Maintenance of golf cart batteries

It is important to keep good care your golf cart batteries if you want it to last long. Given that fact that they come expensive, it becomes pertinent to maintain these batteries to cut down your expenses. Here a few ways by which you can keep your batteries in good conditions. Do not forget batteries are the heart of the golf carts.

Charge regularly
Some rechargeable golf batteries may need recharging after every use, while there are others that may need recharging once exhausted. This becomes the responsibility of the user to recharge their golf cart batteries as per the guidelines were written user manual.

Water the batteries
Always use distilled water for washing. One cardinal direction is never to overfill the unit due to the chance of battery to damage or corrode. Fill it only up to half-an-inch over the plates.

Clean connection and terminals
When you use your golf cart, there is a possibility that your connections and terminals can get dirty. Therefore, it becomes necessary to clean them. a cleansing brush is used to clean the dirt. In the case of acid, spray a little amount of baking soda and then rinse same with water.

Batteries can develop sulfate, which causes 80% of batteries to fail. Desulfation can prevent sulfate from building up. Also, it shortens the charging timings.

Storage of batteries
Finding a place to store the batteries is important.  Refer to a user manual guide to choose an ideal location for storing batteries. Generally, it is advisable that in winters you should store your batteries in warm place. Wherever place you choose, don’t forget to charge your batteries fully. It is recommended to charge your golf cart batteries once in a month. In summers, the batteries should be stored in a cool place. One should also keep checking the water level in this season, as batteries can dry pretty much fast. Charging the battery every month stays relevant for this season too.

Pay close attention to the maintenance, usage, and climate of your batteries to make sure they last longer.



Types Of Tonneau Covers According To Material And Opening Style

Types of tonneau covers according to material and opening style

Utility vehicles and trucks for transportation come in various sizes. These transport vehicles have beds where material can be loaded and can be rigged adequately to avoid any movement and damage of material during transit. Most significant upgrade of these utility vehicles would be tonneau covers of various types.

Tonneau covers will add to the aesthetic appearance of utility vehicles and also add to their functionality. They play a significant role in reducing drag and ultimately increasing the fuel efficiency of the vehicles. We can improve the rugged looks of rigs and protect the bed, and everything kept on it.

Tonneau covers are available in various colors and opening styles and much more.

  • Trifold tonneau covers
    These tonneau covers are made with durable double-sided vinyl and powder-coated aluminum frame for better durability. These can be easily folded towards the cabin of the utility vehicle, and thus it is effortless to use them. They don’t need any drilling as they are pre-assembled and come with hinged sections that make them easy to install.
  • Folding tonneau cover
    These covers are made with heavy duty aluminum panels that come with a scratch resistant powder coated matte finish. These covers provide complete bed access through their folds, and we can also lock the panels for added safety of the material kept inside.
  • Roll up tonneau cover
    These can be made according to the size of various truck beds. These covers can be rolled up towards the cabin of the vehicle. Provided with a hassle free sealing arrangement along their edges, the material kept inside enjoys better protection.
  • Foldable tonneau cover
    The major change here is the material used. These covers are made with aircraft grade-aluminum frame that is light weight still strong. The cover is made with premium grade canvas or vinyl. We can have smooth contours for a finished look.
  • Retractable tonneau cover
    This can be installed efficiently with drill-free clamp design. These covers flush fit to the truck bed and can be opened from either side with a full-width handle.



Important Applications Of Tonneau Covers

Important applications of tonneau covers

What is tonneau cover?
The cover used to protect the unoccupied passenger seats in a vehicle or cargo bed of a pickup truck is called as a tonneau cover.

Tonneau cover helps to cover and conceal cargo. In earlier days, tonneau covers made out of canvas were used to cover the rear passenger compartment of the cars. As canvas helped to reduce the overall weight of cars and offered a better aerodynamic performance by minimizing drag these cars were also used for racing as they used to run faster with given amount of power.

In recent times tonneau covers made of leather and vinyl are utilized for an open sports car of various makes. Importantly these covers are zippered so that the driver seat can be made accessible while other passenger compartments remain covered.

