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9 women’s shoes you can’t afford to ignore

9 women’s shoes you can’t afford to ignore

Styles change every day. What may seem in vogue today may lose its luster by the turn of the year. However, there are styles that have the power to nullify all trends. These shoes can be worn with all types of outfits.
Inexpensive shoes add immense valuable to a woman’s overall appearance and are important. Here are a few shoes which you must have regardless of your age, place of living or profession.
1. Black Boots
You might be partial to over-the-knee boots over ankle boots. No matter your preference, you cannot do without pair of boots. It may cost a bit high and thus, it pays to stay on the lookout for a good sale.
2. Peep-Toe Pumps
When you wear a pair of peep-toe pumps in your skin tone, it will make your legs look longer and leaner. Make sure you have a pedicure done before donning these shoes and you can rest assured knowing that it will look awesome with any dress you pair up with.
3. Sandals With Wooden Platform
For casual window shopping and brunch parties, you need something cool and sassy to wear. Wooden platform sandals works wonders in such cases. You can wear this fabulous pair of shoes for morning outings as well as evening parties. These shoes are available in cheap prices that will not burn a hole in your pocket.
4. Ballet Flats
Ballet flats are an absolute necessity to any woman’s wardrobe. It can give your everyday apparels a chic look that will become the subject of envy for all those who see you. When your feet are screaming from their long toil with high heels, ballet flats offer the recovery they so require.
5. Canvas Sneakers
Have you noticed how Sarah Jessica Parker pairs her slip with canvas sneakers? Canvas sneakers will make you look chic, sexy, and definitely gorgeous while you run errands.
6. Metallic Sandals
No matter whether you love silver or gold tones, make sure you own a pair of metallic sandals. They are exquisitely elegant and relatively cheaper than many other shoe types. You can wear them for weddings or to the club.
7. Dark-toned Pumps
Whenever you want to look sexy, black pumps with high heels will be there at your service. Grab a pair for yourself when they are available for cheap on sale. You will never regret your investment.
8. Luxe Loafers
These are inspired by men’s shoes and successfully replaced the prevalent run-around shoe. Get them in plain black or a bright shade, or both, since they come cheap.
9. Animal-print Heels
A snakeskin or a leopard print heel will add style and pizzazz to your appearance. They are often pricey but you can get them for cheap when they’re available on discount.
Even if you can’t buy them all together, you can collect them over time. They are sure to be the treasure of your wardrobe.

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