How to look for the best tire deals

Free shipping, military discounts, tire rebates, cash backs – it’s like any other product we buy from a retailer. Similarly, tires are also offered on discount sales. Offered by either the manufacturers or dealers themselves on certain brands and models of tires, there is always a sale to look forward to, especially if you are looking to change your car or truck tires in the next few weeks.

  • There are tire companies that offer tire deals for mail order business and Visa card payments for the purchase of a minimum of 4 tires or more.
  • Some tire brands confidently offer a buy and try deal. That is, you could buy these tires, drive around in them for a whole month. If you are not satisfied with its performance or think it is not the right one for your vehicle and its use, they would give you a full refund of your money or let you exchange them for another set of tires. Do check for terms and conditions before going for considering this deal.
  • Then there are attractive finance deals for tire purchases with deferred interest options too.
  • Package deals on tires and wheels are a common proposal by many dealers. Also, customers can save money while purchasing tires with their credit cards that are linked to the tire manufacturers or dealers and likewise through online reservations on the company’s website too.
  • You might have chances to win free tickets to other services and discounts on prepaid Visa cards for purchasing those tires from certain dealers.

There are plenty of tire deals available for serious customers. Whether you want tires that improve fuel efficiency or provide a safe driving experience, check out deals both online and with multi-brand tire dealers located in your area. You certainly will be able to find what you need and clinch a good deal and close the sale.



Online tire deals for you

Sign up and save money. It’s that easy! Yes, getting good deals on tires is very simple. To begin with, you can find deals on tires online thing by signing up for newsletters from online tire dealers and get discounts on your first purchase of tires from them.

Tires for cars or SUVs, trucks or off-road vehicles, whatever it is that you are searching for, just log in to your computer and get your selection delivered at your doorstep, for free.

Some companies even include free mounting and balancing, and a free installation kit along with your purchase when you go to their physical retail stores.

If you precisely know the brand, size, and model of tire you want, then search online tire stores for the best tire deals they offer. There are more than thirty tire manufacturers who offer tire deals and promotions on their wide range of tires. Enter the details asked for in a couple of multi-brand tire dealer websites, and send an email or call them to establish you are a serious buyer and request the best price they can offer you.

For some stock that dealers already have, they offer a point of the sale price which is usually a stand alone offer that cannot be combined with any other deal. There are $70 cash back offers on some pre-paid credit cards upon the purchase of four tires of certain brands. And, to avail the military discount of 7%, if you are an active duty military personnel, a veteran, or members of their family, then while checking out of the site, use the ‘Verify with TroopID’ to claim this offer.

There are tire dealers who offer one tire free for the purchase of every three, or a whopping 50% rebate on selected brands of four tire purchases.

Some online tire dealers also provide finance options for tire purchases, where you could pay for the tires in installments of 3, 6, or 12 monthly payments with interest rates ranging between 10-30% APR (annual percentage rate of charge).

There are abundant online tire dealers. Search for the best tire deals of offer and save on your purchase



A brief history of car tires

The first tires were made of bands of leather and in time with steel and even wood. Craftsmen who work on tires were called as the wheelwrights.

Air-filled car tires was a major step forward in the industry as its shock absorbent levels were very high, though the solid rubber tires were preferred as they were durable. In 1898 Goodyear tire and Rubber Company was founded and was considered the first firm in this industry. For the next half-century, car tires had an inner tube which had compressed air and an outer tube which protected the inner tube.

Michelin introduced the first steel belted car tires into the market and these aided in longer life and better steering control. The tire was protected by a steel fabric that runs around the circumference of the tire.

The first patent on a wheel came up in the mid-1800’s; it was not until the early 1900’s did synthetic tires came along. And since then, the technology that goes into tires have only grown. The tires of this day and age have superior grip, performance, and durability. They have greater shock absorption, superior traction, and brilliant sustenance.

