A list of special editions of the Chrysler 300

Chrysler announced a new 300S Alloy Edition in early 2016, with features like dark bronze 20″ wheels (19″ on AWD) and 300S badge along with titanium exhaust tips and wing badge, headlight and taillight accents and gloss-black windows. This was the latest special edition offered by Chrysler.

A list of the special editions of the Chrysler 300 is as follows.

Motown Edition Models
During the Spring season of the year 2013, 300 Motown Edition model sales were started as a tribute to the Motown genre of music. This edition had additional features on the Chrysler 300C that included A Beats by Dreten-speaker sound system, unique chrome wheels, 100 Motown tunes preloaded on a USB drive and “Motown Edition” badges on the front fenders.

The creator of the Motown genre Berry Gordy, Jr., also appeared in a 2012 TV ad for the Chrysler 300 Motown Edition and promoted his musical. His tagline stated “This is Motown. And this is what we do.”

300S Glacier Edition
Made available in the fall of the year 2012 as a 2013 vehicle model, the 300S Glacier Edition, had signature details unlike any available on other Chrysler 300 models.

Mopar ‘12
The Mopar ’12 was released as a 2012-model that had been designed as a Special Edition Chrysler 300 by Mopar Performance to mark Mopar’s 75th anniversary. It featured a 3:91 gear ratio, unique badging, and sport tuned suspension. It is interesting to note that only 500 Mopar Edition 300’s were made.

John Varvatos Edition
Made available in 2013 and 2014 under the luxury and limited trim, the John Varvatos Editions featured uniquely fascinating exterior and interior colors as well as materials.

The advertising campaigns of Chrysler are worth a mention too, along with the special editions. Three TV commercials were produced as part of the 2011 Chrysler 300 advertising campaign.

The “Homecoming” campaign had Detroit Lions lineman Ndamukong Suh driving through his wet hometown of Oregon, looking back and retracing his humble beginnings in his new 2011 Chrysler 300.



Intriguing midsize luxury sedan models

If you are planning to buy midsize luxury sedans, you will be enticed by their stunning features. You’ll get excited exploring the versatile features and elegant body styling of the incredible sedans.

Here are some of the best and new midsize luxury sedans of 2017 that are dominant in the market and will continue to lure hearts in times to come:

Audi A6: The Audi A6 is the finest luxury car with sophisticated features and functionalities. The 2.0-liter base 252hp engine can be upgraded to a turbo charged 3.0-liter V6 engine. The sedan delivers 34 mpg along the roads. Spacious interior with high-tech features deliver great fuel and power efficiency. Adjustable cruise control and robust automatic braking system are other fine-tuned features of Audi A6.

Hyundai Genesis G80: The gorgeous look with spacious interior and 3.8 litre V6 311 hp engine make the Genesis G80 a superior model. Other prime features include a 7.1 sound system, 9.2 inch HD navigation display, blind spot detection, cruise control radar, leather seats and automatic braking system giving the driver strong control over Genesis G80. The new luxury midsize sedan offers maximum protection for the passengers during journeys.

Cadillac CTS: The ultimate features of Cadillac CTS have fascinated everyone. The 268 hp engine gives excellent performance which can be upgraded to 335 V6 hp engine. Upgrades are also available for 420hpV6 twin turbo engine. Wireless phone charging, rear camera mirror and 11 speaker Bose system are some outstanding features of Cadillac CTS. The extraordinary sedan gives 30 mpg along highways. The magnetic ride control keeps a control on the suspension depending on weather and road conditions.

Mercedes Benz E Class: The Mercedes Benz E Class is one of the best midsize luxury sedans in terms of comfort. The smooth and powerful 2.0L 241 hp engine delivers good performance. You will love the sensual design and experience extreme comfort when travelling. Blind spot monitoring, robust steering control, adaptive cruise control, automatic driving control features and rain sensing windshield wipers are some intriguing features of Mercedes Benz E Class. All the notable features of E Class midsize luxury sedan stand unparalleled.



Enjoy a comfortable journey on a stylish midsize luxury sedan

Luxury vehicles are popular because of their stellar performance, gorgeous styling, excellent quality and comfortable driving. The luxury sedans are extremely versatile and offer deluxe benefits at reasonable price ranges.