Buffering can be a common phenomenon while driving open cars. These open cars have a windshield at the front portion; however, as the car gains speed the air that passes surrounding the windshield may create turbulence. The air suddenly enters the cockpit and bounces out creating unpleasant turbulence that might disturb the driver. The tonneau cover can be helpful to prevent this buffering to a better extent and would make the ride much smoother.

Tonneau cover also helps to retain the heat produced by a heater inside the car’s interior area by acting as an insulation that would not allow outer cool air to disturb the warmer ambiance created inside by using a heater. Similarly, tonneau cover protects the driver from exposure to ultraviolet rays and other harmful things during the ride.

Another important innovation regarding this type of covering is automation adapted for covering the passenger compartments. Some open car models have this unique feature. It would not be required to cover the passenger area manually. The coverage can be automatic through a switch or lever that can be operated by the driver whenever the cover might be required.

Tonneau covers are also used for utility vehicles and trucks to protect the truck bed. Most commonly used materials for manufacturing these tonneau covers are vinyl, plastic, and aluminum.



Selecting a good boat cover

Boat covers are very important when it comes to the boat’s protection. The investment involved in purchasing a boat is very heavy. It’s a valuable asset and if you love spending a lot of time on water, there’s nothing better than owning a boat. However, it needs safety too and should be kept away from airborne particles, dirt, grime and dust.

Boat covers are quite essential for boats and have varied uses. The boat is kept dirt free and clean; moreover, even the mold and dampness is kept away. The boat is saved from UV rays of the sun. The rays are extremely destructive and the boat’s color is harmed by it. In fact, these rays are the biggest cause of weakness and cracking of rubber on the boats.

  • With a good boat cover, the boat can be saved from animals, rodents, mammals, squirrels etc. it helps in saving the boat from marks and scratches and can prevent thefts.
  • You can find many boat covers in the market. Some of them include universal style, custom cover and 2 ways. They are quite advantageous for the boat.
  • Custom covers come in different widths, lengths and beams and the boat gets a good outer shell. There are many benefits associated with these covers. Custom ones are always preferred over other ones. Although the cost is more, they are totally worth it and you will get the best selection.

There’s a set warranty period that the boat cover comes with. If warranty isn’t offered by the company, it’s not worth buying the cover. Also, it means that the quality of the cover is not up to the mark. Check the fabric that’s used for this cover. The main ones include poly-cotton blend, polyester and polyester-canvas. Everything works really well. The most popular material is polyester because it doesn’t shrink or stretch. Poly-cotton ones are good but there are chances of them breaking down. You might find them in a variety of colors; select the one you want. However, always remember that black covers might cause damage to components. Avoid using black.



Buying the right boat covers

If you are looking for great boat covers, there are many options to choose from. You can find boat cover quickly these days. However, some of the greatest boat covers are available online today. You have a better chance of finding the best deals online. It is also easier to find the exact style, color, and price of the cover online.

What kind of boat do you have? Fishing boat, deck boat or a ski boat? Boat covers are necessary if the boat needs protection from harsh weather. Since boats are expensive, it involves great effort to maintain them. However, you need to keep proper care of the boat and keeping it in good condition is vital. For this, you need a cover. Let’s see what kind of covers are available in the market these days and how can they be used.

Metal covers
Metal covers are popular and sturdy. You can find them in different metals. Choose one based on your requirement. These covers work like a garage. Apart from that, they have the additional benefit of portability. If you want covers, then metal ones are perfect.

You will find these covers in various locations. However, the best way to purchase them is getting them online. Searching these covers won’t be difficult at all. However, always choose the best, and there are many reasons behind it. The covers are going to be very pricey, but they are worth the price. The boat will be protected from all sorts of damages. If sufficient discount is being offered, it’s good to opt for that. Many websites offer discount covers on sale.

Out of various covers, it’s good to opt for snap on boat covers. They can be bought easily because of the gained popularity, and there is no need of assembling them. Doing this is very easy; using them is simple, and they are useful for all types of boats. People recommend using snap on covers owing to their boats. Always try buying the right boat covers for all your needs.