In the past few years many new modern concepts of tires have come up, one such amazing idea is the shape shifting tire, the usage of an e-membrane which adapts to driving methods and terrain have been introduced. A tire that uses the heat generation during the drive to make energy and transfers it to the battery of the car was also put up a few years ago. And perhaps one of the most important concepts, tires that adapt to the weather.

The next few decades will certainly see great leaps forward in this industry that shall benefit every user around the world.



How to get the best deal for your new Michelin tires

Getting the best deals on Michelin tires

The truth is good deals and promotions are announced many times through the year, and you will need some time on your side to end in a happy purchase. As it is smarter to give yourself some time to research and locate the best deal, not wait till your old tires give away. Here are a few ways how you can get the best rate for a new Michelin tire.

One of the first and foremost steps is to search for Michelin auto tires online. The Michelin website announces discounts for online purchases and offers such as free installation from time to time. Some of the popular online stores where you can find deals on Michelin auto tires are,,, to name a few. They also sometimes offer free shipping however you might have to bear the installation costs. You can also compare the fees among the online stores that help in seizing the new tires deals.

Signing up for Michelin’s online newsletters and announcements might alert you to the latest deals and promotions.

Popular retailers are the next best places to find best deals on Michelin tires for sale as they announce discounts all through the year. Not only are they ideal for discounts but perfect to buy accessories and fit purchased tires while you are shopping.

For many years, tire dealers were the only destination to purchase and even fit new tires. Even though one might think that going to a dealer is an old fashioned way for purchasing tires, it is important to note that there are many dealers who can still offer the best deals.

Owing to the increasing competition with the arrival of the online, tire dealers also give away Michelin tires at the best rates. Dealers also have their own websites which give us updates on clearance sales, new arrivals, and promotions. Wholesale dealers come up with the best rates every season. Michelin tire dealers can be located via Michelin’s website.



Sustainable development and Michelin Tires

Michelin Tires and their role in sustainable development

The entire world is heading towards sustainable development. Undoubtedly, we have scarred the planet, and there is no denying that we are the sole cause for everyday climate change. While it is imperative that every individual should imbibe the qualities of protecting the planet, it is the big industries that have already started making their mark on it. Michelin Tires, for example, have devised start of the art technology to use alternative energy in the production of tires.

One among their environmental management project was to erect a solar wall which replaced the heavy fuel dependency as a source of heat for the Waterville plant in Canada. Between 2005 and 2011, there has been a 20% drop in the carbon emission from all of the Group’s manufacturing industries. Implementation of best practices has naturally engaged Michelin Tires’ employees and associates to strive for this benchmark.

If one were to go further back in the timeline, Michelin Auto Tires had cared about sustainability even before the international standards were imposed on the tire industry. The introduction of radial tires (around 1946), which is now the most commonly used tire in the world – ensured the rolling resistance of tired by 30% and this figure further went to 20% by the year 1002, thanks to the Silica technology. Besides the quality of tires, determine the fuel efficiency of the cars and radial tires only proved to be the best in this.

Around 2012, the Michelin Energy E-V was made available for electric cars just to increase their performance. Even the waste materials are scrutinized impeccably to reduce the harm caused to the environment. Materials like scrap rubber, textile piles and metallic piles – the main waste products from the manufacture of tires are reintroduced back to the manufacturing process.

It is commendable on the part of Michelin tires and such other companies/ industries to take such huge leap forward towards protecting the planet. In the end, Michelin not only takes care of sustainable development, but they also remain world leaders in this industry providing the best of the tires!



Cheap deals on truck tires

Getting deals on cheap tuck tires

There is an idiom in English that goes like this – when the rubber hits the road – it refers to the moment when you put theory into practice, an actual application of what you have learned is what this phrase means. With reference to truck tires though, when the rubber hits the road, you must be able to detect if it is in good condition or if there is an issue with it. You should know which tires need to be used in the appropriate weather or road condition for trucks. Whether a tire needs only a minor repair or has to be replaced, or the treads are good enough for providing traction for some more miles, whether the tires of the truck need to be interchanged or inflated with air, aligned correctly and so on.

