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Understanding the growing need for intellectual property lawyers

July 17, 2018

Understanding the growing need for intellectual property lawyers

Intellectual property (IP) refers to the ownership and possession of the intangible property. The law protects these intangible assets related to products and service from being used or implemented without your consent.

IP law treats certain intangible assets as physical assets to ensure that equal justice and legal recourse is available in case of theft or misuse of any intellectual property. The law is in place to safeguard certain products of human intellect. There are six main sections of intellectual property law, each with its own rules and guidelines for filing IP claims. These include Trademarks, Patents, Copyrights, Trade Secrets, Licensing, and Unfair Competition Law.

Intellectual property lawyers specialize and practice the rules that involve securing and enforcing the legal rights to creative work. These include inventions, designs, and different artwork with patents, trademarks, and copyrights. The laws also award incentives for legal use and reproductions of creative work to the original creator. You may hire an intellectual property lawyer for the following representations:

  • An intellectual property lawyer will represent you in due diligence for all intangible assets files and claims.
  • The lawyer will establish and protect your intellectual capital for filing under the law.
  • An intellectual property lawyer will help you license your inventions.
  • Facilitating the draft of licensing agreements is also one of the services offered.
  • Negotiating settlements for incentives is one of the main reasons for you to hire an intellectual property lawyer.

There is a growing need for intellectual property lawyers to represent innovations and inventions in the field of science and technology. More and more products and services are being introduced creating an intangible pool of assets that demand the expertise and experience of intellectual property lawyers.

A steady rise in intellectual property crimes is also forcing businesses and individuals to consider hiring legal counsel to protect their rights. Cyber intellectual property theft is one of the major problems with piracy and cybersquatting.

Infringement is another reason for you to hire an intellectual property lawyer to safeguard your patents and copyrights that are pending approval. In such cases, the intellectual property lawyer will advise you to use the patent number to identify the assets to gain leverage over infringers.

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