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Are prefab homes a good idea?

Are prefab homes a good idea?

Tiny houses or prefab homes are your traditionally constructed home, except as the name suggest they are tiny. Generally, the house will not be more than a couple of hundred square feet in total. This is a very interesting and minimalistic style of living, if you are not too particular about how you live or with what you can make do without compromising on the comfort.

There are a number of factors that should be taken into account before you decide to shift into a tiny house.

Ask yourself this very important question, can you really live in a tiny house?

Before making a long-term commitment to buy a tiny house or prefab home, try it out for a few months. Rent a small place and furnish it to your liking, the way you would want the house to be and just explore all aspects. Space will be a big issue, since there won’t be much of it. In fact, tiny houses are no bigger than you standard RV sizes, with similar layouts. These houses may be very cheap to rent, and for that matter purchase. But even an amount like $25000 for the base model is a big commitment, especially if you are unsure about adjusting to the layout.

Also, if you are planning to share the house with someone, maybe your spouse, girlfriend or partner, you might want to ask them to try it out as well before making the decision. Normally tiny houses are preferred by people who have already lived previously in smaller spaces and rented units, sometimes minus the privacy. Having your own tiny little house will certainly be a better option for such people with the added privacy and luxury to design and modify your own space.

Tiny houses are pretty similar to mobile homes, and are a smaller version of the mobile home. You have the option to have your house on wheels to be towed in case you are planning to relocate or can prefer a fixed foundation for the same. However, a proper foundation will require a number of permits and inspecting, as opposed to mobile homes which can be just hitched to the back of your trailer and towed with ease.

You still have to decide whether to opt for a tiny house which has already been built by someone, or start fresh. Just because the house is tiny, doesn’t necessary mean it will be very easy to construct. Tiny houses require just about every building skill essential for a traditional home. At the end of the day, you have to weigh in all your options and decide whether to buy a tiny house, a similar size RV or rent a unit for that matter.

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