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Things to do for your home this summer with Home Depot

Things to do for your home this summer with Home Depot

Summer is almost upon us, and spring has already lent us a happy vibe. Many of us are contemplating welcoming the new season with the help of wardrobe and home updates. Many home improvement stores all around the country are busy pitching various products that are perfect for some summer DIY projects around the home. So here are the things you can do to improve your home this summer with Home Depot!

Make it airy: To begin with, you can make your home an airy space with the help of some shifts in the furniture and a few tweaks as far as the tapestry goes. Shop for various kinds of sheer fabric and lighter burlap style upholstery so that you can give the home an airy feel. Throw the sheer fabric across the windows to some shade even as you let the natural light filter in. Let the burlap or linen fabric slide across your couches

Invest in the backyard: The outdoors are the ideal place to be during the spring and summer months. So make the most of this time with plenty of DIY projects around the backyard and patio. You can layer your beds with mulch and plant some blooms that will be ready for summer. Also, you can install some outdoor furniture with a large umbrella. Further, you can add interesting nooks by building a fountain and a fireplace so that you can have some great outdoor parties. Barbecue grills and other such pieces can be bought from home improvement stores like Home Depot so that you can arrange get-togethers at home without having to step out for a sumptuous meal! You can also build a gazebo in the backyard for some shade during your outdoor hours.

Get Easterready: Bring home trendy baskets and do them up with cute cut-outs. Include the entire family and place them at varied points all over the home. Also, you can put some pretty and colorful stakes in the garden as well and hang some bright lighting in the garden. Make the home Easter-ready during spring and summer!

Bring in right colors: One sure shot way of announcing the arrival of spring and summer is by bringing in plenty of bright colors to your home. You can layer your space with lots of pastels and bright shades. Use bright hues for throw pillows and keep pretty brick-a-brac nearby in the closest pastel shades. This will give the entire space a layered look even as the theme will look more wholesome. Bring in some trendy block prints on neutral-hued curtains and pillows or even table mats so that you have plenty of subtle colors doing the rounds as well. Remember to keep the walls, couches, and rugs neutral-hued so that the look is as well balanced as it is eye-catching.

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