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Things to be considered while buying area rugs

Things to be considered while buying area rugs

A thing to be considered while getting an area rug for your home is the shape of the area rug. As it might be obvious that you will be using a rectangular area rug for your living room, don’t hesitate to experiment with shapes of area rugs. A circular shaped area rug at entryways might add a different effect than plain old four sided ones. If you have a round dining table getting a oval shaped area rug under the dining table might look aesthetically good. In such cases, make sure that you buy a rug that has a larger area than your dining table covers.

Color plays an equally important role in your selection of area rug for your home. Coordinating color with the existing color pallet of your home is a good idea. Follow the 60-30-10 rule. 60 percent of the room color is dominated by the color of the walls, 30 percent of it is dominated by the large furniture pieces in the room. 10 percent, that’s where the area rugs come into picture. Select an area rug that matches with the color pallet of the largest furniture in your room.

The overlying area rugs which will be smaller and can be matched with the rest of 10 percent which include small lamps and other small furniture sets. Selecting a proper pattern also makes a huge difference in terms of appearance of the area rug and how well it complements the room. Consider getting patterned area rugs if your home has got patterned walls or furniture.

Use durable and thinner area rugs in areas which are more frequented. Thinner area rugs are easier to wash and help covering tracks. Use thick area rugs near your bed and in sitting areas which are less frequented.

Rug pads are placed below the area rugs that prevent them from slipping. They also help in absorbing impact of feet and reduce noise and makes it easier to vacuum the rug.

The price of the rug is based on the material of which the rug is made of and the size of the rug. You can get a rug with a reasonable quality in under $100 and the prices can go up to $20000 based on their exclusivity.

You can buy area rugs online or from a local store near you. Comparing prices and pattern of area rugs online from different websites can seem to be a convenient affair but make sure whatever you buy online is authentic and not a knock off.

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