5 reasons to book your next hotel through HotelGuides

If you finally decided to embark on the weekend getaway you have been planning since forever, you’ll definitely want everything to be in order. To ensure that you don’t experience hassles when you reach your destination, it is advisable to make hotel reservations beforehand. Gone are the days when getting hotel reservations was a daunting task; you would have to reach your destination, find a nice hotel, select a room, and pay at the front desk. However, these days, as everything has been transferred to the online realm, making hotel reservations has become extremely easy.

All you have to do is look for an online travel agency, browse through the different hotels, and choose the one that you find practical and within your budget. One such online travel agency that has made more than 5,000,000 reservations till date is HotelGuides™.

If you are still unsure about making reservations via a travel agency, here are some reasons why you should book your next hotel through HotelGuides™.

No fees
One of the major inhibitions that people harbor is the authenticity of the travel website. Moreover, if you pay for making the reservation, and it doesn’t come through, you will have a tough time finding a hotel when you reach your destination. Also, several travel sites charge cancellation fees when you make last-moment cancellations. However, HotelGuides ™ doesn’t charge fees on cancellation.

Lowest rates
HotelGuides™ offers the lowest rates when it comes to booking hotel rooms. However, if within 24 hours of booking via this travel site, you find a lower, comparable rate for the same hotel on a different website, they will pay you the difference plus $10.

Guaranteed refund
HotelGuides™ ranks high when it comes to customer satisfaction. In case you aren’t satisfied with the hotel you have booked through the site, they will give a refund up to the cost of one night’s stay in the particular hotel room.

Pay-at-hotel feature
Unlike other travel sites where you have to pay upfront when the reservation is confirmed, you can use your credit card directly at the hotel you’ll be staying. In fact, 95 percent of the reservations do not require the site users to make any form of payment in advance.

Prompt customer service
Another reason to book hotels through HotelGuides ™ is that they offer excellent customer service. All the email questions and telephone calls are answered promptly, and therefore, you won’t be left helpless in your hour of need.



Top 3 different types of clothing racks

The clothing racks make an important part of the utility furniture at your home. Keeping your clothes neatly organized in a closet or hanging them at an place where they are not only safe but also easily accessible is important. Clothing racks come in the form of a cupboard as well as an open rack. You can choose any type that you prefer in your home or apartment. Each type of clothing rack has its own perks and below are some clothing racks you can consider getting home based on your personal choice and style.

Racks in a closet
Closets are one of the most common types of clothing racks that most people have in their home. Closets or wardrobes are commonly made of wood and have doors that keep the clothes from getting spoiled. Closets are usually the safest option when you are looking for a clothing rack as they are spacious and you can store many other things apart from just clothes and accessories. However, they may cost more than other types of clothing racks.

Open clothes racks
You may also consider bringing an open rack of clothes to your home. Open clothing racks are often made of metal rods wherein you can hang your clothes using hangers. There are different sizes available in open clothes racks. This way you can hang your everyday clothes as well as your gowns, dresses, tuxedos, and other party clothes of different sizes. As these racks are open, it is important to put it at a place where the clothes are safe from accidental spills, stains, and dirt.

Racks with cover
If you are looking for a clothing rack that has the benefits of a closet and is easily accessible as an open clothes rack, you can opt for a clothing rack that comes with a cover. These clothes racks are made of metal rods that come with a fabric cover with zips. The fabric cover ensures the safety of the clothes and adds extra compartments to your clothing rack. There are different styles and types of fabric-covered clothing racks that you can choose from. Furthermore, they are often more affordable than a closet.


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Four common types of home elevators

You may question the need for a home elevator system, especially if there are no aged or physically handicapped persons in the house. You could just choose to save money and install a stair chair lift instead. However, due to the efficient use of materials and reduced cost of installation, home elevators are finding their place in many two-storeyed or taller buildings preferred by homeowners. It is the latest attraction that no longer caters only to the uber rich or people who are in need of such systems.

