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Six amazing benefits of feeding canned foods to cats

Six amazing benefits of feeding canned foods to cats

Food for Feline has become a controversial topic with juxtaposing opinions supporting both Canned edibles and dry kibbles alike. Most veterinarians, however, have started recommending a diet that consists solely of best-canned food for cats instead of dry kibble. Here are some reasons that indicate why Canned food is a better choice than dry kibble that we tend to feed our cats with:

  • Carbohydrate rich is not cat fit
    Wild varieties of cat sustain by consuming 8-10 small meals composed of high protein and low carbohydrate constituents. This is because cats cannot sustain a carbohydrate-heavy diet. The metabolism in cats is adapted to utilize protein and fat for energy. The dry kibble available in the market is a direct opposition to the food wild cats eat as it is carbohydrate-rich. The carbohydrate content of the food helps it to remain in pellet form but contributes immensely to its obesity. Whereas, some of the best-canned food for cats have the adequate amount of carbohydrates need.
  • Dry food can dehydrate your cat
    The water content in the dry kibble is too low for cats. On the other hand, best-canned food for cats is suitable for all kinds of cats. However, it might take some time for your pet cat to get used to it in the beginning. For cats who have been fed on dry kibble for quite some time in their lives may shy away from seeing canned food. They may not perceive it as food in the first place. Cats can resist consuming water until they are up to 3% dehydrated. Consuming only dry kibbles provides the animal with only half the moisture as compared to a cat eating only canned food. Such chronic dehydration may lead to problems like kidney disease, bladder disease (crystals, stones, FUS, FLUTD, cystitis). You will have to introduce the Wet Canned food subtly and gradually over a period.
  • Dry food can lead to unhealthy cats
    Research findings have claimed that cats lack the metabolic pathway for processing carbohydrates. The cats can digest and utilize a few carbs. However, the excess of carbs gets turned into body fat. This can be a cause of rising rate of feline diabetes. Thus, the dry kibble can be responsible for various medical conditions in cats as opposed to a healthier diet option which is offered by some of the best-canned food for cats.
  • Adding water to dry cat food is not prudent
    Adding a serving of water and milk to cat food is not a prudent option when it comes to balancing the hydration levels of your cat food. There are bacteria on the surface of the dry food, adding moisture can result in massive bacterial growth eventually resulting in a very upset tummy for the animal unlike some of the best-canned food for cats that are wet and safe to be consumed by cats.
  • To avert obesity in pet cats
    A strong meat stench or the fat flavor attracts the cat into eating the feed. Various pet food manufacturers make efforts transform starch-based dry foods attractive for cats. They sometimes coat the kibbles with fat or with “animal digest,” a powder made of chemically or enzymatically digested animal by-products. This leaves us with cats who overeat, not because of hunger, but because of the taste of the food offered and it becomes difficult for them to stop. However, if cats consume wet canned food, there are lesser chances of obesity.
  • Cutting out chances of allergies
    Pet Food manufacturers use processes that involve the use of high heat. This high temperature used to make dry kibbles can damage the proteins in the food. The unnatural forms if these highly processed foods may trigger immune responses that can lead to food allergies and inflammatory bowel disease. This is one of the main reasons why pet parents need to opt for best-canned food for cats over dry options available.

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