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Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Nougat- To update or not to update?

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Nougat- To update or not to update?

The Samsung Galaxy Note 5; Nougat update has begun to roll out, and it is true that you might be tempted to install it the minute it arrives. While it isn’t wrong, the question is, should you really do it? While some might install it right away and others might want to wait, this article will help Samsung Galaxy Note 5 users make an informed decision.

Why you should install?
Improved security:
Those people who want to improve their phone security should install Nougat right away. Also, if one wishes to install Nougat, then they’ll also have to download all other recent security updates before they install Nougat. The update also brings to the table ‘Samsung Pass’, a mastery key to all logins that uses the phone’s fingerprint scanner to keep the data safe.

Night users: Those people who stare at their phone screens for long should install Nougat, because it comes equipped with a new blue light filter that warms Galaxy Note 5’s screen at night. It reduces eye strain.

Device performance: Apart from removing bug fixes, the Nougat update comes equipped with two battery saving modes for optimizing the device’s power consumption, a device maintenance feature with performance-enhancing features and handy shortcuts, allows apps to sleep to better CPU performance, etc.

Lesser data: If you are concerned about your data usage, install Nougat. The update has a data saver function which lets users cut data usage and also gives them control over which apps exactly get to use data.

Multi-window users: The new Nougat update improves the multi-window function. Users can use pop-up view and split-screen with many apps, as well as access more number of apps at the same time. Also, the pop-up window function now supports five windows on the screen.

Why you shouldn’t?
No current problems: Until and unless, you are sure about the effect of the Nougat update on your apps which are important for your personal life and work, it is best not to tinker with the update until you have researched and reviewed the update enough. Again, if you are currently having a great, no-complain experience with Marshmallow, then why install the update unnecessarily and deal with changes and issues that you are unprepared for?

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