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A Guide To Buying Pencils, Highlighters, And Markers

A Guide To Buying Pencils, Highlighters, And Markers

Pencils, highlighters, and markers are the essential office and school supplies, apart from pens of course. Using pens and pencils is definitely an old school thing we do; but most people usually prefer taking notes and writing down messages in binders and planners over laptops and computers. Here’s a guide that will assist you while buying good pencils, highlighters, and markers:

  • Pencils

Pencils are one of the necessary office and school supplies. Using pencils in an office depends mainly on the needs and preferences of the employees. While some people like the feel of writing with a pencil, most people prefer to write with pencils as they can erase their mistakes. Employees may need pencils to record their brainstormed ideas as they do a vast deal of thinking, where ideas quickly grow and evolve. All the plans that such sessions produce could be for nothing if they are unreadable. An office needs pencil sharpeners if it is has pencils as it becomes one of the necessary office and school supplies. Sometimes, if pencil tips are dull, it can be tough to read content written with a faint pencil. It is essential to stock erasers as most pencils may not include erasers. Also, purchasing mechanical pencils over regular ones is a better option. These have a thin length of lead inside of the pencil’s body that users can push through the tip to write. Precluding the need to substitute the entire pencil when the edge of a mechanical pencil is consumed, it is easy to restore it with another length of lead. The erasers on mechanical pencils may exhaust over time, and the answer for this is to buy separate erasers.

  • Highlighters

Highlighters are useful office and school supplies for recognizing salient points in records, making it easy to return to those points later. When it comes to highlighters, the choices are vast as highlighters come in a variety of colors among which yellow, orange, blue, pink and green are amongst the popular ones. What distinguishes highlighters from other office and school supplies is the brightness of their ink. Highlighters make it easier to draw attention to relevant text and enable readers to see the subject through the highlighter ink. The ink inside the highlighter can be either water based or gel based, and water based ink requires less pressure to dispense however it takes more time to dry. The widths of the highlighter tips can usually vary from 1mm to 4mm. The width of some highlighters dispensing ink over important areas is different compared to other highlighters.

  • Markers

Markers are one of the most common office and school supplies used. Markers are exemplary for writing on boards during conferences and meetings so that all of the members can focus their concentration and address to a general point in the discussion when needed. Markers like a few other office and school supplies come in a variety of colors, however, black remains the most popular and prefered one. Markers come majorly in two types – permanent and non-permanent. The permanent markers are designed to write on paper, plastic, metal, and glass, and it is not possible to erase whatever is recorded with that ink and it stays permanently. The non-permanent markers are designed for writing on dry-erase boards, and it is possible to wipe the ink quickly. Also to erase the marker’s ink one needs an eraser that is designed for a dry-erase board.

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