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5 Best Premium Dog Foods For Your Puppy

5 Best Premium Dog Foods For Your Puppy

Are you a dog lover? Then you must understand that deciding on a food brand for your dog is not simple. According to research, 40% of dogs are obese and 46% die due to cancer. Dogs also suffer from kidney, heart, and liver diseases. To ensure that they stay fit, it is important to have a healthy diet plan for them. This would help them fight several diseases and illnesses. As carnivores, their richest source of energy is meat. However, some dogs feel infectious to pork or meat from some other animals. Therefore, it is necessary to have a keen observation of your pup diet and infections. Here are the five best premium dog foods available in the market.

  1. Wellness Core

Wellness core is one of the best premium dry dog food brands that aims to produce the highest quality. It is always the best option for premium food if your dog likes its taste. It is considered to the first priority owing to regular dedication and production of food, i.e., having less fat, low carbohydrate, and a high amount of best-quality premium dog food.


  • Protein content is 38%
  • Fat content is 13% with 6.7% fibre
  • Carbohydrate content of 41% with 421 kcal/cup
  1. Canidae

Canidae is famous for preparing pet food in a very simple way. Their pet food is very energy inducing owing to the high amount of protein with added vitamins and minerals. They have a pure recipe with no unnecessary carbohydrate content. If your dog feels sudden stomach cramps and gets infections, then this dog food is the perfect choice.


  • Protein content is 33%
  • Fat content is 13% with 4.4% fibre
  • Carbohydrate content is 45% with 509 kcal/cup
  1. Orijen

It is best and highest-selling dog food with premium quality and content. The carbohydrate content in it is very less and its recipe has been created primarily for dogs. Most dogs do not get any kind of infections by consuming it; moreover, Orijen is also a top choice by pet nutritionists. The only disadvantage it has is its expense. Most dog owners can’t afford it on daily basis for their pup.


  • Protein content is 42%
  • Fat is 20% with 5.7% fibre
  • Carbohydrate content is 30% with 449 kcal/cup
  1. Castor & Pollux

It is among the top organic dog food brands, i.e., they’re mainly popular for consistent premium quality over many years. The ingredients for preparing their pet food consist of fresh chicken, brown rice, flaxseed oils, and minerals. This dog food could be a good if your pup has no problem with some extra carbohydrate.


  • Protein content is 30%
  • Fat is 16% with 5.6% fibre
  • Carbohydrate content is 46% with 383 kcal/cup
  1. Iams Healthy Naturals

Iams healthy naturals dog food is slowly stepping in top brands due to its unmatchable quality, and more pet owners are choosing this to be good. The unique quality of their pet food is that they do not add any wheat, soy, or meat byproducts to their recipes.


  • Protein content is 28%
  • Fat is 18% with 4.4% fibre
  • Carbohydrate content is 46% with 485 kcal/cup

No one dog food can be considered as the best premium dog food because being the best entirely depends on taste and health of your dog. Some food can very beneficial to someone else’s dog, but can lead to infections for your pup. So, to decide the best premium food for your dog, you need to consider some important factors such as the dog condition, age, breed, and health.

Try to pick an appropriate type and keenly assess your dog health with every change in the ingredient. Ensure that brand you are using is certified by AAFCO and the company’s reputation; online reviews may also help you find the best premium food for your dog.

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