Practical advantages of truck bed covers

Buying a new truck bed cover for a truck can be a wise investment in many ways. There are many benefits of truck bed covers that one can have.

Advantages of truck bed cover:

  • Better appearance:
    Truck bed cover adds elegance and style not only to the bed of the truck but the entire vehicle. These covers are available in various materials, designs and opening styles. This will add to the looks of the vehicle. Truck beds are used for transporting or hauling various things. With the truck bed cover deployed, the unpleasant and dusty sight of the truck can be hidden.
  • Better protection:
    Truck bed cover not only protects the material loaded on the truck bed but the truck bed itself. One can keep the entire luggage and any other materials loaded on the truck bed protected from direct sunlight, rain water that might cause harm to the materials and even for snow if one is living in colder areas.
  • Protection from theft:
    One can choose a lockable and sturdy truck bed cover so that the materials loaded on the truck bed would stay out of reach of potential thieves during the transit. In the absence of the suitable truck bed cover, one might lose valuable material as that might be taken away by thieves without one’s notice. Thus one can prevent loss of materials from theft and save money by deploying adequate truck bed cover.
  • Better mileage:
    Truck bed covers can help in minimizing drag due to passing the wind by not allowing the wind to enter the deep bed area causing turbulence of air and ultimately drag to the motion of vehicle at various speeds. Studies have shown that truck bed covers practically help in minimizing drag up to a real extent that can save fuel. One can expect better mileage for the vehicle. This truck bed cover will pay for itself within a short time by saving us fuel cost, and one can expect the return of investment at the earliest.



How to select the right truck bed covers

Choosing the best-suited truck bed covers as per your specific requirements needs many considerations. The functionality of the cover is a crucial factor. Some other important matters need to be considered while selecting good truck bed covers.

  • The height of the cargo we usually load
    Most of the truck bed cover made from harder materials cannot accommodate cargo that is taller than the railing height of the truck bed. Soft covers especially the rolling type covers can be suitable for this application as they can excuse some additional height of cargo and remain sealed. However, if the height of the material being loaded is too taller; then it would not be possible to cover it with the usual truck bed cover. The only way to enclose such material would be to cover it with a separate sturdy covering and rigging it properly to retain the material in its place during transit.
  • Weather protection
    We need to select the truck bed cover according to the weather conditions in the area we live in. Soft covers can be a better option for dusty and hot weather. These covers would not elongate or lose their shape and size by extreme temperatures. However, for areas, those are prone to heavy rains or snowfall proper concealing of the loaded material with a leak proof and waterproof cover. Leak proof so that rain water should not enter the bed area where material would be kept and waterproof to retain itself during heavy rains. In the areas prone to snowfall the covers must be adequately designed to sustain a load of falling snow so that there would not be any rupture to the cover caused due to the burden of snow falling on it continuously.
  • Theft protection
    To ensure the security of the cargo loaded on the truck bed from potential theft the cover needs to be properly lockable and sturdy in construction so that it would not be easily broken and the material loaded would remain out of sight and out of reach of potential thieves during transit. This can help the truck owners to avoid loss of equipment during transit by theft.

Considering these factors, we can select the truck bed cover that best suits our particular requirement.



How rubber floor mats help?

Did you notice those rubber mats that lie near the entrance door? If you too belong to an average middle-class group, you would realize how rubber floor mats are essential for keeping the house clean. These rubber mats have incredible abilities, and people appreciate the same.

The majority of these rubber mats are quite inexpensive, but they are perfect for keeping the homes clean. The amount of dirt is minimized to a great extent. These mats have now become very popular as “Welcome” mats outside homes. The mats help in getting rid of grime and dust from the shoe bottoms.

Businesses use these rubber floor mats for all the purposes, for cleaning the debris or taking care of workplace flooring. If you have been to restaurants, you must have seen that they have loads of rubber mats. This is because of ensuring the workers’ safety. Often, these rubber mats are found in kitchen areas also, to make sure there’s stability. Obviously, who will want to slip in the kitchen while carrying a pan or some hot dish? For protecting yourself in these wet areas, getting rubber flooring is of great importance.

