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5 thrifty ways to save money on your wedding invite

5 thrifty ways to save money on your wedding invite

Your wedding day stands tall among the most important days of your life, and you would definitely want everything to be perfect. Weddings often turn into one of the most expensive affairs for most people. However, if you prefer being on the thriftier side and want to minimize the budget of your wedding, start with the invitation card. Did you know that a couple ends up spending nearly $650 or more on their wedding invitations alone? Here are 5 ways to save big on your wedding invitations.

  • Do-it-yourself: One of the best ways to save money on your wedding invitation is to make your card yourself. Many often refrain from having DIY invites, since making many cards is time-consuming. After all, there’s already too much to do for the wedding. There is also the problem of the result being sloppy and looking unprofessional. However, there are a number of make-your-own-invitation kits available in the market right now. These kits make it quite easy and affordable to create your own wedding invitations.
  • Get the help of a creative friend: If being creative and crafty is not your way, get the help of a friend who loves DIY projects. Ask around and you may find a friend or someone in your family willing to do handmade cards for you for free. These uniquely made wedding invitations will not only look exquisite but will also have a personal touch to them.
  • Send snappy e-vites: One of the most fun and frugal ways to send out wedding invites is through social media or emails. You can fit in all the information regarding accommodation, maps to the venue, wedding ceremony schedules, and even photos and videos of the bride and the groom in an e-vite. You can set up direct responses to go along with your invitations; your guest will just have to click or tap, and you will get your guest list immediately, without any manual counting of invitations.
  • Score a deal by starting early: It is usually recommended to pick wedding invitations four months prior to the wedding. However, it is best to start hunting for wedding invitation deals as soon as all the wedding details have been fixed. The earlier you start, the better deals you will get. Sign up for group buying websites and coupon websites so that you get the best deals on your wedding invitations.
  • Design your own card: Another great way to save on your wedding invitations is by creating your own design. You can take inspiration from designs available online or from magazines. If you have your own cardstock, take your design to a local stationery store or print shop. You will get your own uniquely designed wedding invitations at a far lesser price.

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