Here are the three most common types of home elevators you can get installed:

Winding drum and counterweight systems
Based on the old scientific principle of a revolving winch and a counterweight to offset the load bearing, a winding drum and counterweight chain drive is a common home elevator you can find at any friend or relative’s place. An electric motor revolves the drum to reel in or release the cable that is supporting the elevator cab. The counterweight moves in the opposite direction to pull up or lower the cab accordingly using minimal power and force. It is one of the most popular home elevator systems that consumers prefer to install as the entire unit can be housed on the top floor. Drum and counterweight home elevators are also cheap in comparison to pneumatic and hydraulic systems and are easy to install in small spaces.

Pneumatic vacuum elevators
Pneumatic home elevator systems do not rely on a cable and pulley system as the cab is powered to go up and down using atmospheric pressure. It is one of the latest innovations in elevator technology and uses high pressure and low-pressure atmospheric reaction to push or lower the elevator cab. The housing unit and elevator cab are designed to fit perfectly to create a vacuum that can be controlled by manipulating the air pressure to move the cab. A pneumatic system is energy efficient as the elevator needs power only to push the cab up and let gravity to do its work gently moving the elevator cab down.

Roped hydraulic systems
A roped hydraulic system is a combination of using a rope and pulley system that is powered by hydraulic pressure. A hydraulic pump is attached to a position and the pulley system hoists the elevator cab up or down using a pumping mechanism. The compression moves the piston thus moving the elevator cab simultaneously using pressurized hydraulic fluid. Roped hydraulic home elevators are a convenient installation especially when you don’t have space for a full pneumatic or counterweight driving system installation.



Skin care

Top 4 body wash for a dry skin type

Washing your body with soap tends to dry out your skin if you have a sensitive or dry skin type. This problem particularly worsens in the winter, leaving the body rough and even itchy sometimes. Liquid-based cleansers like a body wash are known for comparatively causing less damage. This is because the chemicals that are usually used in a body wash are designed to be gentler on your skin and make it more supple and softer. Below are the four best body wash available for dry skin-

Dove Pro Age Body Wash
Just like other Dove cleansers, the ingredients in the Dove Pro Age Body Wash are meant to be gentle on the skin. However, one notable addition is olive oil. The product is rich in vitamins and antioxidants and the olive oil-based formula leaves the skin feeling nice and fresh. Also, the pro-age formula includes the requisite of alpha hydroxy acids (AHA) to ensure that the skin is moisturized and exfoliated as well.

Moroccan Oil Body Shower Milk
In the seasons of fall and winter, your skin requires extra nurture and care. This body wash ensures that your skin is nurtured providing a spa-like indulgence. Its creamy and pearlescent lather contains argan oil, which is the brand’s signature ingredient. Apart from that, the other ingredients the body wash contains are olive oil, aloe, coconut oil, and glycerine. All these ingredients are known for boosting the hydration of your skin. Even though it has a milky texture initially, you can simply whip the formula into a delicate froth to use as a scrub along with moisturizing.

Sol de Janeiro Brazilian 4 Play Moisturizing Cream
While choosing a body wash, it is difficult to find one that moisturizes the skin but does not make it feel greasy at the same time. This body wash has the perfect blend of coconut oil which will ensure that your skin is hydrated but at the same time not sticky or greasy. Cupaçu butter and coconut oil, that make up a part of its ingredients are great for a smooth and soft skin. The formula of this body wash is extremely creamy, and you will end up with softer, smoother skin in no time.

Olay ultra-moisture rich cream oil baby wash
Even though the quantity of shea butter is small in this product, it is good enough to give it a natural butter scent. This body wash lathers easily and also washes off quite easily leaving no sticky residue. Leaving your skin moisturized and buttery soft, it easily manages to live up to its name.

One helpful tip to remember is that when choosing a body wash, prefer oil-based cleansers as they tend to naturally moisturise your skin as compared to others.



The most popular liquid matte lipsticks

Lipsticks make the most important part of your makeup as grooming is never complete without putting on a lipstick. Sometimes, just one stroke of the right lipstick can make a woman look beautiful. Today, there are different kinds of lipsticks made available to women in order to give them access to one of the best kinds of cosmetics.

The different kinds of lipsticks include matte lipsticks, moisturizing lipsticks, satin and sheer lipsticks, cream lipsticks, and liquid lipsticks.