Most shops selling truck tires have both a physical store and an online presence. Check the size, make and discounts on the type of tires you want to purchase and keep in mind the season too. Ensure you spend enough time to find the best deals or rollbacks for them. Most retailers of truck tires also commit to shipping your purchase and have a favorable return policy too. Best of all, like on most merchandising products, there are financing options on tires as well. You can find cheap truck tires because of the rebates and discounts offered on these by dealers, both online and at tire stores.

For example, there are rebates on prepaid VISA cards when you purchase particular quantities of a brand of truck tires. There are cash discounts on other brands and customer rewards for the different seasons too, encouraging the purchase of a set of four truck tires at least. Tire dealers also provide cash back schemes that are combined with services of brakes or change of engine oil etc. on your trucks. All the top tire brands join in the offers and deals that are extended to customers. So cheap truck tires are cheaper only about their price, not quality.



Examining cheap truck tires

Are cheap truck tires last in the long run? Are expensive tires made with the best technology, modern engineering and do they adhere to fundamental safety standards?

Let us explore the options of tires we have, especially those made for trucks. Costly tires need not necessarily mean that they are made with the best of the technology. But these are high priced. If you do not want to spend more in tires, then it is better to compare different truck tires first and then choosing the best option. On the other hand, it does not mean that cheap truck tires are poor quality ones.

Durability, handling, tread, brand, comfort, drag – there is much more to consider than to just see if the tires are cheap or not.

Durable tires are value for money because they last longer and prevent the need for you to change them frequently. Truck tires carry more load than other vehicles and cover longer distances. This certainly warrants strong, enduring tires. How well are you able to handle an emergency situation depends not only on your reflex but also on your truck tires. Do they have a good grip on the roads you usually travel on? How agreeable are the tires at high speeds and on wet or dry roads? Is the braking distance of truck tires less or more, do they have a higher or lower drag? Are they comfortable to drive with and do they absorb bumps and shocks smoothly? How will all these factors affect the performance and longevity of your truck tires?

Take time to find out about the different types of truck tires, and you can also talk to the salesperson who is well-versed with this. Know about the requirements of truck tires, and find special discounts, cash backs, and rebates offered by dealers or manufacturers. Go, get a good grip on your choice of cheap truck tires.



Getting perfect SUV tires

SUV’s typically use all-terrain tires. Most tires, especially those that are sold along with the vehicle, are designed mainly for on-road use. The feature that distinguishes SUV tires from others is that the sidewalls are stiffer to provide more resistance against puncture. Another feature is the tread pattern that offers wider spacing than a typical all-season tire. The wider spacing makes cleaning and removal of mud from the tires easier.

Let us take a look at some of the popular SUV tires to choose from!

Michelin Premiere LTX
These tires deliver top-of-the-class wet grip. They are designed to stop shorter on wet roads and provide all-season traction on snowy roads. These tires have expanding rain grooves around the circumference and emerging grooves across the shoulders that help retain more traction on slippery surfaces.

Pirelli Scorpion Verde All Season Plus
This is one of the most sought after eco-friendly all-season tires for SUVs and luxury crossovers. Longer tread wear and reduced rolling resistance make it apt for dry, light snow and wet roads. The lighter weight of these tires promotes fuel economy and reduces CO2 emissions.

Continental TrueContact
These tires are designed to provide all-season traction, help conserve fuel, extend tread wear and maintain wet braking grip. Continental’s ComfortRide technology uses a cushioning layer of rubber to absorb vibrations caused by road surface irregularities. Continuous tread contact with the road that these tires offer provides enhanced steering response and handling of your SUV.
Sumitomo Encounter HT. Dry handling, wet braking, all-season traction and long life in on road service are the highlights of this tire. Independent intermediate shoulder tread blocks promote handling stability. The life of the tire is extended by its symmetric tread design and cross rotation patterns.

