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Must-have Anuschka handbags this summer

Must-have Anuschka handbags this summer

Summer is here and we want nothing to do with carrying heavy stuff on our shoulders! Those heavy and thick strapped handbags can be literal sore spots on the arms, especially in the sun. Forget the sunscreen; you need a fashionable purse that doesn’t drag you down with the boring lot. A perfect trend that comes with summer is anything that is colorful, lightweight, and handy.
That includes handbags too! Why carry your usual bulky handbag when you can carry a tote instead? Break away from monochromatic shades to make way for the vibrant and colorful!
If breaking the norm is your thing, then head to the Anuschka handbags website. It features a wide selection of bags that are hand painted by artisans. They offer everything from wallets to backpacks! Read on to check out the art trend for bags this summer.

The Clutch Bag
The quintessential clutch bag is hassle free and is one of the trendiest accessories that you can sport this summer. Anuschka handbags feature beautiful convertible clutches, which double as shoulder bags too! The vibrant prints depict spring hues that will immediately draw you to them.
You can choose anything from a travel organizer clutch to a zip closure one. These clutches are nifty and spacious too. Buy one for a trendy, light, and fashionable accessory that will revitalize your summer.

The Versatile Tote Bag
The ever practical and versatile tote bag is ideal for a range of activities this summer. These large bags can carry everything you need for a summer barbecue or a visit to the beach. You can also use it for a casual look at work. Work appropriate tote bags in pastel colors are bound to make an impression. At Anuschka, you will find gorgeous totes that are easy to carry around. The tote bags come in a range of prints. They are convertible and you can carry them on your shoulder or across your body.

The Cross-body Shoulder Bag
Call it a satchel or a sling, a cross-body bag takes away the weight from your back and shoulder. Though a casual accessory, an Anuschka cross-body handbag comes in marvelous spring prints. Butterflies, tigers, and floral prints adorn these multi-functional bags. You can dress them up or down depending on where you are heading. You can have your hands free with these bags.

The Travel Bag
Travel in style this summer. Anuschka travel bags are light and colorful and make the perfect companion for your travels. It comes with a mini organizer in the front to store important documents like your passport and tickets. Made from hundred percent pure leather, these bags are sure to make a statement wherever you travel to.
Anuschka handbags are all hand painted making them one of a kind. Buy these handbags to make your summer both functional and colorful!

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