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3 easy and simple Christmas recipes for you

Delicious and appetizing food is an inseparable part of Christmas. Whether you are having a casual family meal or a formal dinner, Christmas is incomplete without a roast, a pudding, a stuffing, and some gravy. While some choose to work with traditional family Christmas recipes handed down through generations others like to add their own twist to the meals. Whichever way you follow, here are three simple and easy Christmas recipes for you to add a sparkle to your holiday meal.

Yorkshire pudding
This classic Christmas pudding recipe requires ¾ cup all-purpose flour, ½ teaspoon salt, 3 eggs, ¾ cup milk, and ½ cup pan drippings from a roast prime rib of beef. The recipe will make six servings in about 30 minutes. Start by preheating oven to 450. Sift the salt and flour in a bowl. Beat the milk and eggs in another bowl until the mixture is light and foamy. Add the flour mixture to the eggs and milk and stir until blended. Pour the drippings in a pie pan of around 9 inches. Heat the dripping in an oven. Pour the batter over the drippings. Now, put the pan again in the oven and cook for 15 to 20 minutes until the pie is dry and puffed.

Traditional holiday lettuce salad
This salad recipe adds a light and healthy touch to an otherwise big Christmas meal. To make this salad, you will need 10 cups torn romaine, 2 medium-sized red apples (cubed), 2 medium-sized pears (cubed), 1 cup shredded Swiss cheese, ½ cup dried cranberries, 6 tablespoons lemon juice, 3 tablespoons canola oil, 3 tablespoons light corn syrup, 1½ teaspoons grated onion, 1½ teaspoons Dijon mustard, ½ teaspoon salt, and ½ chopped lightly salted cashews. Combine the romaine, apples, pears, cheese, and cranberries in a salad bowl. To make the dressing, mix together the rest of the ingredients. Pour this in the salad bowl and toss the salad. Top with cashews. This salad recipe makes 14 servings of 1 cup each.

Caramelized white chocolate spread
This simple and easy-to-make Christmas recipe will add a sweet and satisfying twist to your Christmas meal. To make this recipe, you will need a ½ pound Valrhona Ivoire white baking chocolate. You can buy this chocolate from specialty food store as well as online retailers. Chop the chocolate. The recipe also requires ½ cup warmed heavy cream and sea salt. Preheat the oven to 225. Place the chocolate in a medium stainless-steel bowl and bake for 3 hours until it is golden. Ensure to stir every 15 minutes. Slowly whisk in the warm cream into the chocolate. Add a pinch of salt. Let the mixture cool down and refrigerate it for about 10 minutes. Serve it with toasted rustic bread, strawberries, sliced pears, or sliced apples.


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iPhone XS – Phone Review

Since the Black Friday sale is around the corner, we planned on reviewing the brand new iPhone XS, which was announced in September 2018, to give you an honest opinion on whether or not it should be on your black friday sale wishlist.

iPhone, a smartphone operating on Apple’s iOS mobile operating system has been a market leader ever since its inception in 2007. Post the release of the first iPhone in 2007, Apple has released eleven generations of smartphone, each with a major upgrade in the IOS software as well as hardware changes.
Let’s take a quick look at the eleven generations of iPhone;



Release date

 iPhone  iPhone OS 1.0  June 29, 2007
 iPhone 3G  iPhone OS 2.0  July 11, 2008
 iPhone 3GS  iPhone OS 3.0  June 19, 2009
 iPhone 4  iOS 4  June 21, 2010
 iPhone 4S  iOS 5  October 14, 2011
 iPhone 5  iOS 6  September 21, 2012
 iPhone 5C  iOS 7  September 20, 2013
 iPhone 5S  iOS 7  September 20, 2013
 iPhone 6 / 6 Plus  iOS 8  September 19, 2014
 iPhone 6S / 6S Plus  iOS 9  September 25, 2015
 iPhone SE  iOS 9.3  March 31, 2016
 iPhone 7 / 7 Plus  iOS 10  September 16, 2016
 iPhone 8 / 8 Plus  iOS 11  September 22, 2017
 iPhone X  iOS 11.0.1  November 3, 2017
 iPhone XS / XS Max iOS 12  September 21, 2018
 iPhone XR  iOS 12  October 26, 2018