Maybelline New York Superstay Matte Ink – The lipstick contains the inky liquid formula that you will find in every traditional matte liquid lipstick. The lipstick offers a serious punch of pigment from the first stroke and dries quickly. It has 18 different shades and comes with an oval applicator. It lasts for more than 7 hours and costs approximately $7.

Huda Beauty Liquid Matte – This lipstick has managed a perfect balance between a long-lasting and non-drying formula. It is a lightweight liquid lipstick that has a pinch of sheen; however, it dries down to a matte finish within 15 seconds of applying. There are 16 different shades available in this lipstick, and the cost is approximately $31.

Too Faced Melted Matte – This liquid lipstick is easy to apply and stays perfectly on the lips for a long number of hours. There are 18 different shades available in this lipstick. It comes with a small doe-foot applicator. You can buy this lipstick for approximately $22.

GOSH Liquid Matte Lips – This lipstick has a creamy formula that leaves great texture on your lips. However, the creamy formula prevents the lipstick from completely drying down, thereby making it prone to smudges. There are 8 shades available in this lipstick. It comes with a thin, flat applicator that helps you apply the lipstick effortlessly. You can buy this lipstick for approximately $6.

Zoeva Pure Matte Lips – The lipstick contains a formula that allows it to dry down quickly and comfortably. It is also uber-pigmented, which brings the perfect shade to your lips with just one stroke. The lipstick comes with a small doe-foot applicator that helps in even and precise application. It lasts for over 8 hours and costs approximately $13.


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5 factors to scrutinize before hiring a furnace installation and repair company

Installing a brand-new furnace or fixing an old one, both involve a significant spending. A poorly mounted heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system definitely makes a bad deal, costing you more money in the future. The worst part is that it can even endanger your safety as well as the safety of your loved ones. Therefore, before hiring a furnace installation and repair company, you should scrutinize the following factors:

For quality results, look for companies that have a solid experience to their name. Ideally, you should hire someone with a minimum of 3 to 7 years of practice with furnace repairs and installation. If any company has a lesser experience, then they should preferably charge economically for their services. Moreover, to gauge their quality of work, ask them for referrals. You can contact the clients and ask them about their thoughts pertaining to the installation, repairs, costs, and customer service.

It is imperative to verify that the furnace and installation company you pick has the required license to operate in domestic settings. This is especially critical if you are trying the agency’s service for the first time. So, don’t shy away from requesting their license and other supporting paperwork. An official license should include details like business name, address, contact numbers, and expiration date.

While comparing furnace and installation companies, ensure that their employees and procedures are covered. A worker’s insurance policy will protect you from any monetary losses if an unfortunate incident like an accident or damage to equipment were to occur. Without proper coverage, you might be at a higher risk to compensate for any losses.

Customer service
A good customer service can automatically resolve multiple problems. So, ensure that the furnace installation and repair company you plan to hire has a dedicated team to deal with all the queries. Moreover, before the installation or repair, the technicians should make it a point to explain the whole process to you so that you can understand how your budget is being utilized.

Installing or repairing the furnace doesn’t imply that the job is done. A reliable furnace installation and repairing company should also offer a great maintenance program so that your HVAC system is always functioning smoothly.



The 4 best lip gloss for the most glamorous look

Remember the 90s, when lip-gloss made it to the top essentials of every woman’s bag? Well, with time, the product was dropped due to the excessively sticky formula. However, a lip gloss is great for women who find lip balms too boring and cannot entirely commit to lipsticks. Moreover, a growing number of brands have effectively improved their formula to create tubes with a subtler shine and irresistible results. The best lip gloss brings in a touch of beautiful texture to your lips while also being fun to wear. If you are looking to sport the trend again, here are some of the popular lip gloss in the market.

Urban Decay Naked Ultra Nourishing Lip-gloss – If you’re looking to get that mild tint of pink on your soft lips, the Urban Decay Naked Ultra Nourishing Lip-gloss can be the best lip gloss pick. It renders a subtle sheen and is part of the brand’s very popular “Naked” collection. The formula includes essential ingredients such as avocado oil, rosehip seed oil, vitamin E, shea butter, and more that promote lip nourishment. Importantly, the addition of vitamin A and C retains the luster of the lips.

