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5 Types of modular homes you need to know about

An invention of the previous century, modular homes caught on with the general public very quickly for a plethora of reasons. Modular homes are constructed in sections in a separate factory or a building site. They are similar to custom-built homes with permanent dwellings at a fixed location. The main advantage of modular homes is that, the bulk of manufacturing is done off-site. This means that they are also quick to assemble as compared to traditional homes and are significantly less expensive.

Here are types of styles that you can refer to while making your own modular home-

Ranch Style Modular homes- Also known as Rancher or Rambler, these types of modular homes are native to our country. Ranch style modular homes are known for their minimal exterior decoration. They are one story tall and can be in ‘L’ shape or asymmetrically rectangular. Ranch homes are usually found in warmer areas.

Two-Story- As the name suggests, these types of modular homes contain a house with two above-ground stories. The layout typically consists of communal rooms like kitchen, living room, and the dining room on the ground floor. Whereas, the bedrooms and other private rooms are accommodated on the first floor. These types of design are perfect for growing family on a smaller piece of land.

Cape Cod- Ideal for colder climate, cope cod type modular homes are more popular in the northeast region of the country. They are an affordable option when compared with their two-story counterparts. Cape Cod-styled modular homes are covered with shingles (roofs), shuttered windows and dormers. Dormers are horizontal windows sticking out of an otherwise sloped roof.

Chalet– These types of modular homes are inspired by Swiss Alpine houses, best suited for snowier and colder climate. Chalet type modular homes have high pointed roofs tilted at extreme angles, preventing the accumulation of snow. Chalets have extremely large windows which brighten the house with natural light, thereby providing amazing views.

Mansion- With time, modular homes are becoming more and more style oriented while not departing too much from their original aim of affordability. This style of modular homes is more advanced, distinct, and intricate. Mansions are more about the size difference than a style distinction. As a result, they are one of the most expensive types of modular homes.



4 effective tips for safe online dating

About 27 percent of adults in the country use dating websites signifying the slowly disappearing taboo associated with online dating. However, this doesn’t mean that you can afford to let your guard down when you register yourself on them. Unfortunately, there are several instances when the dates have been extremely bad experiences because insufficient caution was exercised.

Though most of the dating sites are safe, you still need to take precautions on your part. This will ensure that you have a safe and enjoyable date. Here are some of the effective tips that will make your online dating experience secure.

Use a trustworthy dating site
There’s no dearth of dating sites on the Internet and not all of these are credible. Most online dating websites and apps ask for the individual’s location details, and if the website is fraudulent, there are high chances that you’ll be compromising your safety by divulging your personal details. So, ensure that the online dating site you are about to use is reputed, has a large database of users leaving testimonials, has a physically verifiable address, and is very popular such as OkCupid or Tinder.

Keep your personal information private
The age of the Internet has made all kinds of information easily accessible. Any potential suitor can run your name through a detailed internet search and can find your office location via LinkedIn or your address tagged in an Instagram post. They can even find your phone number linked to a Craigslist ad. Thus, you have to tread carefully to maintain your online security. It is imperative that you shouldn’t leave any identifying details on the profile such as your address or personal email id. Ensure that you set your security settings to the maximum level on all your social media accounts.

Don’t hesitate to report someone
Dating sites allow its users to report any shady activity or misbehavior of the site users. Authentic dating sites do not encourage any activity that is illegal or aggressive. So, if you experience any hostile behavior from a potential suitor, do not hesitate to report that individual. If anyone harasses or tries to extort you, you must contact the dating site’s customer service right away.

Be alert during face-to-face meetings
If you like someone you met on the online site and wish to meet them in person, make sure that you choose the location wisely. Do not meet near your office or home where the person can find you again easily. Also, do not select a secluded location to meet them. If you are not the one choosing, put your foot down if the location is undesirable for you and and end the date immediately if it is unpleasant.




3 things to know before dating a friend

Friendship and dating are both beautiful experiences by themselves but sometimes, the line between them may begin to blur. Friends tend to spend a lot of time together everyday, care for each other immensely and share even their darkest secrets. All these factors certainly build a strong foundation for something more. Dating a friend may be commonly viewed as a step that is sure to ruin a special bond, but it can also prove to be the best relationship. If you think that your friend is everything you are looking for in a lover and the chemistry could be perfect, here are some things to know before you take the plunge.