Here are some of the best and new luxury midsize sedans of 2017 that are ruling the hearts of people out there:

2017 Genesis G80: The 2017 Genesis G80 is an incredible stand-alone luxury car. The striking design with spacious interiors with sufficient legroom and powerful engine make the car an astonishing model. The intricate refinements by Hyundai have made Genesis G80 a top pick for those who are seeking a luxurious car at low price points.

Audi A7: The Audi 2017 has excelled in the luxury-car arena. A stunning look with a super powered engine, comfortable seating, and wide range of interiors and advanced technological features make Audi A7 a preferred choice of many. Audi A7 is famous for its impressive styling and body structure and has dominated as the most anticipated model of the year.

2017 Mercedes Benz GLC 300: Mercedes Benz GLC with its new curvy attractive design is one of the best luxury midsize sedans of 2017. The sedan is extremely superiors in terms of styling, material, fastback roofline, power, and efficiency. The AMG model is another top-pick with a turbocharged V6 engine and sports suspension.

2017 Mercedes Benz CLS 550: Beautifully styled interior, superior features, muscular rear haunches and sloping roofline make the 2017 Mercedes Benz CLS 550 an exciting model. Nominated as the Luxury Car for the year, CLS 550 has enthralled the folks with its amazing features.

2017 BMW 740: The 2017 BMW 740 has a perfect combination of unique styling, excellent features, and driving comfort. Greatest technologies are embedded to give the sedan ferocious performance. BMW 740 has impressed everyone with its stunning features making it a pretty good deal.

2017 Mercedes Benz GLE 350: If you are searching for a new luxury midsize sedan, the Mercedes Benz GLE 350 is a great pick. A strong V6 engine with great styling and technological features deliver outstanding performance. Features such as fire breathing and sufficient spaces are some other splendid features of the car.



Getting Good Deals On Trucks

For many companies especially construction ones, it is important to have the right truck because it helps in carrying the load. The productivity of the firm is increased to a great extent. Large enterprises can surely afford new ones, but small companies need good truck deals. Yes, good bargains are necessary because small companies can’t afford to shell out a lot of money; at the same time, trucks are needed for maintaining a competitive edge.

Many of them purchase used trucks, don’t misunderstand the reason behind it. It’s not because companies can’t afford to purchase them, it’s because used trucks can indeed be a perfect way to get quality vehicles and offer complete value for money.

There are many dealers out there, and they offer used trucks to make things easy. The manufacturing can be taken care of, and there’s no need of worrying about the extended budget also.

Fortunately, it is easy to find truck deals on the internet. Search, search and search! You will find a lot of offers depending on your needs. Moreover, you can find deals in the nearby area also, as it will make things easier. Whether you need trucks as a necessity or want offers to save some money, the right purchase can help in saving a lot of money. You can invest the same amount in other businesses also.

When the dealer is good, you can get what you want, and there’s no need of spending more. He will offer things in line with your requirements and with these good truck sales, the company will keep moving forward. Various steps are involved in the same. Ensure that there is no need of excess loans for making the purchase. Use your purchasing sense carefully so that you don’t end up spending more money. Think as if you are buying your vehicle and act accordingly.

Online medium is the best place that will help you buy the right trucks. Trust it and move in a planned and systematic manner. Once you do it carefully, things will be in your favor.



Factors To Consider While Buying Trucks

Are you having plans of buying new trucks? If yes, then you must take into account many factors. All the aspects should be carefully analyzed, after which excellent deals will be guaranteed. You are sure to get trucks as per your requirements. Different kinds of trucks for sale are found. Show a lot of care when it comes to making a choice. Given below are various factors that must be taken into consideration while checking truck deals.

Most of them come in the compact or full-size category. Always consider a compact one because it is straightforward.

Cabin designs of the truck: All the manufacturers have snazzy names for trucks. Some of them are extended cabs, crew cab, and regular cab. When we talk of regular cab, there’s a capacity of 2-3 adults and two doors. Extended ones are compact, and a good storage space is provided. Full versions are capable of seating around three more passengers. In this, cargo can be carried very easily. Some trucks have front-hinged and small doors. In crew cabs, there are four full-size doors and comfortable seats also.

Truck Engine: A different variety is offered for different buyers. Usually, when we talk of full-size ones, the engine is 6. Mostly, trucks utilize v10 or v8 engines as they offer total fuel economy. When we speak of heavy duty trucks, there are diesel engines. Better mileage and good towing power are guaranteed.

