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States with extreme weather

States with extreme weather

The United States of America has been known for its extreme weather. It has areas that are Coldest, Warmest, wettest and driest. Over the past decades, the country has experienced record breaking (minimum and maximum) temperatures and have measured rain gauge brimming rainfall. There are states that have witnessed catastrophic weather conditions.

States like Montana and Oklahoma have witnessed some land ripping tornadoes. Montana facing some of the harshest weathers like floods and tornadoes through the past decades have incurred huge losses.Oklahoma being in the tornado alley has witnessed level five tornadoes that proved to fatal at very magnitudes, let alone millions of dollars’ worth of loss.

Mississippi has had a deadly weather in the past few years. Winds with an average speed of 150 KMPHÂ hit Hattiesburg in the recent year which cost the state a huge fortune. In addition to this, the Mississippi river has been flooded to such extreme levels that had not been witnessed since the early 1900’s. Flooding of the river alone cost a state some three billion dollar worth of losses.

Nevada is notorious for its blistering heatwave. With temperatures soaring up to 115 degree Fahrenheits, this extreme weather condition has left the Nevadans susceptible to heatstroke, which has resulted in state’s higher fatality rate. The heat stroke which usually takes the form of wild fire has resulted in destruction of the state’s wild life, which also effects the state’s economy.

Despite being home to United States’ one percent population, Arkansas has recorded fatality rates that were mainly attributed to flash floods. Other extreme weather conditions such as tornadoes has resulted in tens of deaths and injuring hundreds of citizens. Extreme weather does not only kill and injure people it also effects the yield of the state. Mississippi river flooding in the Arkansas border resulted in severe crop damage.

Wyoming is one of those states that was never in the news because of extreme weather. But, due to climatic changes, it has experienced its share of extreme weather since the past few years. Wyoming has experienced multiple avalanches in Teton, snake river and Wyoming range.
Alabama has been in the news for extreme weathers in the recent years. A tornado outbreak which ripped through the state in a four day period resulted in 100’s of casualties.

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