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5 effective strategies for listing properties online

May 25, 2018

5 effective strategies for listing properties online

When it comes to real estate, 9 out of 10 buyers look for properties online. With the Internet reducing travel time and distances to our fingertips, it makes sense to bring out property sale to a wider market. A well-planned and executed listing online could make a difference by creating an impression in the eyes and minds of potential buyers sitting across many cities in front of a computer or a mobile phone.

Here are few simple and time-tested strategies for listing properties and lands for sale online:

Photos: Many good quality photographs, taken from different angles attracts attention. A couple of decades or so back, there weren’t many options to take good photographs. Times have now changed and so have the way in which real estate is being marketed. Whether you are selling your own land or you are into the realty business, placing drone shots would certainly attract a lot of potential buyers. Take enough photographs of amenities around as well. Photographs of the neighborhood are also crucial. People make decisions to buy lands/homes also based on how safe the neighborhood is.

Detailed description: Once the pictures have attracted the attention of a potential buyer and he or she clicks on the land listed for sale, it is important to give all relevant details that are basic and vital for a buyer to make a decision. Remember most buyers are looking at multiple or sometimes hundreds of pictures online and the details provided could be the one that makes the buyer proceed one step closer to strike a deal—details like total area, buildable area, sitemaps are crucial when listing a land for sale. Most websites also allow uploading of documents. All these put together can interest the buyer and helps them assess the property and take one more step to shortlist the said land on sale.

Choosing the right website: To ensure that the property gets maximum visibility, choosing the right website to display your ad becomes crucial. Identifying sites that specialize in the type of land that is being sold is the best choice so that there are genuine buyers who are looking for exactly what is being sold.

Impress the buyer: Customizing the property listing with correct tags and keywords to be visible to the probable buyer is very crucial. With the right information and pictures, it is more likely to catch the attention of a potential buyer

Stay patient: Online websites have a huge database of properties. Once your listing reaches the website and its database, the probability that the listing will get an immediate response is not very high. Keep updating the listing with newer pictures. Moreover, make sure that the price quoted is competitive so you get a good deal on your land sale.

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