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Popular financial planning tools and softwares

April 30, 2020

Popular financial planning tools and softwares

Financial planning is key when it comes to making different types of investments. However, technology now plays a key role in financial planning with the increasing use of software to analyze and predict certain financial outcomes. Access to historical data to compare different types of investments, assess their viability and predict a profit margin are all tasks which have been simplified due to this premium software.

Valuation formulas for different types of securities, risk assessment, equity analysis done in real time within seconds are just some of the highlights of these financial planning tools. The five most popular softwares which have now become mainstream financial planning tools include:

Money Tree: Money Tree has designed a number of softwares and additional tools to be primarily used by bankers. The Silver program, MoneyGuidePro, eMoney Advisor are just some of the financial products associated with this software beneficial for estate planning, retirement planning, and even educational funding plans. An easy to use software which can be integrated with various third-party programs, especially to run certain scenarios to predict financial outcomes making it one of the popular financial planning tools available in the market.

MoneyGuidePro: Visually interactive, MoneyGuidePro is designed to engage whoever is using it to input different choices and mimic certain desired financial outcomes. This software can be integrated with many third-party programs, similar to that of Money Tree which makes it a comprehensive financial planning tools for end users.

eMoney Advisor: Cash flow analysis module is the premier highlight of this software, with a financial feed that provides you with real-time data for analysis. Additional features allow clients to access their financial data to take printouts. Real-time data helps financial advisors stay on top of their game and assess the best investment options available.

Advicent: While the eMoney advisor is best known for its cash flow analysis module, NaviPlan by Advicent features a detailed cash management module. The user interface of this software includes a side by side on screen comparison for investments and scenario simulations best suited for financial analysis for retirement accumulation, distribution of the assets and liabilities of clients.

Advizr: This software offers sophisticated financial planning tools for social security, stress tests for retirement planning and more. Of all the software available in the market, Advizr is the only one which has a comprehensive focus on retirement planning which makes it one of the best financial planning tools for investment advisors.

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