Factors to consider when buying flea and tick medicines

Dog flea and tick treatment products come in different forms including oral medications, collars, spot-on, shampoos, dips, wipes, and even foggers. There are very few free dog flea and tick medicine products available in the market. The wide range of products can make choosing from the best flea medicine for dogs a daunting task. However, to ease your shopping woes, here are a few factors you must keep in mind when choosing from the best flea and tick medicines.

Know the usage
Dog flea and tick medicine products have specific applications and usage instructions. Some are designed for attacking different types of bugs and prevent them from spreading. Other products kill advanced forms of flea and ticks; there are some that offer both. You must choose from the best flea and tick medicine after assessing the severity of the infestation.

Consult with a veterinarian
With over 100 different species of fleas and ticks, you must consult with a specialist to find out what type of medication is most suitable for your furry friend. Broad spectrum dog flea and tick medicines prove to be effective against many different types of species. The veterinarian will be able to narrow down the commonly found species in your area and recommend the specific dog flea and tick medicine. Initially, the vet may even give you free dog flea and tick medicine to check its impact on your pet.

Try different types of products
Dogs can be fussy at times as they may not be comfortable or might be having trouble processing a specific type of topical application. Try different products like a collar or a spot-on instead of flea and tick shampoos. Alternatively, oral medication can provide long-lasting relief in comparison to a topical application.

Check if it is for dogs or cats
Popular medications and topical applications can be used for both dogs and cats, but only under the proper supervision of a veterinarian. Depending on the severity of the condition, you must find free dog flea and tick medicines that cater specifically to canines. Dogs are allergic to many food and ingredients, so it is important to ensure oral medication do not have triggers that can prove fatal.

Before opting for any medication, you can try samples of free dog flea and tick medicines to find out the best products for your pet.

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