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How to train your chihuahua

How to train your chihuahua

More than the learning capacity of your dog, it’s the approach toward the dog that matters. Chihuahuas are intelligent and can learn quick but are also very stubborn. Therefore, it’s important to have the right approach toward them while training.

Be as positive as possible when you train your pup. A happy and positive face with happy words will make your chihuahua more eager to learn. Scolding and punishment can have a negative impact on your pet and it might not even learn anything.

Training and rewards go hand in hand. Every time there is a little accomplishment, reward your pet with treats for good behavior. As you proceed with the training, give them different types of rewards for different types of accomplishments and keep praising them with words like “good boy/girl” or “good dog,” etc. and pet them. This way, they will know how to behave to get praises from you.

Your training will probably have two parts: obedience training and potty training. Obedience training should last not more than 15 minutes every day. But you must train them every day till they are well trained. Many owners focus on potty training alone and let go of obedience. While most domestic animals, especially male dogs, tend to take the alpha male role in the house and often go out of hand. Obedience training is important to keep your pet under control so it never harms anybody.

When you are obedience training your little chihuahua, take him or her to a distraction free zone in the house or outside. But the place shouldn’t have any disturbances as that can distract the pup. Then you are in a quiet room or area, stand right in front of the pup and take out the treat and hold it right in front of its nose. The small will get you his attention and you can take move the treat toward its tail and say “sit.” Its body will automatically acquire the sitting position as the treat goes behind them. Continue this till they understand and associate the word “sit” with the command and treats. Once trained, reward them with treats and lots of praise and petting.

Start potty training when it is young. Look for a place where you want your pup to always to whenever it wants to poop or urinate. Use words like “No” or “bad boy/girl” every time they do their business in places that’s not assigned for that job. Never hit or spank them. Just show your disapproval. Take your pup outside when you see the traits. Again, never forget to reward and praise them whenever they do something right.

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