Michelin Defender LTX M/S
SUVs using these tires are promised a smooth, quiet ride with all-season traction. The tread pattern is highly functional and leads to durable tires. These are designed to stay stronger. Twin steel belts inside the tires give it the durability to handle heavy loads.



Things you should know about all-terrain tires

Tires are your SUV’s best friend. The best SUV tires are those that can be used for all seasons – summer, winter, rain or snow. Using the appropriate tires brings out the best performance from your vehicle. Top among the several factors to be considered are comfort and security. Your driving needs and size of the tire also need to be considered while choosing the most suitable tire model.

The benefit of choosing an all-season tire, especially for an SUV:

  • A branded tire is usually the product of technology and innovation and has a special tread compound that makes tackling all weather conditions with ease.
  • A tire with a good tread pattern ensures maximum grip (both straight and cornering)
  • Reduces hydroplaning on wet roads
  • Reduces braking distance
  • Less fuel consumption
  • Resists chipping and tearing, provides excellent durability where the pavement ends.
  • Low rolling noise i.e. better acoustic comfort in the cabin

The SUV tires offered by Goodyear have not only a clean exterior; they have all-season traction for maximum performance on snow and ice and provide a quiet ride. Their range of SUV tires includes Goodyear Wrangler, Goodyear Fortera, and Goodyear Assurance Fuel Max to name a few.

Dunlop crossover tires are rated one of the most sought after tires. They not only provide all-season traction and comfort, but the sporty design also complements the look of your SUV. The Dunlop Grandtrek AT20 tires are made especially for luxury SUV’s. Other noteworthy all terrain SUV tires are Dunlop Grandtrek SJ5 and Dunlop Grandtrek Touring A/S.

Michelin crossover and SUV tires guarantee to enhance the performance of your vehicle. These tires use EverGrip wet-braking technology which makes these tires safe to drive on wet roads and is found to have a shorter braking distance than competing brands. Defender LTX M/S, Premier LTX, and LTX M/S2 are some of their all-season tires with ultimate tread life and increase the fuel economy of your SUV.



Popular farm tractor tires to choose from

There is a wide range of options available when it comes to buying the perfect farm tractor tires. Buying the right tires for your tractor is important. To determine what is the right tire for your tractor, knowing what the brands stand for, will help your decision-making process.

Let us look at the popular farm tractor tires brand that you can consider to pick.

They make tires for all agricultural needs. Their range of R-1 ag tires are all purpose tractor tires. The multi angle long bar design in the tires allows these tires to be used in all soil conditions. The Carlisle brand name stands for best in class quality, cutting edge technology and product performance.

This company has a legacy of about 120 years. Titan tires are durable on and off the field, and they are made in the U.S. LSW (Low Side Wall) technology used in these tires helps farmers maximize productivity. The product list is long and impressive. The Titan TT49V tire has a deeper tread than an RI tire and offers improved traction.

The name Goodyear is synonymous with good quality and dependability. The range of farm tractor tires is impressive. Their tires offer superior traction and smooth ride. Depending on one’s agricultural needs, the tires are many.

AirCell tire inflation system developed with AGCO/Fendt used in the Mitas tires help to boost the performance. Their range includes tractor radial tires, combine tires, tractor cross ply tires and much more.

Firestone tires
They offer complete off-the-road tire solutions. Their new line of VersaBuilt can be used across many farm equipment and different soil conditions. Their tractor tires made using AD technology tires can support a higher load capacity, offer better traction and fuel savings and reduced soil compaction. A noted point in their favor is the tires are farm tested.

As a company, ATG believes in innovation, research, and technology. Their product range of farm tractor tires reflects the vision of the company. The Alliance 372 Agriflex is one of the noteworthy tractor tires. The increased sidewall flexibility lets the tires to carry up to 20% more load.