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Scentsy Warmers

Scentsy warmers: Decor-worthy pieces with a quirky twist

Scentsy warmers: Decor-worthy pieces with a quirky twist

Home design is an arena where functionality and good looks must necessarily come together for the interiors to be both comfortable and visually appealing. This is one difficult balance to strike, as we all must have experienced time and again. Starting from choosing just the right decorative pieces, to making a statement on a budget even as we take care of space constraints, and catering to seasonal needs; everything can be quite a task.

Why Scentsy?
Your home is supposed to keep you warm and secure if nothing else. And fortunately, the market is now flooded with candles and warmers which help in doing just that. Scentsy is one of the most well-known brands that deal in such products. The range of warmers by Scentsy includes a variety of themes even as they do their essential job of keeping you in a warm cocoon while you are indoors. So follow our basic guide for decor pairings to indulge in, as you bring home one of the quirky yet designer warmers from this range. From $20 to $50, take your pick for the best price!

Oriental High:
• One of the most subtle-looking pieces from the range is the Bali warmer which is in the shape of a Buddha’s head. This one will look best when paired with bamboo furniture pieces like end tables and even shelves. Layer the walls with some scrolls and opt for block printed blinds on your windows for a Zen-like ambiance.

Artistic Warmers:
• The best part about the artistic warmer is that it can actually lend color, structure, and texture to even the most neutral surroundings. At the same time, these can look beautiful with an artistic setup.

• For example, the watercolor-inspired warmer has swirls of sunset colors which will look amazing when paired with a wall bearing artwork.

• Also, the blue crush warmer and the blue diamond warmer ensure that there is a hint of luxury in the space, thanks to the lamp-like shape as well as the three-dimensional texture that comes forth when the piece produces light from within.

Quirky Look:
• As we mentioned before, the Scentsy warmers range also has many quirky pieces. For example, the scooter is an ode to that fun Euro trip and all the tales of sun and sand, while the blue whale warmer is a fun piece that will also remind you of pristine beaches.

• Moreover, the monogrammed pieces like the Believe Warmer combine muted shades with a retro look, thanks to the way the word has been rendered. Also, the lampshade warmers embossed with mason jars and birds are winners from this range.

• The Charity Warmer and the Butterfly Atrium Warmer are chic and luxurious pieces that are also classics. These will go with any kind of decor even as the intricate patterns and the old school look stands out.
• The folk-like rendition makes these pieces exotic in nature. The Claret Warmer and the Countryside Warmer Wrap bring in a staunch rustic vibe on the other hand!

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