Safety: Many times, safety equipment are found in the trucks such as front airbags and seatbelts. Side curtain airbags and stability control are common features these days. They are found in full-size models. There are some compact models that don’t show an excellent performance in crash tests. People must be cautious of jump seats. They must offer complete protection whenever there’s crash.

Once all the above factors are considered, buying trucks will be an easy affair. Don’t you believe in this? Follow these tips, and you will surely notice the difference.



The pros and cons that come with a minivan

Minivans are one of the best recreational vehicles and are gaining popularity with each passing day. It’s catchy eye shape and the capability to serve many purposes make it an ideal car for many. It is considered as family-friendly due to its spaciousness and more storage capacity. True to its name; it is smaller than a van but bigger than a car in size. It is ideal for both small and large families and its seats could also be removed to create more space in the vehicle.

You must keep some points in mind before buying it as it serves different purposes for different people. Some of its features like flexibility and large storing capacity make it all the more appealing to prospective buyers. But you consider whether its features fulfill your needs and requirements or not.

Benefits of minivans

The main advantage of a minivan is that it can easily hold 7-9 individuals into it. This makes it an ideal choice for large families. It is astonishing to see that such a big vehicle can provide utmost comfort and can ride smoothly even on uneven roads. The best minivans employ the features of a comfortable car and have been designed keeping you in mind. Comprising of a four-wheel disc and an ABS (Anti-lock Brake System), it keeps in mind the safety of small kids and families. Other features like Electronic Stability Control enables one to take control of the car even in severe weather conditions. Some minivans even offer separate space for keeping luggage, making it perfect for long journeys and family vacations. It’s vast and massive body doesn’t make it difficult to drive on the road. It is one of the safest and lightest vehicles available in the market. The heavier the vehicle, the easier it is to ride it on open roads.

Disadvantages of minivans

Minivans have some disadvantages too. Its gas mileage is comparatively weak than SUV’s and other look-alike vehicles. Also, a minivan’s price may be a tad bit high, however, this depends on the kind of van one chooses. They are not fuel-efficient and can create problems in the middle of an oil crisis.  It is more advisable for larger families only.



Driving down the minivan memory lane

Minivans were introduced to the world on November 2nd, 1983, 30 years ago. A man named Chrysler invented the minivan and changed history by giving the world a legacy. This vehicle took a toll on the automotive industry and ruled it for 30 years to come.

During the 1970’s, no ideal vehicle had emerged in the US during the 1970’s. Vehicles like Sedans and station wagons were fuel consuming in the middle of oil crises. There was no family vehicle or a livable vehicle until then. A vehicle which resembled a car gave a good average and was spacious at the same time didn’t exist in the market at that time. Chrysler’s minivan came as a breath of fresh air and fitted the needs of a family vehicle.

It was designed keeping in mind the needs of a large family comprising of 5 or more members. It was initially designed in a box shape with a capacity to hold at least 10 people in it. It had a high roof and a sliding door, especially for the kids. The name “Minivan” came into use after its resemblance with the trucks and vans. It was perfect for holidaying and could run on American roads even in winters. The first series of minivans to hit the market was the Chrysler’s van triplets which included the Chrysler town and Country, Plymouth Voyager and Dodge Caravan.

Minivans had a huge influence on other vehicles; other cars also started aping its design to make a mark in the American market. Even the sports vehicles and the SUV’s started to look like in the course of time. Chrysler’s minivan had played a very important role in creating the future of the vehicle in the American history.

If you take a look at what most families drive on American streets today, you will see a box shaped, spacious and comfortable vehicle with high roofs for the adults and low grounds to easily hop in for the kids. This has been the most popular vehicle of the century and is available at an affordable price.



Perks of motorhomes

Motorhome can be considered as a pure bliss for those who love to travel. It eases long distance travel by providing both transportation and accommodation. It also provides basic amenities like kitchen, washroom, water supply for washing and cooking. Apart from sight-seeing, motorhome can be used in various ways such as spending quality time with near and dear ones, traveling long distances, exploring new destinations, interacting with people of various communities etc. It also comes with an inbuilt wardrobe so one doesn’t need to worry about his or her belongings.

Travelling can be hectic as well as expensive. The biggest problem while traveling is of accommodation. Owning or hiring a motorhome can be considered as an investment as it cuts down expenses on food and accommodation. In a motorhome, one is free to go anywhere at any point of time. Freedom is what appeals to the Americans. With it, they are free to travel and explore the world on your own. Hiring RV motorhomes could be a cheaper option as it cost effective and pocket-friendly.

