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Best plans for data usage in 2017

Best plans for data usage in 2017

Picking a phone service that is suitable for your high data usage can be a big hassle. With practically all your work and studies revolving around the internet, it is necessary that your phone service not only provide cheap call services but also cheap and fast internet services. Choosing a service that provides you with the best of both is what you need to do.

Here are a few phone services that offer good deals to suit your needs:

T-mobile services provide an all unlimited offer at just $70 a month. This offer is inclusive of taxes and the regulatory fee – a unique feature of T-Mobile. If there is a congestion, the top 3% of data users, that is >30GB/mo may experience reduced speeds due to prioritization. Also, videos typically stream at 480p.

With $80 a month, you get unlimited 4G LTE data, with 22GB at fast speeds. This offer is available with auto-pay and paper-free billing. Taxes & regulatory fees are excluded. The plan includes unlimited data, unlimited talk & text, HD video streaming, and mobile hotspot. This means that international calling via the internet is going to be very cheap for you. The special feature of this offer is that a military discount is eligible.

Metro PCS
Metro PCS is providing a plan for $30 a month. You get 2 GB 4G LTE, that is including the fees. That is enough data to stream 2 hours of video or 100 hours of music. On all monthly plans, during congestion, the top 3% of data users (>30GB/mo.) may notice reduced speeds until next payment cycle.

Cricket Wireless
Cricket Wireless provides a plan with 1GB 4G LTE at $30 a month with auto-pay. You also get unlimited nationwide texts including texts, images, and video messages.

Boost Mobile:
With just $30 a month, you can get 2GB 4G LTE of data. You can listen to all your favorite music without data charges on all monthly plans.

Virgin Mobile:
Virgin Mobile gives you unlimited 4G LTE at $60 a month. This pack also offers unlimited data, talk, and text. You can now use to this high-speed internet for international calling.

At $60 a month with auto-pay get unlimited data. You get a maximum of 3 Mbps speed. The speed provides Standard-definition video streamed at a maximum of 1.5Mbps. This plan is perfect for surfing the web and keeping up with your friends on social. However, after 22 GB of data usage per line, the speeds may slow down during times of network congestion. Both new and existing customers can avail this plan.

Pay just $50 a month for 1 line and get unlimited 4G LTE. Videos stream at up to 480 p+ resolution, music at up to 500 kbps, streaming gaming at up to 2Mbps.

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