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4 benefits of DirecTV packages

4 benefits of DirecTV packages

Ever wondered how satellite TV triumphs cable TV? With DirecTV, you will find out why. Cable TV offers multiple restrictions, including limited bandwidth, which depends on the cable size and no customization. However, satellite TV services like DirecTV offers flexible advantages for high-end binge watchers.

If you ever wanted a TV service that lets you stream over the web, watch your favorite shows, download content for offline viewing, play games, and much more, DirecTV can help. Plus, there are additional perks too, with their bundled packages. Here are the top four benefits of DirecTV packages and why you should consider buying their services.

Parental Controls
You can protect your kids from R-rated or violent content by using parental controls which come with DirecTV packages. Parental controls include a password feature which lets you lock inappropriate channels with a code. You can give your child the unlock code when they reach the right age, so you can unlock those channels whenever you want. This can be also convenient, if, for instance, you want to block certain channels for the whole family’s benefit including yours if anything inappropriate is shown on TV.

Zero Bandwidth Restrictions
DirecTV satellite TV can be reprogrammed to fit in more channels, unlike cable TVs that come with a limited range of channels. There’s no limit on the bandwidth where streaming shows or channels are concerned, in terms of both quality and sound. You can stream your favorite shows in ultra high definition. The equipment and technology bundled with DirecTV allows the reprogramming of their services as per your needs.

There’s also HDTV facility which lets you watch shows in high definition with crystal clear image quality.

Wide Variety Of Channels
You can watch your local channels plus all-time favorites whenever you want. You can select from a wide range of channels, including HBO, Hulu Plus, Netflix, National Geographic, and so much more. There are educational channels, kids channels, sports, live shows, news, reality shows, premium movies, and international content too, all bundled with their packages. You’ll never run out of entertainment or infotainment.

Never Miss A Show Ever Again
DirecTV equipment offers pause, rewind, and record features. You never have to fear missing live TV since you can pause the show, even if it’s streaming live. DirecTV packages let you record up to 70 hours worth of content. This can be saved for later offline viewing. On top of this, where live streaming is concerned, you can rewind the playback to rewatch certain sections of the show. You can also forward a little to catch up with the live stream timing. Either way, you don’t have to worry about missing shows with its flexible technology.

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