RV Motorhomes are not just for traveling and leisure activities. In the case of natural disasters, they serve as temporary housing for many. They can also provide relief from leakage in harsh weather conditions. They can even serve as a place for a small family get together, dressing room, changing rooms etc. Due to its vast area, it never fails to offer an extra room for guests and family members on their visit. Its huge storing capacity and basic amenities make living convenient even in winters.

The biggest disadvantage of it is to find an appropriate parking space in the desired destination. Some parking spaces have high parking fees for Class A motorhomes. In countryside or rural areas, you can find lots of free empty spaces to park your small motorhome for a night whereas in bigger cities it becomes a huge problem to find an empty space due to overcrowding. RV Motorhomes comes in all sizes and price ranges and classes including Class A, B and, C. You can choose from various options depending upon your lifestyle and budget.



The most expensive motorhomes and their features

If you are a travel freak and are on wheels mostly, then you must not think twice before owning a nice motor home. The luxury of having your own vehicle with a bathroom, a kitchen, and all the other amenities is just priceless. It gives a lifetime experience and makes traveling all the more joyful. Some of the motorhomes are even more expensive than an SUV or an average apartment at the beach. It could cost you all your life’s savings to buy one of the luxurious RV motorhomes but it would be worth every penny.

In the recent years, there has been an increase in the bus-converted luxury RV motorhomes. They initially started with converting buses into mansions on wheels. This can be the most prized possession of a person. This can only be bought if you are ready to shell out millions in order to buy it. Everyone who loves to travel on open roads will indulge in this extravaganza. The most expensive motorhome in the market is worth $3 million. According to a study, it was found that most people who bought RV motorhomes were not only celebrities but also semi-retired people. But one of the ten most expensive RV motorhomes includes Marchi Mobile Elemment Palazzo. It has features of both aviation and sports. The second most expensive vehicle worth 2.5 million dollars is Featherlite Vantare Plantium plus. Other vehicles to make it to the list are 2015 Prevost H3-45 VIP of $1,60,000, 2015 Foretravel IH-45 Luxury Motor Coach also makes it to the list worth 1,300,000 dollars. Other vehicles include 2014 Country Coach Prevost, 2015 Newmar King Aire, 2015 Monaco Dynasty 45 P, UNICAT Amerigo International, Country Coach Magna 630 and 2015 Entegra Coach Cornerstone 45DLQ. All these vehicles start from half a million. Special features like walk in closet, solar panel, dinette booth, touch screen technology, LED ceiling, walk in bathroom, steel constructed cockpit, generators, heaters, different types of floors such as wooden and porcelain and advanced technology is what makes it worth millions. These vehicles are popular in both national and international markets.



Toyota Tacoma, a great choice among pickups

Choosing a pickup truck can be quite stressful with so many choices to make like the type of engine, the version of the cab, the length of the bed and so on. But, on the top of all that you worry about the trustworthiness of it. You can’t make a wrong choice and regret it later.

First launched in 1995, as a compact pickup truck, the new updated version of the year 2005 was a mid-size truck. The Tacoma was Motor Trend Magazine’s Truck of the Year for 2005. The versions available are a 2-door regular cab, a two door extended cab, and a four door crew cab. Even though the dissatisfaction of a smaller bed in crew cab always remained, but the similar problems can be associated with the rival trucks as well. So, the crew cab version has always been a popular one with people using it for personal uses as a personal vehicle, if not commercial or one for agricultural purposes.

It was in the year 2004 that Toyota Tacoma developed its second-generation trucks. The configurations of this truck included three cab configurations, four transmissions, two engines, and two bed length. The new X runner trim was introduced by Toyota with additional features and more efficient functionalities which boosted up the sales than the previous S-runner trim.

The consistency in performance and regular modifications for the betterment have risen the Toyota Tacoma sales from 147,295 in 2000 to 191,631in 2016. Further, the Toyota Tacoma sale 2017 is all set to rise beyond projections.

The easy handling and reliability makes Toyota Tacoma an easy choice for you when buying a pickup truck- both for commercial and personal purposes. If you haven’t bought it yet, you should consider the option, for you will only then find out what is so special about this exceptionally special truck!