Address the expectations – The expectations from a friend and a romantic partner are poles apart. It would serve well to have a straight-up conversation about what you seek through this relationship, whether it is emotional or in a more general aspect. It is extremely natural for expectations to change when the type of relationship changes but be mindful of keeping it real. Remember, every game calls for a change in the rules and it always takes time to adapt.

Mutual friends cannot have a huge say – A new relationship can be exciting and who does not love to turn to good friends and let them know the details. However, it is better to keep your mutual friends out of it and confide in friends who do not personally know your partner. Mutual friends can be biased and despite well-meaning intentions, can possibly derail the relationship. Dating is between two people and should not really be a topic of conversation when out and about.

Take it easy – Dating does not mean you have to rush through stages and have it perfect immediately. Initially, there may be a lot of awkwardness and things can seem extremely uncomfortable. It is important to establish a strong emotional connection, and this can take a while. The key is to treat this path with caution while gently easing the way through.

Dating a friend can eliminate the stage where you initially get to know your partner, but that does not mean that it is going to be rainbows all the way. A person will be different as a friend and a partner. Keep in mind that while you may lose on the honeymoon phase this could be one of the best relationships in store for you. No person is perfect, and every relationship needs effort. There is no shortcut to making this work.



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Top modular home manufacturers in the country

A fast paced life needs to be a life of convenience. First introduced around early 1945s, modular homes are becoming an increasingly popular option across the country because of their method of construction, style, and the price at which they are offered. In a nutshell, a modular home is a house whose parts are manufactured in a factory and then transported to the site and assembled there. The previous decade witnessed an exponential growth in the sales of these “prefab” homes, which gave rise to many modular home manufacturers.

Here are some of the modular home manufacturers across the country:

Ma Modular- These prefabricated home builders are based in Austin, Texas and construct high-end modular home systems. They build homes in Texas, Louisiana, and the Western US along with the east coast. They currently offer one-bedroom, one-bathroom “Grand Ma” model with 550-square feet that can be perfect for a single person. It can also serve as a backyard guest house or an artist’s studio. Apart from this, they manufacture modular homes with a larger area (of up to 2300 square feet), accommodating multiple bedrooms and bathrooms.

Method Homes- Headquartered in Seattle, Washington; Method Homes are known to manufacture precision-engineered and commercial modular homes. They build homes ranging from 1200 square feet to 2300 square feet. They have their own set of design and styles and also offer their customers the option of customizing their own modular home. Method Homes manufacture modular homes in all of Western USA and Canada too.

Sander Architects- Taking modular homes a step further, these manufacturers are known for creating hybrid houses which are considered as a major leap in the customized prefab homes. They manufacture modular homes ranging from 2000 square feet to 8000 square feet and have delivered suburban, rural, and urban settings across the country. The firm builds the metal frame and roof for the modular home in a factory and assembles the rest of the parts on site.

Resolution: 4 Architecture- Founded in 1990, it is a 10-person firm and were one of the first to introduce “mass customization” to the single-family concept. They manufacture 2000- square-foot home with a living space, 3 bedrooms and bathrooms. Around 80 percent of the modular home is built in a factory and the rest is assembled installed on site.



4 reasons that make ancestry records essential

Ancestry records are a great way to acquire an in-depth understanding of the family’s lineage. They let you travel back in time and understand who your ancestors were and where did they come from. While conversations at family gatherings and the revival of old photographs can generate several clues of ancestry, having a proper record is important for more reason than one. Establishing ancestry records not only allows you the opportunity to know your lineage in an intimate way but can also promote betterment in other aspects.

Here are some noteworthy reasons that make ancestry records essential:

Secure connections: Getting clear ancestry records will help you understand who exactly your ancestors were and bring forth meaningful connections. It gives you a glimpse into what they did and where they lived during their lifetime. They put to rest any queries you may have about what your family history looks like. Importantly, this process also enables for reconnection with family members remembered fondly. Researching is a part of getting to ancestry records and can put you in touch with members you would love to establish connections with.

Great for the next generation: Children not only love to wrap their minds around stories about their ancestors but would also love insights into the tiniest details. Ancestry records provide them with a sense of grounding and a touch with their roots. Moreover, the future generation can possibly need ancestry records for certain reasons, and generating them at present could make it easier for them.

Determining land ownership: There is no denying the fact that after a few years, understanding the legal heir to land or property can be murky. Ancestry records enable you to effectively trace the ownership of the same and get to know the rightful heir to the same.

