Is it safe to use mobility scooters?

Mobility scooters offer a convenient mode of transport to people with disabilities. These electric devices are generally safe to use.

But, like any other means of transport, there are some safety issues to consider while using a scooter.

  • Using a mobility scooter requires arm and shoulder strength and faculties to steer the vehicle properly. The individual might have to cross the road, reverse the scooter and manage bumps on the path. Also, the person will need strength to dismantle a folding mobility scooter or have someone else do it.
  • Consult a primary healthcare provider before deciding to buy a scooter. Electric scooters are ideal for those who can use the scooter without any help. So, one needs to be strong enough to use a scooter. Also, if the person intends to ride it on the road, a good vision is a must.
  • Research different scooter styles and features to choose the right folding mobility scooter. One has to ponder on the question whether they need a lightweight folding mobility scooter or a vehicle with greater weight capacity. If the purpose of the scooter is to allow the person to travel with ease,  it is advisable to opt for a with lights, horns and with better speed capabilities (at least 6-8 mph).
  • Without appropriate features, it might not be safe to use these scooters. For instance, if an individual wants to use the scooter for grocery shopping, the vehicle should endure the person’s weight and any other extra weight on it. If the person is unable to dismantle the folding mobility scooters, it would be better to opt for some other model.
  • With any vehicle use, there comes the need for its proper maintenance. A folding mobility scooter is nothing different. Care has to be taken while one dismantles and reassembles. Any breakage can become a safety hazard. Optimum wheel pressure must be maintained for greater security. Also, follow the user manual carefully.

It is vital to be very careful when using a scooter irrespective of whether one uses it indoors or outdoors.



Looking for an assisted living home? Here are 3 common types of assisted living homes

Assisted living is a residential facility for the elderly, disabled individuals, mentally challenged people, and even those with special needs. It provides basic services such as dressing, bathing, cooking, shopping, paying bills, and taking medications to the residents. However, such facilities are not licensed as skilled nursing facilities are.

An assisted living facility (ALF) or an assisted living residence or is similar to a retirement home; the facilities provided are same, and they cater to the senior population. The main purpose of an assisted living facility is to help seniors live independently in a safe environment.

What is it?
These facilities offer assistance with and supervision over activities of daily living (ADLs) such as three meals a day, housekeeping, and so on. They also do a proper coordination of services from outside health care providers and monitor the residents’ activities to ensure their health, safety, and well-being. Assistance often includes the administration or supervision of medication and personal care services. Depending on the assistance required with the ADLs, the facilities are broadly classified into the following.

  • Type I – Assisted living facility: Apart from providing basic monitoring for 24 hours and 7 days a week, the residents also get a minimum assistance for up to 2 ADLs. Typically, the service plan also includes assistance from a nurse who can help with daily medication.
  • Type II – Assisted living facility: Here, you can get full assistance with activities of daily living (ADLs) along with general nursing care from the facility staff.
  • Small Healthcare facility: This one is similar to Type II with the major difference being that there are a lesser number of residents. You get to enjoy a homely environment as it is a licensed home occupied by the owner or operator, and supervised nursing care is provided on a daily basis from a fixed plan of care.

Assisted living facilities aim toward providing a homely environment, making it a suitable place to live in for someone who needs some assistance with everyday life, but does not need intensive care as offered in nursing homes.



A look at the popular SUVs of 2017

A sports utility vehicle or suburban utility vehicle – SUV – is a classified as a light truck, but is usually operated as a family vehicle. Having regained their popularity after a slight dip in the last decade, SUVs are the rage now. Consider any of the below-mentioned popular SUVs, not just to fit in and be fashionable, but to enjoy its advantages, firsthand.

Either made entirely or assembled in the country, some popular utility vehicles are listed here for you.

Honda CR-V: Compact and the best regarding value for money and suitable for families, the Honda CR-V is ranked among the top three in most rating charts. Completely redesigned with even roomier interiors, this is currently produced in three cities across the United States to meet consumer demand.

Kia Sorento: A mid-sized vehicle, with the best 3-row SUV award to its credit, no wonder its production touched one million recently.

BMW X3: Winner of the best luxury compact SUV for families, is one of the safest in its segment. It’s updated iDrive infotainment interface is a pleasure to handle.

