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6 steps to attain relief from shin splints

6 steps to attain relief from shin splints

Every ardent athlete or runner might have at some point of the time been the recipient of some grave injury that might have restricted their movement for a while. Many of these injuries occur when one doesn’t take care of their body, or in a bid to exceed their previous performance pushes themselves to fulfill unrealistic expectations.

Shin splints are one such injury that has runners confined to the bed for quite some time. Shin splints are caused due to a variety of reason, some of them are-

  • Holding a bad posture while running.
  • Running on uneven ground.
  • Running or exercising without stretching.
  • Wearing worn-out running shoes since it fails to provide the required support to the feet.
  • Running without giving oneself time to recover.

In case you are suffering from shin splints; immediate treatment can work wonders for you. Here’s how you can cure shin splints by following these steps.

  • Rest– The first step demands that you rest. In case of an injury, every doctor will advise the person to rest. Resting allows our body to recover. Sleeping and resting allow our body to repair the wear and tear that it goes through the entire day.
  • Use cold compress– With injury comes swelling and excruciating pain. A cold compress is known to reduce the inflammation and ease the pain. So, keep an ice pack ready, and apply it to the affected area for at least 20 minutes. This is the second step to cure shin splints effectively.
  • Anti-inflammatory painkillers– Cold compress isn’t enough to get rid of the pain caused by shin splints. It is advisable to take anti-inflammatory painkillers to get you through the rough patch. Nonsteroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs (NSAIDs) such as aspirin, ibuprofen, naproxen, etc. are known to reduce the swelling and the pain as well.
  • Range-of-motion exercises– Once you gain movement in the leg, start range-of-motion exercises. They are known to improve movement and can help you get back on your feet. However, one needs to continue with these exercises even if the improvement is remarkedly more than what they expected.
  • Orthotics– If you are planning on resuming your exercise regime, instead of starting directly with your usual sprint, start walking instead. For such purposes, orthotics prove beneficial. Orthotics or shoe inserts can be customized to fit the feet, and it helps with arches that flatten or collapse when we stand up.
  • Physiotherapy– A professional advice is always welcome. Once you have recovered from the initial shock of the injury and can move around with limited ease, it is essential that you visit a physiotherapist. The therapist will know what you need.

These 6 steps to cure shin splints will ensure that you can resume your favorite physical activity in no time.

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