Fenty Beauty Gloss Bomb Universal Lip Luminizer – A revered offering from Fenty, the Universal Lip Luminizer is the gloss that adds the much-needed oomph to your lips. The product is also one of the best-selling lip gloss launches from the brand’s line. Possessing a flattering rose shade, this gloss does away with the usual sticky shine. The smooth application keeps the lips plump and luscious with just one swipe.

Maybelline Lip Studio™ Shine Shot™ Lip Topcoat – For women who love to flaunt a clear lip look, the Shot Lip Topcoat is the best lip gloss to offer just that. The slim tube leaves a translucent gloss that does not feel too heavy or sticky. With a beautiful mirror-like shine, the lip gloss can be worn alone or used as a gloss-coat on lipstick coated lips. It also transforms the texture of your lips, leaving them looking very subtle.

Marc Jacobs Beauty Enamored Hi-Shine Lip Lacquer Lipgloss – A lip-gloss and long-lasting formula may not seem to go well together; however, this one from Marc Jacobs does. The formula employs Triple Shine Complex, which encompasses several ingredients that work on a leaving a soft look. Moreover, the product comes with a very faint mint scent that brings a desirable freshness.



4 essential tips to choose the right eating disorder center near you

According to the National Eating Disorder Association, about 70 million people in the country suffer from one or the other form of eating disorders. Usually, eating disorders are trivialized and people address it as “eating too much” or “eating too less.” There are several reasons why people develop eating disorders, but what calls for immediate attention is that this condition can be life-threatening. This is why it is essential to enroll people with eating disorders to the right eating disorder treatment centers. Such centers have several programs and help patients get better by addressing the dangerous behavior patterns, tackling the accompanying psychological problems, teaching and improving nutrition.

If you are looking for the best eating disorder treatment center near you to help a loved one, here are certain effective tips that can help you make the right choice.

  • Firstly, you need to decide which type of facility you wish to enroll the patient in: outpatient treatment centers or in-patient centers. The former treatment centers take place in hospitals or treatment centers, but they allow the patient to recover at home. Moreover, patients have to keep their appointments with the doctor, psychologists, and nutritionist; the latter requires the patients to stay in the in-patient care where they can be monitored by trained professionals. The time period can range from a few days to a few months. Such treatment centers are recommended for people with severe eating disorders.
  • Once you have decided the type of eating disorder treatment center, you can start researching whether the eating disorder treatment centers near you have the required accreditation. Such centers need an accreditation from the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities or the Joint Commission.
  • The staff at the eating disorder treatment center will be the ones taking care of the patient, which is why you need to research the medical staff. Ask for a record of the experience and qualifications of the staff, and this includes the clinical staff, medical staff, psychiatrist, nutritionist, psychologist, dietician, and recreation therapist. An eating disorder treatment center is only as good as its staff.
  • When determining the right eating disorder treatment center, you need to check whether the center offers aftercare programs. Such aftercare programs are an essential part of the treatment and recovery process and aim at providing support and help to the patients after their stay at the residential care ends.

Adhering to these tips can help you find the best right eating disorder treatment centers near you. However, if you wish to seek the best treatment for your loved one, enrolling them to one of the top eating disorder treatment centers will yield the best results. Some of the best eating disorder treatment centers are Timberline Knolls Residential Treatment Center, Aloria Health, Canopy Cove, Carolina House, Center of Hope of the Sierras, and Magnolia Creek.




What is Spinal Muscle Atrophy

Spinal muscular atrophy or SMA is a genetic disease that affects the nervous system. The disease affects that part of the nervous system that controls voluntary muscle movement. The muscles don’t receive signals from these nerve cells that are located near the spinal cord and as a result the muscles begin to waste away. The inactivity of the muscles causes them to become smaller and smaller and hence the word “atrophy”.

The age of the person decides the degree to which the motor functions are affected. The sooner the onset, the higher the effect on motor functions. Infants who display symptoms will typically have very low levels of functioning. This is Type 1. SMA in toddlers(intermediate), children(juvenile) or adults – type 2, 3, 4 respectively – will see higher levels of motor function.

