can fit into specific spaces. While there are readymade Murphy beds available in a furniture store, you may want to custom-design yours. In order to do that there are a lot of things that need consideration. Read on to what you should do to get your custom-made Murphy bed.

  • Budget
    Murphy beds are available in the price range of around $650 and $10,000. The price varies with the size of the bed, quality of materials used, cabinetry designing, etc. It is better to have a budget since it keeps the project under control. It allows determining the materials to be used for the bed and wall cabinet along with the size specification.
  • Styles
    Murphy beds are available in a range of styles. You can get simple single cabinet designs as well units with foldable desks, sofas, television stands, sofas, etc. Designing is done taking inspiration from both traditional and contemporary styles of furniture to go with the decor of the room. There are beds with electronic mechanisms which will move the mattress into the cabinet automatically with the press of a button. The others use a manual spring mechanism to get the bed back in place.
  • Decor
    A Murphy bed is going to be the focal point and a significant furniture piece in your room. Thus, while deciding on a style for this bed, consider the existing decor and occupants or purpose of the room. You do not want something out of the place.
  • Size
    Once you have chosen the space to place the Murphy bed, measure that space from floor to ceiling. Then measure from left to right. This gives you the fair idea of how lengthy and wide the bed can be. You need to measure the size of the floor as well to determine the size of bed that would fit into that floor space.
  • Bed
    It feels great to sleep in a king size bed but the room needs to be big enough to accommodate the mattress. Measure the floor area to find out how big the mattress can be that would fit in the room perfectly. You must leave some space for the occupant of the room to walk around during the night. Installing twin beds instead of a single king size or queen size bed is also a great idea. This is for those kids who may have to share a room but are not eager to share their beds.
  • Cabinetry
    Choosing the right cabinetry is an important part of buying a Murphy bed since it is the focal point. Select a design that looks good and does not overpower other furniture. You also need to decide whether the shelves for storage would be open or be kept inside the doors.

There are different types of materials that crafters use to make the cabinets for Murphy beds. These can range from different types of timber to composite materials. The most commonly used materials are-

  • Maple
  • Cherry
  • Oak
  • Medium density fibreboard
  • Salvaged wood
  • Pine

Buying Murphy Beds
Your furniture and home reflect your style and personality. Thus, when you decide to go for a Murphy bed, it is important to choose something that goes well with the interior of your house and suits your personal style as well. To get the perfect custom-made Murphy bed, you need to interact with the designer or carpenter and let him know everything you are looking for. You can also ask him to show his previous work and make your choice. You can also mix-and-match two or more designing ideas to get your perfect looking Murphy bed.

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