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How to properly care for your contact lenses

How to properly care for your contact lenses

It is very important to take adequate care of your contact lenses to avoid eye infections. Contact lens care guidelines depend on the type of the lens you use. For daily disposable lenses, there are no cleaning and storing instructions. But for conventional contact lenses or monthly disposable ones, you need to properly follow all maintenance protocols for the sake of your eye health.

Guidelines to clean contact lenses

Following contact lens care rules for cleaning and storing can help you minimize the risk of getting eye infections and keep your vision safe.

Always wash your hands before handling your contact lenses. Use a gentle soap that is free of perfumes. Rinse your hands thoroughly to remove all traces of oils or other cosmetics. Use a lint-free and clean cotton towel to dry your hands.

To clean your lenses, place it in your palm. Use the cleaning solution and the tip of your index finger of the other hand to remove all traces of grime. Throw away the used solution and if needed, use another batch to clean the lenses. Repeat the steps for both the lenses, every time you use and remove them.

Once the lenses are clean, you can wear them. If you are storing them, make sure the lens case is clean. Throw away the contaminated solution from previous use and clean it. Add fresh solution and then place your lenses in the container.

Guidelines to wear contact lenses

  • It is advisable to abide by contact lens care recommendations for wearing them to avoid problems in the eyes.
  • Wear your lenses each day as per the advice of your doctor or optometrist. Also, never prolong the use of extended-wear disposable lenses. Dispose them as needed (daily or monthly).
  • It is not recommended to use contact lenses while in the shower or swimming in the pool or using a hot tub. The germs and dirt in the water can harm the lenses and cause infections in the eyes. It is vital to keep lenses away from water. Also, don’t sleep wearing your lenses. This reduces the supply of oxygen to your eyes and can lead to contamination or eye problems.
  • Avoid borrowing someone else’s contact lenses to use or lend your lenses to anyone else.
  • Other safety guidelines for contact lens use
  • There are other safety instructions you can follow for proper contact lens care.
  • If you use makeup, do so after wearing your lenses. Remove the lenses before cleaning your face. Make sure no lotions or perfumes enter your eyes immediately before and after you wear your lenses. Don’t use contaminated eye makeup or cosmetic products.
  • Use a sterile solution to clean your lens case periodically. It is also a good practice to replace the lens container every few months.
  • Use sunglasses to protect your eyes from UV rays. This is recommended even if you use contact lenses that block UV rays as they don’t cover the entire eye surface.

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