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Essential things you need to know about workers’ compensation lawyer

July 18, 2018

Essential things you need to know about workers’ compensation lawyer

Injuries due to accidents at work is a common scenario these days. However, recovering from such accidents can leave a big dent in your finances due to the soaring prices for medical services. If such a situation were to ever occur, then remember that you will require the assistance of a workers’ compensation lawyer. This type of attorneys can help employees claim compensation for their injuries, including healthcare expenses and lost wages.

If your injuries are trivial and if the company is taking full monetary responsibility regarding your medical bills and wages then you do not require a workers’ compensation lawyer. However, if your injuries are serious and you have some disagreements regarding the compensation offered, in order to safeguard your monetary interests, it is best to hire a workers’ compensation lawyer.

Duties of a workers’ compensation lawyer
The primary duty of a workers’ compensation lawyer is to help the claimant by securing their monetary benefits. They can achieve this by –

  • Gathering relevant research involving medical records, evidence, depositions of the claimants, physicians, and witnesses.
  • Drafting important legal documents like briefs, opinions, pleadings, and findings of fact.
  • Representing the client in the court of law.
  • Guiding the client through the entire claims process.
  • Maintaining communication with all the involved parties.
  • Negotiating on the behalf of the client.

Skills required in a workers’ compensation lawyer
The workers’ compensation lawyer you hire should have a certain form of expertise and qualities, including –

  • Solid experience in handling similar cases and trials.
  • Stronghold on workers’ compensation laws, procedures, and latest developments.
  • Brilliant written and oral communication skills.
  • Smart negotiation skills.
  • Deep understanding of multiple working environments and how they can be unsafe for workers.
  • Sensitivity toward the client.

Fees charged by workers’ compensation lawyer
Usually, the fees charged by workers’ compensation lawyer are determined according to the settlement amount received. It can be anywhere from 10% to 35% of the entire settlement based on the factors mentioned below –

  • Lawyer’s basic fees.
  • Type of case and how complex it is, i.e., the severity of the injury caused and the conflicts surrounding it.
  • The time it took to settle the case.

Likewise, as every state has its own set of laws and regulations, the attorney fees will vary according to the location.

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