Ford Escape: This popular SUV that has sold more than 300,000 units in the US markets alone, its refreshed exterior and interior designs along with a choice of three different engines, is one model you must consider.

Chevrolet Tahoe: This large SUV, is a good for towing your boat or RV and by itself can seat up to 9 people. The teen driver system makes it a safe ride for young drivers too.

There are plenty more options available to those seriously looking to get an SUV. Compare them online, side by side, with their technical specifications and prices. But most importantly, remember to use your suave communication skills to find the best incentives and rebates a that dealers can offer you. There are leases and financing offers too. Reward yourself with a great SUV and even greater savings on them.



9 benefits of assisted living you should know

The mere thought of moving into an assisted living facility can be scary for a senior. After all, it is a new way of life away from family and friends, and the fears are warranted. But if you do your research, you will know about the many benefits associated with assisted living; a life of loneliness at such homes is nothing but a misconception.

Check out the following benefits of assisted living.

  • Safety: One of the top benefits of assisted living is that seniors have round-the-clock safety and security. And also, if the residents require any help or medical assistance at night, it is available for them.
  • Medical Care: If residents require any physical therapy, it can be arranged for them at assisted living homes. Also, there are people to give them medicines on time.
  • Assistance: Often, it can be painful for a senior to complete simple tasks. When they live in assisted living homes, there is help available for them. They don’t need to worry about not being able to dress, bathe and carry out other basic needs.
  • Healthy Meals: During old age, appetites can diminish. Also, preparing daily meals can be difficult. At assisted living facilities, residents get nutritious meals on time keeping in mind specific health needs of some residents.
  • Socialization: Loneliness can be a big problem during old age. At assisted living homes, there are ample opportunities for socialization with other residents. Family and friends can also visit the residents.
  • Mental stimulation: At assisted living facilities, elders have many opportunities to learn new courses and classes that are available to them. Residents can opt for computer lessons, read in the library, or take up art courses.
  • Physical activities: There are many options for safe physical activities that residents can choose to do. Some facilities also provide personal trainers for specific exercises.
  • Transportation: During old age, driving can become problematic and risky. For assisted living residents, transportation is available as needed, for shopping trips or medical appointments.
  • Ease of life: Seniors don’t have to worry about chores or their health. With the right assisted living facility, elders can continue to live a healthy and happy life.



How to Choose a Stair Lift?

A stair lift is a mechanical chair or device for people with mobility problems. The device attaches to the side of the staircase and helps people move up and down the stairs with ease. For best results, it is vital to choose a design with care and proper considerations.

Consider the below points if you plan to install a stair lift in your home.

  • Stair Design
    For regular staircases, a straight stair lift is a great solution. But for curved designs, It is advisable to opt for a curved stair lift. Even if the house has a straight staircase with multiple landings, a curved lift design can be a better fit. This way the person doesn’t need to move from one chair to another at each landing. If the staircase is very narrow, a standing lift would be a perfect choice. But this may not be suitable for those who find it difficult to stand for more than a minute.
  • Chair Features
    It is also imperative to check all the features available for stair lifts before making a purchasing decision. Not all lifts have a seat belt safety feature. So, if security is a major aspect, then opt for a chair that has a seat belt. A swivel seat can also make it easier to get in and out of the chair. This can be substantial for the elderly as chairs face away from the wall. If the individual uses a seat that doesn’t rotate, he will have to use the stairs to sit and get up from the seat. It can be inconvenient or even risky for some users. If the stair landing is near a door, one might need a lift with a seat that folds up neatly into the wall. This way one can have a free passage by the door.
  • Monetary Considerations
    Additional features can increase the cost of stair lift installations. Any customization can also add to the cost. Before you purchase a chair, also consider the warranty and any future maintenance costs.

Talk to various stair lift suppliers to find the best fit. Some companies also offer a trial run once you have decided on a model.


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Keep your business safe and under surveillance by installing wireless security cameras

Surveillance cameras are an essential investment for businesses, whether you are a small business or a big one this investment can be very beneficial. Not only will you be able to prevent losses from burglaries or break-ins but also you will be making the work place safer for your employees. Surveillance cameras come in several ranges and models. Wireless security cameras that can stream visuals to a wireless receiver are a huge step forward for the security industry.

How will you benefit?