Here is a quick snapshot of the evolution of iPhone Screen Sizes over the years:



Release date

 iPhone 3.5 inches 2007
 iPhone 3G 3.5 inches 2008
 iPhone 3GS 3.5 inches 2009
 iPhone 4 3.5 inches 2010
 iPhone 4S 3.5 inches 2011
 iPhone 5 4 inches 2012
 iPhone 5C 4 inches  2013
 iPhone 5S 4 inches 2013
 iPhone 6 4.7 inches  2014
iPhone 6+ 5.5 inches 2014
iPhone 6S 4.7 inches 2015
iPhone 6S+ 5.5 inches 2015
 iPhone SE 4 inches 2016
 iPhone 7 4.7 inches 2016
 iPhone 7 + 5.5 inches 2016
 iPhone 8 4.7 inches 2017
 iPhone 8 + 5.5 inches 2017
 iPhone X 5.8 inches 2017
 iPhone XS 5.8 inches 2018
 iPhone XS Max 6.5 inches 2018

Did you know the Black Friday Sale Revenue is expected to grow by 15% in 2018, in comparison to the Black Friday Revenue in 2017?

Speaking of the latest addition to the iPhone family, iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max are available for purchase for prices starting from $999 and $1099 respectively, making them one of the most expensive phones in the market. (You could expected to get them at cheaper prices and big discounts during the Black Friday Sale) But the question here is, are these iPhones worth the cost?

The new iPhone XS is loaded with latest features and technology that its predecessors missed out. Let’s take a look at the detailed feature list;

1. Display: Following Apple’s legacy, the iPhone XS too, has no hardware updation in comparison to its predecessor iPhone X. Both iPhone X and iPhone XS come with a 5.8 inch screen, that is decent enough for the big screen enthusiasts, while being functional enough to carry around. Although the display specifications of both iPhone X and iPhone XS are the same

  • 9.5:9 aspect ratio True Tone OLED
  • 2436 x 1125 pixels (458 ppi)
  • 2.9% screen-to-body ratio

Apple claims that the iPhone XS delivers 60% greater dynamic range with HDR content. Hence, you can expect better image & video quality.

2. Design: Although the iPhone X and iPhone XS look exactly the same, if you pay close attention to both their specification, you will find that the iPhone XS is lighter than iPhone X by 3 grams.

  • iPhone XS – 143.6 x 70.9 x 7.7 mm and 177g
  • iPhone X – 143.6 x 70.9 x 7.7 mm and 174g

3. Speaker Volume: Similar to the design difference, a very small and not-so-noticeable difference is the speaker volume and stereo support which has been improved in iPhone XS by about 25% since iPhone X.

4. Dual Sim: A fairly old feature that other smartphones (mostly android) have been offering for a long time now – dual sim support is an additional feature in the iPhone XS, a relief to the iPhone fanbois looking to use two sims. Though Apple has been late in adapting the dual sim technology, it still withholds its position of a technology leader by introducing eSim, which is not your usual dual sim phone feature. The ‘e’ in the eSim stands for embedded, as the sim card is embedded in the phone instead of having a physical sim card slot. Though eSim support is currently limited, it is expected to grow since iPhones have them now. With eSim, you can use the service of any carrier. Other than the missing physical slot, the dual sim functionality in iPhone XS works similar to that of other mobile phones, both the sim cards work simultaneously in one device.

5. Touch Sensing: iPhone XS comes with an additional touch sensitivity of 120Hz touch sense. This will help make the iPhone XS faster, as it can now respond upto twice as faster to touch than its preceders.

6. Face ID Recognition: Apple claims that the iPhone XS is faster in face ID recognition than the previous versions of the phone.

7. RAM: The iPhone XS comes with a robust 4GB RAM, which would definitely outperform the 3GB RAM in iPhone X, making XS faster, smoother and better rendering.

8. GPU: GPU or Graphic Processing Unit in the iPhone XS is of 4 core, which is expected to perform better than the 3 core GPU in the iPhone X. This would help iPhone XS process better display and image quality, when compared to the iPhone X.