Not only is accident prevention provided but even the work spaces can be kept clean of debris. They are even used in cars. This, in turn, helps in preventing all the dirt. When you look inside the vehicle carefully, you will notice a rubber floor mat near the side of the driver as well as the seat of the co-captain. The reason why there are multiple floor mats inside the vehicle is that the main aim is to keep it clean. It’s good to have high-quality floor mats inside the vehicle because of pebbles, dirt granules and mud can be prevented from entering the vehicle. Moreover, the interior is kept perfectly clean, and the carpeting isn’t ruined.

Buy these mats from a good dealer and check the quality properly. Even slight compromise shouldn’t be made with it because after all, it’s not going to be purchased again and again.



5 areas where rubber mats are useful

When you want to keep the place spic and span, you can rely on rubber mats. You can use them anywhere and everywhere, right from the bedroom to the office. Not only will the home and office be free from grime and dust, but these mats are easy to clean and inexpensive also.

Since you can use them everywhere, they make a popular choice. You will find different types of rubber mats as per the purposes and places. Apparently, when you buy them, you must consider the environment. Along with that, you also need to check their capabilities. Make sure that the best cost is offered and the purpose is fulfilled correctly.

Given below are 5 places where these rubber mats are widely used;

  • Pre-schools
    Rubber mats are used in many pre-schools because they help in preventing injuries and slips. This is true especially while dealing with loud and rowdy pre-schoolers who are loaded with energy.
  • Industrial settings and factories
    This is because laborers work for extremely long hours in factories. Their feet start painting and so, to reduce stress and fatigue, it’s good to use these mats. The productivity of the workers is improved, and they feel happy at work.
  • Entryways
    The dirt can be effectively scrapped off from the shoes of a person who enters the house. Thus, it won’t enter the premises, and so, you will save on the maintenance and cleaning costs.
  • Restrooms and bathrooms
    This is because there are tiles in toilets and bathrooms that are quite slippery. Serious injuries can be caused. With rubber floorings and mats, safety in restrooms and bathrooms is ensured.
  • Animal stalls and barns
    Rubber mats are mainly used in the barn for keeping the stalls clean. Yes, these mats are way too easy to clean. Also, they are not so smelly like the traditional ones. Apart from that, the mat is an insulator to the animal; it makes them feel comfortable and safe. Considering these use cases, Rubber floor mats are going to stay here for long due to their excellent features.



Wrangler jeeps lease deals

Jeeps have a large variety of models to choose from. One of the most famous Jeeps is the Wrangler that represents freedom and fun by offering features that can take the riders to places that other jeeps cannot. But even for Wrangler, there are many options to choose from. Follow these guidelines before you make your jeep lease deal or even purchase a new or previously owned jeep.

Four wheels or two wheels?
The first important decision to make will be to decide if you need a four wheel drive or a two wheel drive. While most base models come with a two-wheel drive, most other models have a four wheel drive. Two wheel drives cost between $1000 to $2,500 less than the four wheel drive, but the latter can take you across the snow covered paths and off roading excursions.

New versus old
Even for jeep lease deals, the choice between a new jeep and an old jeep can significantly affect the quality of experience. While an old Jeep Wrangler does not depreciate too much in price, a new Jeep Wrangler comes with a full on warranty that saves many hassles of repair and maintenance costs. While it is easier to save money with an old Jeep Wrangler, it may cost more regarding repair and fix up. In the case of an old jeep, it is important to remember and analyze the recall models in the previous years, especially the year of make of the jeep you are considering. For a quick example, the Wrangler Jeeps in the year 2007 saw recalls for the hydraulics and anti-lock brakes while the 2008 models had been recalled for issues in various hoses, power train, fittings and even the brakes.

Price Comparisons
It is important to note that the price for a new Jeep Wrangler can range from anything between $32,000 to $21,000. It is a rather smart move to ask around and spot dealers who offer any one of the following – competitive bargain prices or great deals on follow up services. Even when considering a lease deal, this strategy works well.