As a business owner, one of the main concerns is theft, and this could be by people on the premises or from outside. Both can be prevented by installing wireless security cameras at vantage points. Installation of such cameras is a deterrent for theft.

Business owners know the importance of lower insurance premiums and many insurance companies will be satisfied if they know that you are taking adequate steps to keep your premises safe from thefts. Any loss of property on the premises can lead to claims which the insurance companies will want to avoid. By installing wireless security cameras, you will be assuring the insurance company that you are taking necessary measures to keep the place safe. This will also result in lower insurance premiums and lesser claims as well.

If you are the type of business where time is precious and you have employees that work in shifts, monitoring their time is essential. This can be managed very well by using systems such as the wireless security cameras at various vantage points. Not only can you monitor them, but you can save money on lawsuits that may be filed by employees claiming that they had an accident. The existence of such technology around the premises will discourage people from filing such frivolous lawsuits thus saving you money.

Surveillance cameras are a boon to any business owner looking to save money. This is an investment that is worth every penny!


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Give your kitchen a stylish makeover with the latest kitchen appliances!

The kitchen is considered to be the heart of every home. Not just because this is the place where all your healthy and delicious meals are cooked, but also as your kitchen reflects your sense of style and personality. So, you must pick the right as well as the most stylish and super-convenient kitchen appliance bundles!

Giving your kitchen a true upgrade!
Whether it is to keep up with the latest cooking trends or only to make your kitchen look more technologically advanced, kitchen appliances have a significant role to play. There are several options available in the markets with large enterprises offering their kitchen appliances as packages, covering all needs of a modern kitchen. From the refrigerator to the microwave, cooking range or your dishwasher – these kitchen appliance bundles have it all covered! While the trend is towards high-end appliances, the fact of the matter is that it is all about convenience at home and making sure your time in the kitchen is more productive and less stressful. Hence, the actual aim to bring in these technologically advanced kitchen appliance bundles home is to give your kitchen a useful upgrade.

The integrated look is the latest trend!
Apart from the convenience, the fact that you spend quite a lot of your time in the kitchen needs you to give a thought on its décor as well. After all, the more comfortable spaces you have in your home, the more content would be your lifestyle. Your kitchen appliances can truly make or break the look of your kitchen. The trend these days is for an integrated look which is best achieved with the kitchen appliance bundles that perfectly complement each other. Many such packages have beautifully designed kitchen appliances in gorgeous colors that will add a breath of fresh air into your mundane kitchen décor and liven up your life!



Toyota RAV4 – A comparison with the rivals

The Toyota RAV4 offers stiff competition to its rivals in the same segment. The Subaru Forester, Mazda CX-5, Ford Escape, Volkswagen Tiguan, Chevrolet Equinox, Hyundai Sante Fe Sport, Jeep Compass, Nissan Rogue and Honda CR-V are others we are comparing the Toyota RAV4 with, from the year 2016.

The Toyota RAV4 is an efficient utility vehicle with updated safety systems, secure handling and lots of passenger space, while the Ford Escape is a quick and quiet SUV to drive, but ranks less on comfort and utility. Here is a list of some of the popular competitors of Toyota RAV4. Take a look and compare these to get your best bet.

  • The Honda CR-V is functional, with its elevated height giving a good command of the road and enjoys lots of space and features, but has poor performance scores.
  • The Hyundai Santa Fe Sport, with a sliding second-row seat, is a good buy because it is bigger than other models listed here and with a long menu of standard features, together with optional packages offered moves it into a higher specification realm.
  • The Mazda CX-5 is stylish and athletic with an exalted gas mileage and superior safety features, but the infotainment center is a major drawback.
  • The Subaru Forester is good value for money with fantastic all-weather capacity and safety ratings and is a perfect utility vehicle with high ground clearance and a standard AWD.
  • The Chevrolet Equinox is smaller, lighter and more popular than before and offers three fuel-efficient, four-cylinder engines, including a turbodiesel option, but with plenty of leg and headroom, what is lacking is cargo space.
  • With its upscale interiors, the Volkswagen Tiguan stands for refined driving. It features an AWD, large and well-placed controls with solid driving dynamics, but is not suited for families who need space.
  • Finally, the Jeep Compass has an appealing styling and is attractively priced, but its poor crash-test scores and unsophisticated ride quality are its negatives.