9. Camera: Apple has been boasting about the improved camera in iPhone XS. Mimicking Google Pixel’s HDR+, Apple has used the ‘Smart HDR’ that combines the best parts of multiple photos taken at different exposures into a single image. Along with this, the iPhone XS also comes with a 6-piece lens and a 1.4µm pixel size, that could perform better than the 1.22µm pixel size of the iPhone X.

10. Charging: Apple claims that the wireless charging on the iPhone XS is better, and that it can charge faster than the iPhone X.

11. Battery: Despite Apple’s claim of faster charging, iPhone XS has a battery capacity lesser than that of iPhone X. While the iPhone XS is packed with a 2,658 mAh battery, the iPhone X comes with a 2716 mAh battery. In Spite of a lower battery capacity, Apple claims that the iPhone XS has a longer battery life than that of iPhone X by almost 30 minutes. This isn’t a great relief to the users as the battery life of iPhone X is said to be poor.

12. Water Resistance: The iPhone XS is said to have a better water resistance when compared to iPhone X. While the iPhone X has a water resistance of upto 1 metre depth for 30 minutes, the iPhone XS has upto 2 metre deep of water resistance for 30 minutes.

13. Storage: The iPhone XS comes in a storage variant of 64 GB, 256 GB and 512 GB whereas the iPhone X comes in only 64 GB and 256 GB variants.

14. Price: Listed below the prices of the iPhone XS and its preceder iPhone X (Prices below are regular prices, you could get an iPhone XS or iPhone X at :

iPhone XS iPhone X
64 GB US $999 US $899
256 GB US $1149 US $1049
512 GB US $1349
Colours Gold, Silver, Space Grey Silver, Space Grey

Did you know an average person’s spend is expected to grow by $5 in 2018, as compared to the Black Friday spend in 2017, raising the Black Friday average spent of an individual from $335 to $340 in 2018.

Should You buy iPhone XS?
Should I buy iPhone XS?

If you are an iPhone loyal looking for an upgrade, iPhone X might be a better option over iPhone XS, considering the very few additional improvements at the cost of extra $100 (or you might get iPhone XS at the price of iPhone X during the Black Friday Sale). A lot of complaints regarding the iPhone XS charging issues has been received throughout the globe. The phone seems to not recognise the plugged in charger if the screen is off. One has the wake the screen every time to continue the charging. This could be disheartening when you spend a whopping $999+ for a phone and end up not being able to even charge seamlessly.

Although Apple claims that the iPhone XS charges faster than the iPhone X, the phone comes packed with a slow charger and a fast charger cost an additional $75, which is not something everyone would be willing to spend. If you have already bought an iPhone XS or willing to buy one, you could get the fast charger at amazing discounts during the black friday sale, don’t miss the chance to grab the offers.

The battery life of iPhone XS doesn’t seem to be anything better than that of iPhone X. This is a disappointment, considering its previously mentioned charging issues. You might want to keep a portable charger handy if you want to own an iPhone XS, don’t forget to get discounts on the iPhone portable charger during Black Friday.

A lot of user reviews have shed light over the iPhone XS’s fragile design. The back glass as well as the screen has said to shatter into pieces with a drop. Hence, not the best choice for the clumsy ones among us.

But if you are an android user, or someone looking for a feature-loaded mobile phone, here are some options you could consider at cheaper prices, we have compared them side-by-side for you:

