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4 tips to choose the perfect name for your cat

April 30, 2020

4 tips to choose the perfect name for your cat

Although many people consider cats as solitary and aloof creatures, they make for playful companions. Cats need the same care and attachment like any other pets, even if they are not as emotionally dependent as dogs or any other pets. It is quite comforting when a furry cat snuggles on your lap, or when it rubs its head against your leg. Some people believe that the sound of a cat’s soft purr can be a stress buster and lower blood pressure. Running fingers through a cat’s soft fur can be quite therapeutic.

Once you have decided to get a cat as a pet, the next step is to think of a suitable name by perhaps making a list of names for cats. Whatever name you choose to give your cat, it should be compatible with the cat’s personality. The cat should be responsive to the name. Here are a few tips to choose names for cats:

  • A short name: Cats associate sounds with the words humans say out loud. When you give a short name to your cat, he or she will know that you are calling out to them when they hear the sound of their names. Giving a long name, such as Sir Henry-oats Fluffmister George Michael, would only confuse your cat. Your cat may refuse to respond to you, or will just respond to one of the parts of the long name. So, make a list of short names for cats to make your as well as your cat’s life easy.
  • Take help from family and friends: If you are unable to figure out any names for cats, ask your family and friends to help you out. Take suggestions from them, discuss the different names for cats, and perhaps take a vote as well. You never know someone might have an interesting name that would be suitable for your cat’s personality and that your cat might like.
  • Your favorite character: One of the best sources for names for cats is fictional characters. If you have any favorite character from a show, or movie, or a book, you can give a name to your cat based on this character. It would be quirky as well fun. Have multiple character names; pick the one your cat instantly responds to.
  • See whether your cat likes the name: When cats do not like their names, they will take their own sweet time to respond to the name or ignore. While picking names for cats, make sure your cat likes it.

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