All these five seaters are priced between $20,000 and $26,500 approximately, with the Jeep Compass and the Volkswagen Tiguan at either end of the spectrum. The Toyota RAV4 is relatively a good buy of the lot. It is better to always every deal and then make a smart choice.



Bacterial meningitis symptoms, causes, and treatment

Bacterial meningitis is a life-threatening illness that is prevalent worldwide. The mortality rate of untreated disease approaches 100 percent, and, even with optimal therapy, there is a high failure rate.

The epidemiology of the disease has changed over the last 20 years, primarily as a result of the introduction of conjugate vaccines against the common meningeal pathogens, such that in parts of the world where vaccination is routinely utilized, bacterial meningitis has become a disease of adults rather than of infants and children. Listed below are some of the common causes, symptoms, diagnosis, and treatments of bacterial meningitis.

Bacterial causes of meningitis
Several factors can become the causes of meningitis. The most common pathogens include Streptococcus pneumoniae, Group B Streptococcus, Neisseria meningitidis, Haemophilus influenzae and Listeria monocytogenes

Clinical signs and bacterial meningitis symptoms
The possible presence of the disorder is suggested by the bacterial meningitis symptoms of fever, altered mental status, headache, and nuchal rigidity. Despite fever being the primary symptom, there is no significant signs of inflammation, fever, headache, or even neck stiffness. Instead, the infant may be irritable, vomit, feed poorly, appear to be slow or inactive, and a bulging fontanelle or abnormal reflexes may be present. Bacterial meningitis symptoms appear immediately or within a few days. Symptoms are likely to develop within 3 to 7 days after exposure.

Advanced symptoms of bacterial meningitis can be severe. These include fever, altered consciousness, bacteremia, seizure, brain abscess, hydrocephalus, septic shock, liver abscess, multiple septic abscesses, diabetic ketoacidosis, cerebral infarction, infections endocarditis.

Diagnosis includes a thorough physical examination, looking for signs and symptoms, analysis of spinal fluid, blood and urine as well as mucous testing from nose and throat.

The widely accepted empiric antibiotic treatment for bacterial meningitis includes cephalosporin like cefotaxime sodium. If listerial meningitis cannot be ruled, ceftriaxone sodium with ampicillin is used. In patients with an apparent meningococcal disease, penicillin is the drug of choice. Current guidelines recommend supportive therapy to treat associated clinical manifestations. Corticosteroids reduce neurologic deficits in children with H influenzae meningitis, whereas their beneficial effect in adults remains to be proved. The Intracranial pressure when there is intracranial hypertension can be reduced by the use of glycerol or mannitol. The need for full fluid replacement and maintenance is rightfully emphasized.



10 tips to select an assisted living facility

When looking for an assisted living facility for a family member, you want nothing but the best care for them. However, finding the right assisted living home can be difficult. However, with some research and planning, you can make the search process easier.

Here are a few essential tips to consider while looking for an assisted living home.

  • Make a list of homes that you like based on the information available through their websites. Always consider any referrals by your friends or neighbors.
  • Plan a visit to each facility in order of your preference. Pay attention to details such as the level of cleanliness, friendliness of the staff and check whether the residents look happy.
  • Find out if the facility offers private rooms and whether shared accommodations are the only choice. Check the bathrooms for safety features such as grab bars and see whether the rooms have nice furniture, natural lighting, and other comforts.
  • Visit the activity center. If possible try to attend an event to see how they are conducted. Are the residents enjoying the activities? How are the instructors behaving?
  • Check the dining area and the meal plans. If possible, try to eat at least one meal in the facility. Pay attention to the interactions between residents.
  • Inquire about a facility’s care facilities. Not all homes have nurses available at all times. So, this can be an important point to consider when selecting an assisted home for a loved one.
  • Gauge the level of personal care facilities by carefully observing the residents. Do they appear to be well-groomed and clean?
  • Talk to the residents to assess their satisfaction level of the facility. Don’t hesitate to ask the staff any questions you might have in mind. No query is unimportant when it comes to the well-being of your loved one.
  • Inquire about all costs and see if they are related to the amenities provided by the facility.
  • If something feels off about a place, trust this feeling. Move on to the next home on your list.

While selecting an assisted living facility, it is important to take your time for proper visits and to always go with your instincts.