 Pricing $999 / $1,149 / $1,349 $720 $750 $749
 Dimensions 143.6 x 70.9 x 7.7mm (5.65 x 2.79 x 0.30 inches) 147.7 x 68.7 x 8.5mm (5.81 x 2.7 x 0.33 inches)  153.1 x 71.9 x 7.9mm (6.03 x 2.83 x 0.31 inches) 155 x 73.9 x 7.8mm (6.1 x 2.9 x 0.31 inches)
 Weight 177g (6.24 ounces) 163g (5.75 ounces) 162g (5.71 ounces) 180g (6.35 ounces)
 Screen Size 5.8 inches (147.32mm) 5.8 inches (147.32mm) 6.1 inches (154.94mm) 6.1 inches (154.94mm)
 Screen Resolution 2,436 x 1,125 (458ppi) 2,960 x 1,440 (570ppi) 3,120 x 1,440 (564ppi) 2,240 x 1,080 (408ppi)
 Screen Type Super Retina OLED Quad HD+ Super AMOLED Quad HD+ FullVision LCD Full HD OLED
 Battery 2,659 mAh 3,000 mAh 3,000 mAh 4,000 mAh
 Internal Storage 64 / 256 / 512GB 64GB 64GB 128GB
 External Storage None microSD microSD None
 Rear Camera Dual cameras:
Wide-angle, 12MP, f/1.8, 1.4μm pixel size
Telephoto, 12MP, f/2.4
12MP, dual aperture f/1.5 and f/2.4, 1.4μm pixel size Dual cameras:
Standard, 16MP, f/1.6, 1.0μm pixel size
Wide-angle, 16MP, f/1.9, 1.0μm pixel size
Tri-lens camera:
RGB, 40MP, f/1.8
Monochrome, 20MP, f/1.6
Telephoto, 8MP, f/2.4
 Front Camera 7MP, f/2.2 8MP, f/1.7 8MP, f/1.9 24MP, f/2.0
 Video Capture 4K at 60fps 4K at 60fps 4K at 30fps 4K at 30fps
 NFC Yes Yes Yes Yes
 Bluetooth v5.0 v5.0 v5.0 v4.2
 SoC Apple A12 Bionic Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 Huawei Kirin 970
 CPU 64-bit hexa-core 2.8GHz octa-core 2.8GHz octa-core 2.36GHz octa-core
 GPU Unknown quad-core Adreno 630 Adreno 630 Mali G72 MP12
 WiFi Dual band, 802.11ac Dual band, 802.11ac Dual band, 802.11ac Dual band, 802.11ac
 Operating System iOS 12 Android 8.0 Android 8.0 Android 8.1
 Other Features IP68 certified, Lightning connector, Qi wireless charging, dual SIM IP68 certified,
USB-C, 3.5mm headphone jack, WPC/PMA wireless charging
IP68 certified, USB-C, Qi wireless charging, 32-bit Hi-Fi Quad DAC IP67 certified, USB-C


If you planning to buy a new phone anytime soon, consider buying it during the black Friday sale and grab amazing discounts.



5 reasons that make cremation a preferred choice

Cremation is growingly becoming one of the most preferred choices over a traditional burial. The statistics come to show a significant increase in cremations, which was not seen in the recent past. Interestingly, the number is expected to increase as the method becomes more known and practiced. There are several factors that are found to contribute to this trend. The specific benefits are unique to cremation, and this has not only to lead people in the country but around the world to opt for cremation.

Here are five reasons that make cremation a great choice for the final body disposition method.

Simpler ceremony
Cremation supplies and the practice, overall, does away with the need for the elaborate ceremony associated with burial. Essentials such as pallbearers and caskets are not required. Cremation involves an urn that is much smaller, which makes for easier handling.

Environmental consciousness
The traditional practice of burial requires a lot of ground space and causes contamination due to the embalmment of the body with heavy chemicals. Moreover, the casket is typically designed from wood and further causes environmental damage. Cremation too takes a toll on the environment due to its carbon emissions. However, the impact is far lesser with the technological advancements of cremation supplies and equipment.

Cremation is indubitably a more affordable choice when compared with a traditional burial. It eliminates the cost required for a casket, burial plot, embalming, etc. The family is already in the middle of a difficult time, and cremation can effectively lower the burden of funeral cost.

Acceptance of religious institutions
For the longest time, cremation was prohibited or considered a violation of beliefs among most religious institutions. However, today there is a growing acceptance of this alternative to the old burial tradition. The factor adds to making cremation an ideal form of body disposition among most communities.

Traditional burial services demand a plethora of essentials that must be met. On the other hand, cremation offers better flexibility as it can be performed immediately. Moreover, the memorial service can be held weeks, months, and even years later. This provides loved ones and friends the time travel to pay their last respects.



Clothes display ideas for retail stores

When you are running an apparel display store, the most important thing for you is the different kinds of clothing racks that you can fix in your store for displaying the collection. Well placed clothing racks can make the apparels in your store appear better and make them easily accessible to shoppers. Additionally, it makes the store look attractive from the outside and make people want to walk-in. There are many different types of clothing racks that you can have in your store. Some of them are mentioned below.