Holding on to family traditions: In some cases, ancestry records can let you deeply understand the old traditions of the family. You can discover the most meaningful traditions that were followed by your family and record the same. This will not only mean well for the family members in the present but also for the future generations.

No matter what the reason, getting in touch with your ancestry records can be a beautiful journey. It is a wonderful thing you do, not only for yourself but for your current family and ancestors too.



Here’s what you need to know about bail bonds

We often stumble across the word “bail” in news or our favorite courtroom dramas. But what does this word actually mean?

In simple terms, bail is an amount that a defendant has to deposit to be released from jail. This money is imposed to ensure that the defendant will return to the court for further proceedings. The bail amount differs across cases and is decided by the judge. The money is returned to the defendant after the case is over.

There are two types of bails, namely, cash and bonds. As the name suggests, cash bails are where one needs to pay the bail amount in cash. At times, these can be comparatively heavy on the wallet than bonds, as they have to be paid entirely in cash. On the other hand, bail bonds or surety bonds are contractual agreements where the bail amount is funded through a third-party or bondsmen as the bail amount charged is expensive, generally, for severe crimes.

How to do bail bonds work?
Like mentioned before, when the bail involves a big figure, defendants can approach a third-party or a bondsman to help them. Such businesses will charge 10% of the bail amount as a fee while they cover the remaining balance amount. The bail bondsmen draft an agreement to make sure that the defendant turns up in the court. In this contract, the bail bondsmen require the defendant to use a collateral in exchange of bail.

Every bail bond agency is different, therefore, what would deem as a collateral will vary accordingly. Typically, an asset of significant value is accepted as a surety. The following are some examples of what can be used as a collateral:

  • Bank accounts
  • Credit cards
  • Jewelry
  • Real estate
  • Stocks
  • Vehicles

Both, the court and the bail bond agency, establish some conditions for the defendant’s release. The first being that the defendant has to appear in the court for future trials and hearings. Likewise, the defendant isn’t permitted to break any laws before the final verdict. If any of these terms are violated then an arrest warrant will be issued.

The bail bond agency, on the other hand, will ask the defendant to surrender their collateral temporarily. If the defendant doesn’t show up for court proceedings, the agency will have all the rights to track them down. Moreover, if the defendant is nowhere to be found in the next six months, then they will be liable to pay the entire bail amount.



3 common types of bail bonds

It can be a difficult process for one to get themselves out of custody. The bail system acts as a savior and helps one to get their loved ones out of custody fast. There are a variety of bonds that can secure one’s release from jail. Below are the different types of bail bonds that everyone must know about to help get custody fast.

Cash bond
As the name suggests, cash bonds are cash payments that allow one to get out of jail. In most instances, only cash is accepted by the corrections department. However, in some cases, cashier’s checks or credit cards can also be used to cover cash bails. Most people don’t tend to have large sums of money readily available to give to the correction department as in some cases thousands of dollars in cash are needed to cover bail fast. In such cases, one may have to seek the advice of a bail bondsman for the help they need.

Property bond
Property bonds may not be accepted in all states. However, in states like California, they are used occasionally. Different types of properties can be used, but real estate happens to be the one that is most commonly used. These bonds tend to be quite useful, especially, when one does not have cash available in hand to secure bail. The only drawback of property bond is that it takes time to obtain the same. One can be released from jail within a couple hours with the help of cash bonds. Whereas a property bond is handled directly by the court, there is an assessment of property value that is needed along with court hearing in order to receive the confirmation of the bond agreement. Hence, the whole process takes a span of a few weeks.

Federal bail bond
If one has been jailed under a federal crime, to secure the release, a federal bail bond is needed. Both cash, as well as property, can be used to obtaining federal bonds and they don’t require a bail bondsman. Similar to the property bonds, federal bail bonds are handled by the court directly.



3 effective tips for acquiring ancestry records

Ancestry records are no less than time traveler tools to get to know about your family history. The journey toward having a deeper understanding of your ancestry, such as who they were and where they came from, begins during family conversations and while going through old documents. Arriving successfully at the ancestry records is rewarding and renders the opportunity of knowing your ancestors in the most meaningful and intimate way. It is no less than your own “journey home”.

If you wish to find your roots and get to those ancestry records, here are 5 tips to follow when getting started.