SMA is generally caused by a mutation in the SMN1 gene – a deficiency of a motor neuron protein called survival of motor neuron (SMN). This protein is necessary for normal motor neuron function and its deficiency is the result of genetic flaws or mutations on chromosome 5. There are other forms of SMA (non-chromosome 5) that are rare and caused by mutations in genes other than SMN.

The main symptom of SMA is the weakness of proximal muscles – the ones closer to the center of the body. These are affected much more than the distal muscles. Proximal muscles include the shoulders, hips, thighs and upper back and the weakening of these can mean curving of the spine and even difficulty in swallowing and breathing.

Since SMA is a purely muscular disease, the person suffering from it has completely normal functioning of sensory, mental and emotional states.

Spinal muscular atrophy is inherited when both copies of the SMN1 gene in an individual have mutations. Generally, the parents of one who suffers from SMA each carry one copy of the mutated gene but they do not show signs or symptoms of the disease itself. Occasionally, a person who suffers from SMA will have inherited an SMN1 gene mutation from one parent and then acquires a new mutation in the other copy of the gene. This might occur during the formation of eggs or sperm or very early in embryonic development.


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A quick look at the base flavors of Nespresso Coffee Capsules

We are a coffee-drinking nation and every form of the beverage – decaf, regular, expresso, latte, cappuccino, macchiato and ristretto is consumed everyday by millions of us. It’s the first thing we need in the morning and the last (for some) after dessert. Black, with cream, with sugar, no sugar, flavored, each of us has a preference with regard to strength. Nespresso’s taken heed of this and given us a gift in a pod with the Nespresso capsules. Available in the regular Arabica and Robusta capsules, they have some amazing seasonal flavors as well.

Nespresso capsules are hermetically sealed in a capsule that holds 5-7 gms of coffee – enough for one serving of coffee. They offer five ranges in Ristretto (25ml), Espresso (40 ml), Lungo (110 ml), Decaffeinated (40 ml and 110 ml) or Flavored (40 ml).

The variations in Nespresso coffee capsules Ristretto range are:
Ristretto Origin – Made from South and Central American Arabicas, it has toasted flavors with cocoa notes and woody undertones.
Ristretto Origin India – A blend of the finest Arabicas with a smidgen of Robusta from Southern India, this full-bodied coffee has hints of spices.
Ristretto Intenso – A strong blend of South and Central American Robustas and Arabicas, the Ristretto Intenso is a full-bodied coffee with a creamy texture and peppery notes.

The variations in Nespresso coffee capsules Espresso range are:
Espresso Origin Brazil: A pure Arabica coffee, it has a mild sweet flavor.
Espresso Leggero: A blend of South American Arabicas and Robusta, it has smooth notes of cocoa and cereal.
Espresso Forte: Exclusively made from South and Central American Arabicas, it has an intensely roasted balance of espresso and fruity notes.

The variations of Nespresso coffee capsules Lungo range are:
Lungo Leggero: Lightly roasted East African, South and Central American Arabicas, with mild notes of jasmine is what makes up this delicious brew.
Lungo Forte: A complex mix of South and Central American Arabicas, this coffee has heavy roasted notes with a slight hint of fruit.
Lungo Origin Guatemala: A mix of Arabica and washed Gourmet Robusta coffee, Lungo Origin Guatemala is smooth and well balanced with dry and malty cereal notes.

The variations of Nespresso coffee capsules in the Decaffeinated range are:
Espresso Decaffeinato: Dark roasted South American Arabicas with a touch of Robusta enhances the cocoa flavors and roasted cereal undertones of this decaffeinated espresso.
Lungo Decaffeinato: This is a slightly more complex blend of separately roasted South American and East African Arabicas. It includes toasted cereal and sweet notes with subtle and floral hints of East African Arabicas.

The variations of Nespresso coffee capsules Flavored range are:
Espresso Vanilla: This silky-flavored coffee is the result of a base of Espresso Forte, which is a complex and heavily-roasted blend of South and Central American Arabicas and a slightly caramelized aroma of vanilla. Espresso Caramel: On a base of Espresso Forte, this complex and intensely roasted blend made from South and Central American Arabicas has the sweetness of caramel.