Pipe clothing racks
Some of the best clothing companies and outlets use clothing racks in the form of pipes that are attached to the walls. This makes the store look unique and attractive. To put this type of clothing rack in your store, you can use the wall-mounted displays facing outward in order to grab your customers’ attention. Pipe clothing racks also give you a lot of extra space to keep other products or simply make the store more spacious.

Wooden pallet racks
Wooden pallets can be used for many things, including displaying clothes. You can find wooden pallets for displaying clothes in many retail store outlets. They not only help you display the folded clothes, but also make the store look warm and welcoming. Most customers will be attracted to the store for its welcoming and cozy vibes because of the wooden pallet clothing racks. You can add your own touch to the wooden rack based on the unique style your store has.

Grid wall clothing racks
A grid wall can be used for several types of clothing racks you can use to display your collection. Most retailers use the grid wall stand for placing panels that hold and display the clothes. Grid wall stands are customary and are a widespread way displaying all kinds of products including clothes. Once you have a grid wall stand in your store, you can put baskets and rods where your products will be on display.

If you have a sports collection, then grid walls will make an excellent clothing display as they often work well with jerseys, running shorts, shoes, hats, and all other sports-related apparels and goods.


Real Estate

4 reasons to opt for steel buildings

Not just in commercial and industrial sectors, unconventional structural options such as steel buildings are thriving in the residential market as well. Steel buildings are versatile and can be used for a variety of purposes. Lately, if you have been contemplating about investing in a steel building but can’t exactly wrap your head around this idea, take a minute and read further to know how this option could benefit you.

When compared to the other building materials, steel aces the strength to weight ratio. In other words, despite its light weight, steel buildings are much sturdier and long-lasting. Steel happens to be approximately 50% lighter than wood. Since it is lighter than concrete, steel dramatically lowers the requirements for footing and foundation. Moreover, it is resistant to mold and mildew and is non-combustible.

Steel buildings are a great alternative if you are looking for a budget option. The metal takes less time than bricks, cement, and wood for procuring and casting, automatically implying it demands limited effort and money. When the steel building is finished, its roofs are treated with a heat-deflecting coating, which saves heating and cooling costs in the future. Furthermore, steel is immune to insects and termites, therefore, you can save a fortune on the pricey maintenance expenses every year. Steel is 100% recycle, so it is an excellent choice if you happen to lead a sustainable lifestyle.

Saves time
One of the best parts about opting for a steel building is that it can be quickly constructed as opposed to traditional structures. Some businesses even offer prefabricated structures, i.e., they are in semi-constructed state and just need to be transported to the site for the final assembling. In a nutshell, a steel building is a lifesaver for people who can’t spare much time on the logistical part of the construction.

Safe and alterable
Most steel buildings are extremely strong and they have a better chance to endure natural calamities such as earthquakes, hurricanes, and tornadoes. Additionally, you can easily incorporate any structural changes to these structures in the later years at cheap prices.

Some of the top steel building companies you can check out are Arch Buildings, Armstrong Steel Building Systems, Curvco Steel Buildings, Encore Steel Buildings LLC, General Steel, Olympia Steel Buildings, and Rhino Steel Building Systems.


Home and Garden

Five reasons why you should install a home elevator

Home elevators offer a simple and quick way of moving between two floors. Many homeowners previously relied on a stair lift installation to assist the elderly or injured up and down a flight of stairs. Home elevators are today’s alternative to stair lifts that can only transport a person as opposed to lifting cabs that can move people and objects between two floors.

These installations are no longer a luxury or simply a necessity for elderly people, but an investment too. Here are five reasons that might persuade you to consider installing an elevator at your place.

Increases the property value
It may come to you as a surprise but installing an elevator at your place actually increase the home value making it a profitable investment after all. Homebuyers today are looking for properties that feature modern amenities and being in trend, home elevators are increasing the resale value of said property. A rising concern among homeowners with respect to better mobility and accessibility has also fueled the demand for home elevator installations.