Communicate with your elders
The elders of the family are truly the ancestors’ record trunk. They have an immense bank of information and can save you a lot of time during your quest. While you may have heard family facts in the past, it would serve well to specially take some time out to interview them and note down the new details. You can also take aid of old photos or documents and ask them to identify any familiar factors. Talking with your elders will present you with the best foundational knowledge.

Organize well
Organizing your search and the results well are the key to effectively gathering all the facts. An online database can prove valuable in the search for ancestry records. These databases allow for better organization of facts and systematic compilation of the same. Moreover, they also prove to be an easier way to get information about your family tree.

Home hunt
There is no denying the fact that the valuable clues of your ancestry records quest are often present in the family home. There may be rooms or trunks within the home that might have in store some great photos, documents, and even correspondence that can get you far. You can also take help from professional genealogists as they are seasoned in performing a home hunt for family history. They also conduct research, study patterns, and collect data ensuring the most appropriate results.

The trip to acquiring ancestry records is bound to be full of surprises and unexpected turns. It can be a never-ending game and the key is to keep going. It is just going to be your very own quest for personal history.



4 things to consider while choosing a driving course

Selecting the right driving course has a major impact on the way you perceive the entire process of driving. The right driving course will be instrumental in preparing you for maneuvering your way through bad traffic conditions without being overwhelmed. If you are looking for the right driving course for yourself or a new driver in your home, there will be a plethora of options for you to choose from. No one prepares you for the overwhelming amount of information that will come your way, and making an informed decision can be a difficult feat as there are numerous programs, and each appears to be better than the previous one.

So, to ensure that you choose the right driving course, there are certain things you need to consider. They are as follows:

Is it a government-approved course?
Though there are several driving schools that offer driving courses, it is essential that you choose the one that is government-approved. It is imperative that the driving school has been issued a license from the Ministry of Transportation since the graduates from such schools can have an early driving test. Moreover, a government-approved driving course will hold more credibility than the private ones.

Check the instructor’s credentials
Before you decide on a particular driving course, you need to verify the instructor’s credentials. It is essential that the instructor is properly insured and certified. As there will be a lot of one-to-one interaction, the instructor’s credentials have to be valid.

The class size matters
While selecting a driving course, you need to inquire about the class size. It is necessary for the driving school to have the essential classroom facilities and the student to teacher ratio should be low. This ensures that the students receive the required attention and makes the classroom more conducive to learning. Moreover, students will receive their progress and evaluation reports throughout the driving course if the class isn’t cramped with students.

Ask for the in-car insurance
It is imperative that the training vehicles are fully insured with the driving school endorsement, and they should be identified as a driving school vehicle. Moreover, it is compulsory for the Driver Instructor Licence to be displayed on the training vehicle at all times during the training session.

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Top 3 plus size clothing brands online

Plus size clothing has gained a lot of significance and recognition lately. No more does a girl with curves need to settle when it comes to expressing herself through her clothes and style. There are various new brands that have come up with exclusive collections for plus size consumers.

Below are some of the popular online plus size clothing destinations you definitely would want to check out.

This brand was established in 2014 and it has been one of the leading plus size clothing brands in the digital world of fashion. They are one of the first companies that offered a personalized in-home shopping experience. The brand’s in-house stylists curate looks that are specifically tailored for their customers, and the customers can create a unique profile that is based on their individual sense of style, their budget, and their size. Later, they get these pieces to try on at home and they can send back whatever they don’t want to keep.

CoEdition is a new name to know in the plus size clothing industry and it is a contemporary multi-brand website that offers several products at an affordable price. Apart from shopping apparels from size 10-26, you can also shop for activewear, intimates, accessories, footwear, and swimwear. Also, the website is launching a forum where likeminded shoppers and influencers can share their inspiration, styling tips, etc. This website makes online shopping more fun, provides excellent customer service, and also offer solutions to everyday wardrobe problems.

After realizing that the plus size clothing needs are not being catered by the fashion industry, two plus-size fashion bloggers collaborated for the creation of Premme. The brand is known to provide fashion-forward styles to their curvy consumer. The plus-size clothing pieces here are available in “Premme sizes” 0-6, which is equivalent to 12-30 on a normal size chart. Premme aims at delivering same fashion options that are offered to the straight-size set to the plus-size consumers as well. They understand and believe that plus size consumers do not need to compromise on their choices and they have the freedom to express their personal sense of style.