Productive use
Who said home elevators only help transport people up and down a few flights of stairs? You can move furniture, bulky objects, and anything that you plan to buy and install at your new home. Say you have purchased a brand new 72 inch LED TV and would rather move it to the upstairs bedroom by yourself. You can have it hauled up effortlessly and safely using the elevator instead of risking climbing upstairs with a heavy load. These elevators help improve your mobility to save you time and mainly the effort of moving bulky objects.

Area and space
The square footage of your home increases when you install an elevator at just the right spot to save living room space or a mini lounge space upstairs in place of where the staircase would have spiraled up to the top.

Enhanced safety
You may not realize this but even a small gap in the faulty stair board sticking out can cause you to trip and tumble down a long flight of stairs. A home elevator system reduces the chances of suffering from an accidental fall. Home elevator systems can also be customized to request secure credentials that only allow home members to access the top floor thereby improving your home security to safeguard against a break-in or intruders in the house.

Multipurpose use
Home elevators save space, can be custom designed to bear loads of varying capacity, and can also increase the style quotient of your home. As an added bonus, modern designs are energy efficient and feature unique pneumatic and hydraulic drive systems to power the elevator cab.




Here’s how you can benefit from HotelGuides’ cash rewards program

There is no dearth of travel sites on the Internet which will let you books hotels at your preferred holiday destination. These travel websites require you to make bookings in hotels according to your budget and other preferences. However, most of these popular travel sites require you to pay fees for making hotel reservations and even charge a cancellation fee if you decide to cancel your trip at the last moment.

Though these travel sites reduce the burden of making reservations by eliminating all the intermediate factors, you’ll have to make payments for booking and canceling. Moreover, not all the transactions on such websites are transparent; you might be charged additional fees or have to pay more for a hotel room that is available at a lesser cost on some other travel site. Since most sites require you to shell out money, a travel website that has credible cash rewards programs and amazing discounts is a welcoming change.

HotelGuides™ has an incredible cash rewards program, which will enable you to earn money on booking hotels! Read on to know more about the same.

Cash rewards program
HotelGuides™ has made over 5,000,000 bookings till date, and the users have received money in return for the bookings. According to the cash rewards program by HotelGuides™, when you make five hotel reservations, they’ll send you $25 in return. There is no limit to the number of times you can make the reservations. The travel site writes reward checks to the individual who makes the reservation. This means that you can book hotel rooms for yourself, your business, or any organization, and you can easily earn some extra cash this way. It is quite easy to get started with the cash rewards program. All you have to do is make a hotel reservation through and save your confirmation number, once you have five confirmation numbers, email these to along with your name and contact number. You’ll soon receive a check for $25.

Another highlight of opting for this cash rewards program is that it is in the form of an extra benefit, which means that the money you receive here will not be deducted from the traveler’s hotel chain rewards point. Also, you can send the confirmation numbers after completing the trip as these rewards do not expire. To reap the benefits of this cash rewards program, you can start anytime you wish.



4 business considerations to make when choosing cremation supplies

Today, a growing population has come to choose cremation over a traditional burial. Reason being, the plethora of benefits associated with the former. Like with every business, it is imperative for cremation providers to possess the required and updated supplies. This not only aids in offering the best cremation service but also renders a smoother experience for the grieving loved ones of the deceased.

Here are four consideration to make when choosing cremation supplies for your business.

Future needs
Cremation supplies come at a heavy cost; thus, it is essential to keep in mind the needs of the business and how it will take shape in the future. The supplies that you lease or purchase must be able to serve your business just as well in the near future. Also, begin by deciding on the best route for financing required to acquire and maintain the equipment, possible construction and the need to upgrade over time.

Consider zoning
While cremation is viewed as a more environmentally friendly process, there is a growing concern about the emissions from crematories and its equipment. The zoning ordinances are designed and enforced as laid out by the local jurisdictions. These ordinances must be checked well in advance before choosing cremation supplies and equipment.

Purchase or lease
Cremation service providers have the option to purchase or lease cremation supplies. Both the options come with their own set of advantages, depending upon the several aspects of the business. Leasing cremation supplies require no down payment and are easier to secure. However, this option may hinder cash flow. The purchase of cremation supplies, on the other hand, can be undertaken through a business loan. This gives you a better hold on the finance as cash can also be diverted for other essentials. Thus, picking between leasing or purchasing cremation supplies should be a choice that is driven financial needs and long-term business requirements.

Consult your peers
Working and evaluating the requirements of cremation supplies with other lenders brings better clarity. They understand the industry well and can aid in providing better knowledge about the essential cremation supplies and relating factors. Coordination with peers in the industry will keep you up to date with the latest types of equipment in the market.



3 popular hair dryers under $200

People who blow-dry their hair every day or even occasionally know that it is essential to pick the right kind of hair dryer. A cheap hair dryer is easy on the pocket, but most often, it leaves behind damaged hair with a lot of frizz. However, buying an affordable hair dryer need not be a stressful affair. Here are three popular hair dryers that good for your wallet as well as your hair.

  • Gamma Più Ion Ceramic S: Gamma Più is an Italian brand that specializes in hair dryers and hair straighteners. The Ion Ceramic S hair dryer is one of their most popular products. Weighing around one pound, this is one of the lightest hair dryers available in the market. Thus, it is perfect for those people who have to hold their hair dryers for a long time to style their hair. Moreover, it is easy to grip and quite convenient to use as well. Available in three color variants (black, red, and silver), the price of this hair dryer ranges from $91 to $170 approximately.
  • Elchim Classic 2001 Hair Dryer: Elchim, a Milan-based brand, provides some of the best top-of-the-line hair dryers at affordable prices. The price range is somewhere between $85 to $250 approximately. The Elchim Classic 2001 hair dryer is one of their most popular products as it costs nearly $94. Moreover, t is perfect for those people who have curly hair as it helps to maintain the natural bounce. With a power of around 2,000 watts, it dries hair pretty quickly and comes with three temperature settings. Additionally, it has a two-speed setting as well.
  • Conair 1875-Watt Ionic Ceramic Hair Dryer: One of the most affordable hair dryers in the market, the Conair 1875-Watt Ionic Ceramic hair dryer costs around $30. It has 1875 watts of power and weighs just 1.7 pounds. Its Ionic conditioning feature ensures that your hair remains hydrated and soft. Furthermore, it prevents heat damage and ensures approximately 75% less fizz. It has three temperature control settings and two-speed settings along with a conveniently placed Cool Shot button for quick and easy styling. Additionally, it comes with a diffuser as well as a concentrator.


Real Estate

Choosing the right steel building company

Over the past few years, steel buildings have become increasingly popular in commercial, industrial and residential setups. These structures are commonly used as barns, garages, hangars, warehouses, and workshops. Some clients also utilize these constructions as churches and homes. However, it is essential that one chooses the right steel building company to make the most of their investment. The following are some factors that one should examine before hiring a construction business.

Types of structures offered
The types of steel buildings offered to clients vary across companies. Some might just render storage solutions while others may also accommodate building designs for community spaces. Alternatively, there might be businesses that provide customized constructions. One should pick a company based on their technical capabilities as well as their own needs.

License and certification
While choosing a steel building company, one should verify their license and endorsements for quality. The following are some accreditations one should look for while hiring a steel building company.

  • American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC)
    A technical and trade establishment, the American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC) has crafted guidelines to assess every phase of the construction process.
  • Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design (LEED) certification
    The clients who are environmentally-conscious should specifically check if the company is certified by Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design (LEED). LEED ensures that the structure is created using energy-efficient materials.
  • Metal Building Manufacturers Association (MBMA)
    The Metal Building Manufacturers Association (MBMA) partners with the International Accreditation Services (IAS) for evaluating the quality of the steel structures.

Use of materials
There are different types of materials employed for created steel buildings. Typically, businesses use alloy-coated, heavy-gauge, and recycled content steel. The heavy-gauge steel is sturdy and comes with a weather-resistant coating. Alternatively, the alloy coated variant is a form of electrically coated steel that prolongs the shelf life, particularly ideal for coastal areas where the air is thick with corrosive salt. The recycled content steel, on the other hand, has approximately 80% recycled content and is best for people who prefer green living.

Apart from the above three primary determinants, one should ensure that the steel building business they are hiring has a dedicated customer support to resolve their queries related to cost, plans, and payments.